Elon Fires Back at Jew Greenblatt! Tells Him to Stop the Defamation!

Elon Musk has talked back to Chief Jewish Overlord Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, implying he doesn’t care anymore about however the Jews are planning to attack him.

The Jew Greenblatt presented Elon with a list of people he was not allowed to have back on, including Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes. However, now he is saying Donald Trump is not allowed back on, and Elon seems to have given up on trying to work with him.

If this is the situation, and he is no longer going for Jewish approval, then why not just bring back everyone?

The obvious issue is the two bottlenecks where you can’t get past the duopolies:

  • The App Stores (Apple/Google)
  • Credit Card Processing (Visa/MasterCard)

There is no solution to those problems. If the Jews really want to get him, they can shut off both of those, and there is nothing he can do.

The Jews can do whatever they want to you, ultimately. There is no way to go around Jewish power, which is why I advocate so strongly for everyone to say “Jews are the problem.” Publicly naming them is the only way to negate their incredible power.

By the way, Ian Miles Cheong is a Nazi again.

Good on him.