Did You Know That Well Organized Cupboards are Racist?

The claim here is that brown people like shitty, ugly crap.

So I guess I agree with the professor.

New York Post:

If you ditched cereal boxes for uniform glass containers and opted for plexiglass storage bins in your fridge, you may be engaging in classist, racist and sexist behaviors, one Chicago professor contends.

Dr. Jenna Drenten, an associate professor of marketing at Loyola University, argued Tuesday that the recent obsession with organizing kitchen and pantry spaces — a TikTok trend she dubbed “pantry porn” — is pushing societal standards the average American cannot keep up with while tricking consumers to spend more money.

The “new minimalism” approach is just a thinly veiled excuse to entice people to buy more items — containers, labels and storage space — that give off the decluttered appearance of simple living, Drenten wrote for The Conversation.

I would just assume that anyone using this language is Jewish

“Storing spices in coordinated glass jars and color coordinating dozens of sprinkles containers may seem trivial. But tidiness is tangled up with status, and messiness is loaded with assumptions about personal responsibility and respectability,” the professor stated.

“Cleanliness has historically been used as a cultural gatekeeping mechanism to reinforce status distinctions based on a vague understanding of “niceness”: nice people, with nice yards, in nice houses, make for nice neighborhoods.

“What lies beneath the surface of this anti-messiness, pro-niceness stance is a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures.”

Last year, sister Khloe Kardashian bragged about her extravagant pantry that is packed with items on floor-to-ceiling shelves. Photos show most of the items — pastas, fig newtons and goldfish — are stored in glass containers while other plastic, wrapped foods are stowed in wicker baskets.

Drenten emphasizes that orderly pantries have been a status symbol since the late 1800s when only the wealthy could afford the space to hide both the food and the people who prepared it.

That’s not actually the origin of the pantry, which actually related to temperature control for dry goods. Saying it was about hiding food from the servants sounds, frankly, insane.

Along with claiming brown people are dirty, she’s also claiming that nice things shouldn’t be allowed to exist because everyone is too poor to buy them.

This is just basic communism, which I do not agree with. People should aspire toward beauty – that is not materialism, but a Christian ideal. Linking beauty with consumer purchases can be materialism, but nice things are rarely free, and what I see in these “cupboard porn” pictures is things that may be slightly more expensive than the average, but which will also last much longer.

People used to buy things that would last their entire lives and then be passed onto their children, and this is really in some ways the opposite of consumerism, given that consumerism is about constant purchases, constant consumption, and thus often linked to disposable products.

Regardless of the philosophical underpinnings, I like these nice looking kitchens, and I don’t think anyone’s life would be made worse for having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen and food storage space.