African Tribe That Worships Cows and Uses Their Urine and Dung Can Teach Something to the West

Hello, reader. Today we will learn how to fight off mosquitos with poop.

Daily Mail:

These incredible images capture the South Sudanese Mundari tribe which worships cows as equals and whose culture centres around cattle and cattle-herding.

According to photographer Roberto Pazzi, 46, the tribe has a strong connection with animals, and each member has an estimated 10-12 cows.

They use their milk, urine, dung but never meat. They “worship” them but not as for example ancient Egyptian used to do.

It is an interconnection with nature that probably could teach something to the first world too.’

The children were collecting in the early morning the fresh dung in order to pile. Then it is mixed with dust so the dung becomes dry.

After that they put in a pile all around the camp and light on fire. The smoke coming out is used to keep off mosquitos.’

Yes, this tribe can teach something to the first world.

It can teach us how to keep mosquitos away by setting cow poop on fire.

It can also teach us to cover our skin with the dung too, in what could be considered a natural alternative to bug repellent.

They’re very wise, even though they all look like they’re miserable, for some reason.

The ones that look kinda happier are high.

They’re most likely smoking cow poop though.

To be fair, a few of them smiled for the magic machine.

So, now you know how to make cow poop bug repellent.

Consider yourself enriched.

And please take note that black people have finally, after thousands of years, contributed something to civilization.