Charlie Kirk Tells Zoomer Audience to Shut Up and Eat Infinity Niggers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2019

Charlie “Immigrants and Anus” Kirk, head of Turning Point USA, was once again this week confronted on his “Culture War” campus tour by someone sickened to his core by Charlie’s promotion of mass immigration into America by disgusting, evil niggers who vote Democrat 70% of the time.

This confrontation took place at Colorado State University, where he was appearing with Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The young patriot told the shill Charlie:

Charlie I speak for a not insignificant coalition of students that believe that your movement is utterly toothless. There was a young man I think a week or two that slapped you around pretty good on immigration. So I guess my perspective is this: when we look at somewhere like Texas where immigrants are coming in and they’re voting something like 70/30 for Democrats, they are utterly anti-gun – this is Pew Research – and utterly against free speech – I don’t really think it matters how many young leadership whatever conferences you hold, demographics are going to catch up to you, this is a culture war you’re going to get routed in.

Charlie gave a canned answer, saying that legal immigration is good, and it is really bad if the right wing turns against immigration – because the economy.

This comes after he was confronted in Nevada, on the same point, and said the same bullshit.

Seriously, what the hell is going on here?

Why is this person being put up to represent us?

Who, anywhere, on the right is calling for more immigrants, other than these people who are propped up there as leaders? Do you in your personal life talk to people who say they’re fine with over a million immigrants a year coming in as long as they have the legal paperwork?

The logical thing right now is a complete and total shut down on all immigration, point blank. The country is full. It is absolutely insane that with all of the problems we have right now, the supposed leader of the young right-wing is out there talking about how we need more immigrants.

It’s almost too insane to process. You just want to shut down mentally when you realize that Donald Trump’s son is going around with a guy who is calling for more immigration into America.

You know what else he’s calling for?

More money for Israel.

He gave a speech in Israel saying that Israel should be put before America.

What else is he calling for?

Forcing African niggers to fuck each other up the ass.

This is all insane.

What is the “Culture War” that the name of his tour references?

TPUSA is a criminal scam. They go into Young Republican university groups, and they use shills to convince the leaders of the groups to give them all of the money that is allocated to them by the university. They then promote their agenda, which is immigration, ass fucking and Israel.

He mixes in some meaningless platitudes about how Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s son are criminals, but the bottom line is that he is doing nothing at all other than trying to corral millennials and zoomers back into the same Jewish conservative program that the boomers lived their entire meaningless lives on.

We do not want this weird faggot or his gay, nigger, Jew agenda.

We are not boomers.

We are incels, we are gymcels, we are gamers.

We want a man who represents our interests.