Gorshilla Mindset: Cernovich Leads Shill Revolution for Ron DeSantis

Look: I don’t think Donald Trump can win in 2024, because the votes are rigged. But I back him 100%, primarily because he’s funny, but also because he does things that are unexpected, and breaks rules.

In an election that you know, with 100% certainty, is going to be rigged, Trump is a better candidate than he was in 2016. He is the best candidate. He was not a great president, but that is completely irrelevant now. It means absolutely nothing, because there is no chance he’s going to win. Because fraud.

There is an army of shills emerging to support Ron DeSantis over Trump in 2024. They are citing the ostensible abysmal failure by the Republicans in Tuesday’s elections as proof of a need for a rebrand.

Even if elections were real, this would make no sense, objectively. Candidates in these midterms were not running on Trump issues, on the whole. The official position of the GOP is that they want low taxes and war with Russia. None of them were talking about the child trannies, the vax lunacy, or the black crime, which are the biggest issues outside of inflation (which they didn’t talk about enough).

But that argument is totally moot, because no matter how bad they were, Republicans won all their races, and they were stolen through obvious fraud. At least 70% of the people voted Republican, simply because this situation is so bad, and the government and media lied about it.

Mike Cernovich, who is greasy and weird, is leading the shill charge, claiming it’s time for Ron.

Remember: while on steroids while doing a PUA hustle, Cernovich had sex with a tranny in Thailand. I won’t even blame him for the act itself – steroids create an insatiable urge to have sex with trannies, which no one can resist. That’s none of my business. But why would he blog about it?

Answer: for the very same reason he is now shilling Ron DeSantis.

Yeah – something “whatever.” I can tell you that much.

He continued:

The explanation is that Republicans won everything, you gay retard. Kemp experienced less fraud, presumably because he is less of a threat (and because Georgia actually took some action against voter fraud after 2020).

He implied there wasn’t mass fraud.

He even suggested 2020 was a real election, while cursing the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (he is married to a Paki Moslem).

He said that this fake election is proof that 2020 was not fake!


He announced that he is officially putting his evil plan into action now.

His solution is to believe in elections even harder and do democracy better.

He then psychoanalyzed people against his shill agenda.

He then retweeted people making up his burgeoning army of shills – all of whom believe this fake election was very real and totally serious.

Cernovich’s position is backed up by the entire rogues’ gallery.

Do you see what’s going on here?

Ron DeSantis is not just a shill candidate to remove Trump – he is the candidate of election believers! “Vote for DeSantis because elections are real, goy!”

Mike Cernovich is a literal gay retard. This is known. We all knew about this guy long before 2015, when he was a nutso in Thailand giving people strategies for picking up hookers (???). He wrote a fake self-help book, and gave “alpha male” (codeword for “no self-esteem faggot”) lectures. He just fell into politics after buying a bunch of Twitter followers and getting a popular pro-Trump account in 2016. I was a very popular pro-Trump figure in 2016 – much more popular than Mike Cernovich, in actual fact – but I wouldn’t stop talking about Jews like Mike Cernovich did. After the election, he literally sent messages to Baked Alaska telling him he had to delete all his stuff about the Jews now that the election was over. Jack Posobiec did the same thing – deleted everything about Jews. Those two and others from the old “Alt-Right” were allowed to stay on Twitter and not be censored anywhere else, so by default they became big names.

Cernovich is a hollow opportunist, so he’s the perfect shill to push this DeSantis agenda. You might be thinking “why does it matter what this gay retard is saying?” It matters because someone told him to say this. He’s been deep in with the Jews, he’s proved himself a deep-throating kikesucker, and he is always pushing the agenda of the man behind the curtain.

What these people are going to do is try to blame Donald Trump for the vax. That is the one thing everyone hates that he did, so they are going to hit him on that, relentlessly. Maybe that would be fair enough, if DeSantis was not a bought-and-paid-for company man. But he is boring, he is a shill, he is no better than Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. He also lies about not promoting the vax. Florida gave the vax to kids. He said they wouldn’t allow it, then they allowed it, and the media covered up for him.

His position on the vax was the exact same as Trump’s. Both of them shilled it, neither of them mandated it. I am the most anti-vax person on earth, but if the decision is between two people who said “the vax is good but you shouldn’t have to take it,” then what is the discussion about?

Elections are a hoax. All of this is a big, stupid, annoying hoax.

Trump is the one person who might have some impact in 2024. He’s not going to win, but he’ll say stuff. That is much better than nothing, which is all we’re going to get from that fat neocon Yale homo DeSantis.

His entire image is completely fake. Yes, he did some good things in Florida. Sure. But they were all obvious things, and things that many other GOP governors did. Compare his record to that of South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. If anything, Noem has a better record, but it’s basically exactly the same.

Do you want her to be president “because of her record”? (president of blowjobs maybe – if you catch my drift.)

DeSantis is at best a mediocrity – a boring guy who did nothing special and is not special.

At worst, he’s a total plant of the Republican establishment that desperately wants to push Trump out of the picture and get everything back to business as usual.

Either way: he’s a very normal politician, unlike Donald Trump, who is a revolutionary non-politician and a completely destructive and atavistic force of nature.

Finally, just remember: Ye went Death Con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE, and Donald Trump refused to disavow.

Do you think Ron DeSantis would refuse to disavow a ride or die nigga who went Death Con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE?

DeSantis was the disreputable, rascally, unprincipled, sonovabitching Dick Tracy villain pushing for Trump to move the Jew embassy to Jerusalem.

He is a hardcore Jew shill.

Just look at him:

Do you trust him?

What interesting thing would he do in the election?

This is the shilling of the century, and we are probably going to lose – but I’m going to fight anyway. I just checked my schedule, and I’ve got nothing better to do.