Brandon Says the Ukraine Accidentally Fired on Poland

See, this is exactly what I told you yesterday.

Read: Moron Hohols Just Bombed Poland (seriously, read this, it’s good – it was posted later than usual yesterday as this was a big breaking news story)

This was too dumb of a false flag. They showed the pictures of the fragments, and it was clearly from a Ukrainian S300.

The best Brandon can do is say it was an accident.

And with that, the story disappears from the news cycle.


U.S. President Joe Biden told G7 and NATO partners that a missile blast in eastern Poland was caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile, a NATO source told Reuters on Wednesday.

The blast, which killed two people, raised global alarm that the Ukraine conflict could spill into neighbouring countries.

Ukraine blamed Russia. Russia denied its missiles struck Poland.

Biden told reporters in Indonesia on Wednesday that the missile was unlikely to have been fired from Russia.

That’s putting it lightly.

Americans are so dumb they will believe literally anything the government/media says. Europeans are a bit more discerning. Germany has had to pass laws banning people from asking questions about what is going on with this bizarre war, but people obviously look for ways around that, and claiming that Russia fired Ukrainian missiles at Poland to purposefully trigger NATO into attacking Russia is too much of a liability to their narrative.

It would be interesting to know who in the Ukraine ordered the missiles fired at Poland and whether or not they had approval from someone in the State Department. Zelensky certainly came out in support of the attack, claiming that Russia did it and calling on NATO to immediately launch WWIII. However, he would have done that regardless of whether or not he’d been responsible for the attack. His job as an actor is to just keep demanding more and more escalation at every opportunity.

It’s totally unclear how the Ukraine command hierarchy functions. If I were to guess, I would suppose that Zelensky has literally nothing at all to do with it, and every decision is made by US State Department, Pentagon, and CIA agents on the ground as “advisors.” I can’t imagine the State Department would be dumb enough to leave that pervert cokehead Zelensky in a position where he is able to make any decisions at all, let alone the decision to fire missiles at Poland.

Zelensky has gone off the reservation with his word before, such as saying early on that he wanted to negotiate with Russia. The State Department corrected him on that – gently informing him that this was against our values of a democracy – and he went on to pass a decree making it illegal to negotiate with Russia. One would think that the fact his mouth goes off like this is enough reason to ban him from decision-making. But who knows.

The other interesting dynamic is that the US agents actually running the war seem to have a very convoluted chain of command, and it’s possible that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is up to. It’s clearly an extremely chaotic situation, and the elaborate and confounding nature of running a war while unofficially not running the war makes the hierarchy complex.

The fact that the media will never report on anything happening in the Ukraine and will instead simply print press releases from the government definitely provides spooks with a bit too much rope.


Poland is my enemy.