Basic Facts About Supposed Republican Losses

I’m not going to go through and give a specific report on the various races. It’s below me and I just really don’t care that much. If you want that information, there are a million news outlets covering this. I’m just giving an overview here for people who, like myself, don’t really care very much.

In real life, Republicans won all the races and Democrats only “won” anything through fraud.

I will say: JD Vance won and Blake Masters “lost.” Republicans should have embraced Ali Jamal in Arizona, but they didn’t.

The Democrat governors “won” in New York and Michigan.

John Fetterman “won” in Pennsylvania (which really proves the whole thing was a sham, if that were not obvious already).

These are the “key races” according to the New York Times:


As you can see, many of the races are still uncalled, because apparently elections take days or weeks now (for no reason).

Republicans barely won the House and they’re slated to lose the Senate.

If the voting were real, this would be one of the worst performances of any opposition party in a midterm in recent history.

It’s very shameful that Republican politicians and Republican media are willing to go out there and pretend this is all real. Joe Biden has completely transformed the country in a way that is bad for at least 98% of the population. It simply does not make any sense that a huge portion of society would decide this all looks good. Especially given the way Joe Biden has messed with everyone’s money. You can’t just mess with people’s money and then say you did it because of a fake virus or a fake war in the former USSR.

The whole thing is just repulsive. I didn’t cover the midterms very much at all until the last week or so, and I’m glad.

What a complete waste of time.