Elon Hints at Full Amnesty After Joneslash

People were very mad that Elon Musk gave a hard “no” in response to calls to reinstate Alex Jones, and he appears to now be walking it back.

People are calling this “The Joneslash.”

He is talking about a full amnesty for everyone, where you will only ever be sanctioned if you go on to break the rules.

This is more or less exactly what we asked for from the beginning (as long as there are hard and fast rules). If he wants to ban slurs or whatever, that doesn’t really matter – however, I think there needs to be a literal list of slurs you’re not allowed to say.

As long as he doesn’t then ban for “off platform activity,” we can all definitely follow the rules.

We have no idea if he’s actually going to do this. He’s gone back and forth and back again. But as of right now, most accounts are being restored. Like, this is much better than I think anyone thought it would be.

I’m excited.