Famous Singer Aaron Carter Dead in a Bathtub Hours After Tweeting He Wanted to Talk to Ye About Jews

Singer Aaron Carter, who was very famous in the late 90s and early 00s, was found dead in a bathtub in his Southern California home on Saturday, less than 48 hours after tweeting that he wants to talk to Ye.

(Screenshot and archive for posterity.)

He was 34. Details about the death are unclear, but he was an anti-vaxer (he missed shows because he refused it). The LA Sheriff’s Department said that homicide is investigating the death, but assured everyone that this is normal procedure (I have no idea if that’s true, but I would think if it was a drug death, there wouldn’t be a need to bring in homicide at all, let alone tell the media that).

You don’t really have to be a hardcore conspiracy theorist to find it hard to believe this is a coincidence.

Carter was a child star, releasing his first album in 1997 at the age of 9 and selling a million copies. In 2002, he released a platinum album. That would be the last of his success, and he would go on to lead a troubled life before a troubling death.

Aaron is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, and part of the pre-Justin Bieber scene of hyper-sexualized pretty boy singers marketed to teenage girls. This phenomenon had a very negative effect on society because it normalized public female lust, but also because it defined the objects of women’s lust as very feminine. This was an image designed by music producers who would coach the young men on how to behave in a feminine way which appeals to women’s vain sexuality. Most of these men rebelled against the feminine later in life. You’ve seen that Justin Bieber got all of those tattoos. Carter got even more extreme tattoos, including all over his face, and attempted to have a rap career.

It’s widely understood that child stars are routinely sexually abused by Jews in the entertainment industry, and that this serves as a mechanism of control. Many celebrities have come out and told these tales, though they have usually been too afraid to name the Jews involved. The way that dozens of child actors have described being a child celebrity is that basically everywhere you go, some Jew is trying to sexually molest you. One would assume that this Jewish molestation gauntlet would be even more difficult to run if you were a boy being explicitly marketed as ultra-feminine.

Aaron Carter’s producer was Lou Pearlman.

This is Lou Pearlman:

He is a kind of archetype of a Jewish homosexual pedophile.

Pearlman was a lifelong criminal, who ripped off Backstreet Boys and N’Sync for tens of millions of dollars. Aaron Carter also sued him for stealing his money. Though he was eventually imprisoned for ripping off other Jews in one of the largest and longest running Ponzi schemes in American history, Pearlman was also consistently accused of pederasty. A long Vanity Fair article has lurid details and a list of accusers*. The article is a fascinating case study and a story which is almost a template in the entertainment industry. As Ye has recently said of the entertainment industry Jews, their job is to be likable and make you feel comfortable. We saw that the vampire Harley Pasternak was being very sweet and loving in his texts threatening to have our hero kidnapped and chemically lobotomized for speaking about Jews. He said “I love you / I will make you into a braindead zombie and you won’t be able to feel the love of your children / I love you.” We are the natural food of the Jews and they have learned how to emotionally exploit us.

*Interestingly, the Vanity Fair article was removed from his Wikipedia article after his death. This man was an only child with no wife or kids who ripped off everyone he knew, including Jews, and yet someone feels a need to minimize his sexual crimes in his Wikipedia page. It seems clear that there are people who don’t care about Pearlman who do care about the “big secret” of the entertainment industry remaining as secret as possible.

The story of Pearlman also shows just how badly the Jews take advantage of the “talent.” When N’Sync had number one hit songs being played on the radio everywhere, they were forced to live in crappy studio apartments and sleep on the bus while on tour. When the band broke up, all of them but Justin Timberlake ended up with basically no money. Celebrities get treated like slaves by these Jews. It’s an incredible revelation.

Aaron Carter was clearly molested by Lou Pearlman, and these experiences shaped his entire life – and his death. In a 2017 interview, Carter claimed to be “bisexual,” an action that is in keeping with a man trying to deal with instances of sexual abuse as a child. His long-running drug addiction is also of course in keeping with these kinds of experiences, as was the early death.

However, in recent years, Carter had been very vocal on the internet about another Jew he claimed had ripped him off – Steven Zap, who worked at Sony. Several replays of his streams, which appeared on various social media platforms, have been reuploaded to YouTube, and Carter claims that the Jew Zap took legal possession of the rights to some of his music, and that he is filing copyright claims against Carter for trying to use his own music.

In at least one clip, he says that Zap “Jewed” him.

This material is from the last year or so. It is the context within which he was requesting an audience with Ye. It is rather obvious, given this context, that Carter would have been ready to go all the way with Ye in blaming the Jews for all of his problems. He’s certainly not a super relevant cultural figure these days, but he is someone that every millennial remembers. It’s also possible, given the history of Jewish sexual molestation, that this would enter the narrative.

These are all reasons for the Jews to take violent action against him.

Yet I think the biggest reason would be to send a message to the rest of the celebrities that this does indeed go beyond money. Many of them are ready to say “the money isn’t worth it” after Ye saying that, and I would think a lot of Jews are pretty worried.

There are all kinds of different ways someone could make the death happen, but without any information, it’s dumb to speculate. It should be said, however, that where you have a lot of money, there are a lot of ways to kill someone that don’t involve breaking into his house. For example, they could just give his drug dealer a million dollars to give him a bad batch.

That said, there is no way to prove Carter didn’t simply overdose on drugs, or get too high and drown in the bathtub. The most compelling evidence that there was foul play is simply the timing. It feels like this is too much of a coincidence.

Even if it actually is a coincidence, none of these celebrities are going to see it that way. They are all going to see it as the Jews sending a message.

RIP, Aaron.

You deserved better than this, man.