Former Japanese PM Says Hoboesque Jew Zelensky is Sending People to Die for No Reason

This is the highest profile figure we’ve seen state the painfully obvious: Zelensky is a Jew, he’s not Ukrainian, he is sending Ukraine people to die for his own agenda, which is the agenda of the US State Department that installed him.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has made the people in his country “suffer,” former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori has said. He added that the media in Japan is biased in its coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

I don’t quite understand why only [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is criticized while Mr. Zelensky isn’t taken to task at all. This is problematic. Mr. Zelensky has made many Ukrainian people suffer,” Mori said in a speech at a political event in Tokyo on Friday, as quoted by Kyodo News.

“The Japanese media is biased towards one side. It is influenced by reports from the West. I can’t help but feel that they only rely on European and American reports,” he added.

Mori criticized current Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s position on the conflict as “one-sided” and being inclined towards the US.

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This stupid “Ukraine Democracy War” is not a situation of a country defending itself. The lives of the average “Ukrainian” would change in no way whatsoever if Zelensky agreed to give Putin what he is asking for. If anything, they would improve, because they would have better relations with Russia, which would be good for their economy.

Most “Ukrainians” have never been to the Donbass. It is like a different country, because it is populated entirely by Russians who identify as Russian as opposed to identifying with the false nation of “the Ukraine.” Furthermore, no one in the Ukraine benefits from the country joining NATO.

Zelensky seized control of the media completely, and arrests anyone who tells the truth. He is using his control of the media to tell the population that Putin wants to kill everyone. The only people in the world who do not understand what is going on are the Ukraine people, because of this total media control.

Zelensky is literally tricking these “goyim” to go die for his agenda by telling them there is a threat that does not actually even exist. He is creating the threat himself by refusing to surrender the Donbass and insisting on joining NATO.

The war is about forcing kids to have gay sex. The Ukraine is a gay sex country, and they want access to the children in the Donbass to fiddle. Yes, it’s a geopolitical thing, with the US trying to use the border skirmish to collapse the Russian government, but the number one foreign policy of the US is to force kids to be gay. That’s why they call it “The Anal Empire.” The reason Putin doesn’t go along with the US agenda is that he doesn’t want Russian kids to do gay shit. If Putin was into the gay, he wouldn’t have to be removed, and he would just bow down and serve the BEAST.

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If you find pictures of these “stand with Ukraine” people, the facts of the situation become very obvious.