Aryan Berserker Fetterman Defeats Turk Scum Oz!

Tuesday didn’t go so well.

However, one thing went very well: the Aryan Master Race Crusader Berserker John Fetterman defeated the Turk invader Mehmet Oz. He clubbed that sonovabitch Turkroach like a sleek baby seal.

Dripping with blood after the brutal massacre, Fetterman looked up and said, “hello, goodbye. I am happy to your jobs. Very people with a looking system. Out in the cold in a lobster.”

The crowd then began chanting “lobster” over the corpse of the Turk.

Fetterman’s wife, who is his spokesman, added: “ay cabron, ese. Mas Bueno.” She then began laughing hysterically.

The crowd began to dissipate when Fetterman began eating Oz’s flesh, but his wife continued cackling loudly over him.

God bless democracy.