Democrats Debate Again, World Responds with Boredom, Hatred

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2019

I vaguely watched the debate last night with Nick Fuentes’ commentary on Dlive.

It was just simply unbearable.

These are just the worst conceivable robot people, spewing endless platitudes, which seem to be getting increasingly bizarre at an ever-increasing pace.

But the process of “these platitudes are getting more and more bizarre” has been going on for so long that this in itself is no longer interesting.

Here are the Tulsi Gabbard highlights, which are the only things that anyone could possibly be interested in.

And here are the Andrew Yang bits, even though Yang has proven to be cringe, ever since he publicly OD’d on gaypills.

It would have been funny if everyone else on stage had started questioning Yang’s loyalty and accusing him of being a Chinese spy, but that would have been actually funny, so that wasn’t going to be allowed.

Yang obviously is a Chinese spy, but this was all played very poorly after the initial excitement. I feel like all that fun energy from… whenever that was… was just pissed away by this guy for no reason.

Tulsi on the other hand actually is great. And she is saying she wants a free internet. She’s also not saying open borders and free abortions for trannies, and is probably secretly a social conservative.

And of course, we love her anti-war, anti-Jewish positions, which are the crown jewels of her campaign.

But she has zero chance and I don’t think she’s even going to be in the next debate.

At the end everyone was asked about their strangest friendship, and almost all of them said they were friends with the fake war hero and war criminal John McCain, the filthy dead bastard.

I was hoping Joe Biden would have said his weirdest friendship was with Corn Pop.

In fact, this entire debate would have been six million times better if Joe Biden would have related all of his answers to some story about Corn Pop. I would have liked to have heard other candidates weigh in on the Corn Pop question as well.

Other interesting things…?



Elizabeth Warren was attacked, but that’s to be expected. She’s basically the clear frontrunner.

Funny Story

This debate took place in Westerville, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. I know the place well.

Sadly, it has been completely colonized and conquered by Somalians.

Virtually the entire area is unlivable. These people are worse than the worst type of rude monkeys.

The debate took place in a white/Jewish enclave at Otterbien University.

I have no idea why it was hosted there.

Very strange decision.