Elon Vows to Promote “Citizen Journalism” to Destroy Lying Jew Media

Twitter owner Elon Musk has pledged to use his platform to promote citizen journalism.

This is good, of course. It doesn’t really mean anything, but it is good in theory.

Now that that Jew Yolo is gone,

In general, people should be pessimistic about the future of Twitter, because Elon hasn’t really done anything yet and no one ever went wrong planning to be disappointed. We shouldn’t be pumping up anyone’s kicks.

Did you know that song is about a school shooting? “Run baby, run, faster than my bullets.”

Kinda funny.

Why was indie pop killed in the cradle?

You know, I said indie pop would be killed in the cradle. I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed, so I told everyone “you know, this isn’t going to last – don’t sell your Jesus and Mary Chain vinyl on eBay – come 2015, you’ll have nothing.”

When Billie Eilish got signed, people were like “a new dawn?” And I was like “no, just wait, this is going to be worse than you can even imagine.”

Right again, betting on total disappointment and alienation.

What is Citizen Journalism?

This term is confusing to me. It’s apparently just a politically correct euphemism for “blogger.”

A journalist is not a non-civilian. Having a degree in journalism is not the same as being in the military or on the police force. And even members of military and law enforcement are citizens, they’re just not civilians.

Am I a “citizen journalist”? I consider myself more of a comedian and an end times doom preacher than a journalist of any sort, but I’m much more widely read than any single “professional” journalist working for a mainstream publication. This website, Daily Stormer (formerly known as Tranny Watch), is still beating out many mainstream publications with hundreds of employees in terms of total views, even with all of the censorship.

You have people like John Rappaport, who probably would be categorized under this term, who have previously worked in the mainstream. Glenn Greenwald is not employed by a major publication, but previously won a Pulitzer at The Guardian.

James Delingpole was also a semi-notable journalist working for The Telegraph before he blew up in the “alternative media” scene.

Whitney Webb is maybe closer to the term “citizen journalist,” but she is a professional in that she makes her living as a journalist. She’s not doing this as a side gig.

Then you have the fact that many or even most mainstream journalists do not have degrees in journalism. Most of these faggots wanted to be novelists, and have English and Creative Writing degrees, or even dumber liberal arts degrees like History or Philosophy.

It seems to me that a more appropriate euphemism for the distinction we are discussing that covers everyone who is not employed by a major publication is “independent journalist.” Conversely, “mainstream media” would be better called “Jew media” or “lugenpresse.”

Whatever the case, basically all forms of non-corporate journalism are infinitely better than the mainstream. I listed some people above who I respect, but I can’t think of a situation where there is a single independent journalist who I respect less than a single official media journalist. Independents are all better. Even ones I don’t necessarily like are better than the mainstream shills.

As Musk’s right-hand man, a shadowy Indonesian man known as “Oddjob” pointed out, all independent journalism is being smeared by the lugenpresse as “disinformation.”

American Jew media is just state media at this point, and the state is utterly corrupt, so there is no value in their media at all. If they accidentally report something factual, it gets not only retracted but actually deleted. We saw this a couple months ago with the CBS documentary “Arming Ukraine.” The government complained about it and they just outright deleted it.

More recently, stories about the strange details of the supposed Paul Pelosi “Anal Hammer” attack were deleted by various mainstream outlets.

They are literally never going to say anything true. They have a system to prevent truth from appearing. Even if an independent journalist were a liar, he would end up reporting something true by accident, because he doesn’t have a system to ensure he only reports lies.

Putting these independent journalists on the same footing as the mainstream would be revolutionary, regardless of whether or not we’re allowed to say the n-word on Twitter.

Personally, I don’t want to say the n-word, I just want to talk about the Jews.