After Weeks of Nonsense, Elon Finally Restores Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

It’s official: Donald Trump’s account has been restored on Twitter, following Elon Musk’s poll.

He hasn’t tweeted yet (and his old tweets are apparently gone forever).

I’m not happy at all with the way Elon Musk has been implementing “free speech,” which is basically just “2019 levels of censorship.” But having Trump back on Twitter is good. This is going to make the primaries against that traitor Ron DeSantis much funnier, and it is going to cause a lot of Jews to have complete mental breakdowns.

They are already breaking down. This Jew drew a picture of Trump’s asshole and wrote something very strange to accompany it.

The posts from their house niggers are even worse.

Imagine typing “you are failing our democracy.”

Actually, I might start typing that. It’s so ridiculous it hits.

Trump is saying he isn’t going to go back on Twitter, but that is obviously not true. It would be impossible for him to resist, and it would just be dumb strategically. I can’t even read Truth Social. It doesn’t let you see posts without logging in and I tried to make an account and it started talking back to me like a woman:

Truth Social is totally useless. He allegedly signed some kind of deal to only post on there, but whatever it costs to get out of the deal is worth it.

After Trump’s depressing announcement speech, I lost whatever little bit of hope I had. But at least if he’s on Twitter, something funny might happen.

By the way, if Elon is doing democracy and polling to see if people are allowed back on, why not do a poll for Alex Jones?

Is it because the ADL told you never to let Alex back on, Elon?