Germany: Two Syrian Vibrants Terrorize Entire School of Cuck Children – Grab Pussies, Put Plastic Bags Over Heads

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

Imagine two little haji kids terrorizing an entire school, like if the Joker and Two-Face got together to terrorize the entire city of Gotham – except Batman is already dead.

And by Batman in that analogy we of course mean – you know. Mustache guy. Protector of Gotham. Intellectual superpower of the Justice League.

Or no wait, better analogy: Batman is alive and well, but he has an ideology that it was wrong to stop the Joker and Two-Face because actually they are the real victims, and not their victims, so when people call Batman for help he accuses them of racism and beats them up instead.

Knocks em straight in the head with a batarang and yells “how absolutely dare you, bigot?”

PI News (Translation):

At the end of 2015, many a German stood at the station and euphorically applauded the arrival of the “protection seekers”. Today the Germans themselves become protection seekers in their own country. Authorities and institutions receive desperate brand letters from people who no longer know what they are doing, since German law has no longer adequate answers to the conditions that are now prevailing in our country. This leads to a sense of powerlessness spreading among those affected.

It becomes even more critical if we can no longer protect the weakest of society, our children, from certain “protection seekers”. This is precisely what is currently the case in elementary school in Guben, Brandenburg.

Loudly called “Peace School,” this facility is currently the scene of a terror regime run by two Syrian refugee children who harass their classmates to the bone.

One may not imagine what it would look like in a recently sheltered child who is compelled to go to school in one place each day, the contemporaries of a violent culture into a hell of sexual assault, insults and physical violence have transformed.

The Syrian refugee boys Jalil and Kamal (names changed by the editors) attend classes 6a and 6b of the elementary school Guben. They are described as highly aggressive and engage in a sport of verbally and physically attacking and discriminating against their classmates almost daily. The Syrians grab the girl’s breasts and genitals and insult her as whores. They pulled a plastic bag over one child’s head and another classmate was choked.

The parents have repeatedly filed criminal charges, without success. The procedures were regularly discontinued by the prosecution, as the Syrian refugee children are not convicted. No matter what they do, nothing happens to them. Not surprising: Even discussions of the school management with the two punishable criminals were unsuccessful.

This is like some ultra-chaos supervillain shit – grabbing bitches by the pussy, putting bags over kids’ heads.


This is worse than Macaulay Culkin in “The Good Son.”

Funny how Daily Stormer is the only site you’re going to find this in English. And it’s through an auto-translator. If white kids were acting like this, they’d make a Lifetime movie about it – at least.

This is what the spirit of Allah does to his minions – possesses them with a violent rape and murder energy.

And do you know why it’s against the laws of Islam to draw pictures of Allah?

Here’s a hint: