Blacks Go Airborne in Stolen Maserati as White People Follow the Law, Act Like Total Faggots

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Meanwhile, blacks are pushing it to the max, and maxing it out in stolen Maseratis.

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New York Post:

Wild video shows a Maserati stolen by three teenagers hit 123 mph before it goes airborne and plows through a store sign in a Florida crash that killed one passenger and left the others injured.

The teens – none who were licensed to drive – were trying to shake Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies after they stole the unlocked 2016 sports car in St. Petersburg early Sunday, unaware they were being tracked by a police helicopter above.

When two police SUVs tried to pull over the stolen car around 3:20 a.m., 15-year-old driver Keondrick Lang put the pedal to the metal – leading a sergeant to order the deputies to “back off,” helicopter footage released Tuesday shows.

“And then the driver of the car… he punches it,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told reporters, according to a live stream of the conference. “And as he’s punching it and he takes off, the deputies immediately turn off their overheads, the sergeant got on radio and told them to disengage which they did immediately.”

The deputies drop to as low as 35 mph but the Maserati accelerates to a blinding speed that the young driver couldn’t handle. Within a few blocks the Maserati fishtails, jumps a curb and is sent flying like a missile into a business sign, the video shows.

Debris from the sign and the car spray outward as the car flips, eventually coming to rest upside down with its frame bent down the middle, according to the video.

The survivors just climbed out of the car like, “yo, nigga ass bitch, my dik muthafaka.”

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