America Sends “Mr. Rowdy” to Taiwan to Provoke Shooting War

The other thing about the need to rush a war with the Chinese that maybe people are forgetting: the pro-war American party just got dealt a deadly blow in elections a few months ago.

Think of it: Jews went through all the trouble to give these chinks democracy, and they respond by refusing to vote for a war with their brothers on the mainland.

How ungrateful??

But yeah: anti-war sentiment, reunification sentiment, it is growing quickly in Taiwan, and that makes using Taiwan for a Ukraine-style proxy war all the more difficult.

These Jews are ready to kick it off ASAP before the Taiwan people have time to reevaluate.


The Pentagon’s top China official has arrived in Taiwan to meet with counterparts on the island, according to multiple media outlets. The reported visit is the first high-level defense delegation sent by Washington in several years, and comes at a time of soaring tensions with Beijing

Michael Chase, deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, traveled to Taiwan on Friday following meetings in Mongolia, the Financial Times reported, citing four unnamed officials. The Pentagon refused to confirm the visit, only saying that America’s “support for, and defense relationship with, Taiwan remains aligned against the current threat posed by the People’s Republic of China.”


Seriously, they will not answer that question in any kind of serious format. They will just spew retarded tropes about democracy and gay marriage.

Chinese people in Taiwan always, always, always viewed the threat as economic, because you can say whatever you want about the Chinese, they are very straightforward in their mindset: they work and they like money.


That is the character of the Chinese. Obviously, they like normal human things – love and sex, family, entertainment, aesthetics, and so on – but their core cultural identity is based on working and making money.

They don’t understand or care about “democracy.” The reason that Taiwanese liked the whole independence thing is that Taiwan was rich and China was poor.


Can you see that?

Now China is basically as rich as Taiwan, and there are opportunities for both parties to make money together. But the US is cockblocking those opportunities, pushing for some strange agenda that they can’t understand.

It’s not popular, I promise you that.

It’s not a coincidence that the country in Asia that America has the most significant control over is also the most extreme anal country in Asia. This is not really popular with the general population, and is in fact a source of serious embarrassment and national shame.

All things being equal, I’m sure they’d prefer the status quo, but all things are not equal: the US is asking Taiwanese people to sacrifice wealth for an anal agenda.

There’s very little support, beyond with actual ass-rimming homos.

The US is absolutely trying to push through the violence before anyone figures out what is going on, then hoping that when the violence starts, people will rally around what is familiar, rather than reaching out to their brothers they’ve not been aligned with in nearly a century.

I’m hopeful the US agenda will fall flat, totally.

But who knows?

We’ll all know soon enough.