Bankman-Fried Now Accused of Money Laundering Democrats’ Funds Through Ukraine Charity

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The Jews are such a despicable group.

Our funds are not recovering.

Now we hear of even more dastardly deeds emerging from the FTX black hole.

The Gateway Pundit is not really what I consider to be a “reliable source” (I stopped reading it years ago because it was so filled with fake news), but this story rings true.


Samuel Bankman-Fried, the founder of failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, allegedly laundered billions of dollars through Ukraine by setting up his company as the central clearinghouse for all crypto donations to Kiev’s war effort, according to the Gateway Pundit. Democratic politicians sending aid to Ukraine would see their money come back in the form of donations through FTX, the outlet claimed.

FTX launched crypto donation platform Aid for Ukraine in March, setting itself up as the central clearing house for all cryptocurrency donations to Kiev’s war effort. While the exchange was supposed to route those donations to the National Bank of Ukraine, the report suggests it funneled at least some of the money back to the US through political donations. Bankman-Fried was the second-largest donor to the Democratic Party for the midterms, pouring some $38 million into candidates’ coffers in 2022 alone.

The Ukrainian government had already received over $60 million in crypto donations as of March. FTX did not publish the amounts subsequently taken in, but other fundraising campaigns on Kiev’s behalf have been hugely successful – Star Wars actor Mark Hammill raised enough funds to buy 500 drones in a single month, for example.

Whatever funds the exchange had under management have presumably evaporated with the rest of its assets due to an alleged hack last week, and the exchange filed for bankruptcy on Friday. The resulting chaos has sent crypto markets spiraling.

Here is the original article from TGP. It’s not really clear to me that they’ve proved their claim, as they are more just pointing to the fact that FTX was receiving crypto donations and paying Democrats. They then post this screenshot and say it’s true:

Like I say, that screenshot seems like it would be true, but there is no evidence. TGP just says they have “sources” that confirm this.

It seems almost certain that Bankman-Fried would be embezzling money from any charity he ran, and then we have it confirmed that he was the second biggest donor to the Democrats. However, this in itself does not meet the definition of “laundering.” For it to be laundering, the Democrat donors themselves would have to be aware of the scam and donating to his fund for this purpose.

That seems impossible to prove.