Georgia Police Searching for Two Dindus Who Pummeled White Man at Waffle House

More antiquated farm equipment causing trouble at a fast food place! Who could have guessed it!

At least this ABSOLUTE UNIT put up a good fight.


Georgia police are on the hunt for two suspects after an early morning melee at a Gwinnett County Waffle House left a man bloodied and battered outside the restaurant’s entrance.

Patrons at a Waffle House in Snellville, Georgia, witnessed a scene quickly escalate after a man in a red shirt bumped into another customer while waiting to pick up a to-go order at around 1:30 a.m on September 22.

Surveillance footage viewed by police reportedly showed the duo waiting outside the restaurant’s door following the threat.

A bystander was able to capture the fight that ensued after the red-shirted man collected his to-go order and was confronted by the alleged aggressor (wearing a green jersey) and his accomplice.

“The victim’s injuries were treated by EMS personnel at the scene,” noted the news release.