Great Satan Greenlights Proposed Sale of $619M Worth of Military Supplies to Taiwan

The US government is openly in the process of turning Taiwan into “The Ukraine Part Two: The Quadruple Analing.”

Of course, this is much more popular in the United States than “The Ukraine Part One: The Triple Analing.”

Americans are fat, gay retards who are obsessed with China because they are too fat, gay, and retarded to see that they’ve been coaxed into supporting a war based on strategic media items.

On the other hand, the coaxing into the Ukraine war was so aggressively Democrat in nature, with Trump being framed as an agent of Russia, that many rightists do not support it.


The US State Department has greenlit the proposed sale of $619 million worth of military supplies to Taiwan, including ammunition for F-16 fighter jets, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday.

The deal contains hundreds of High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM) and Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM), as well as training missiles, guidance systems, multi-purpose launchers, spare parts, classified software, and other equipment. The principal contractors listed in the deal are Raytheon Missiles & Defense and the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The Pentagon’s press statement claims that the sale “serves US national, economic, and security interests by supporting the recipient’s continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and to maintain a credible defensive capability.”

Before the deal is finalized, it must pass through Congress, where lawmakers will have 30 days to discuss the sale and decide whether to let it proceed.

Even while there is more support in America for the X-Treme Anal Agenda being foisted on Taiwan, there is much less support for a war in Taiwan than there is in the Ukraine.

Ukrainians are much less educated than the Taiwanese, so they were easy to convince that they are somehow a separate country from Russia and also that Russia is planning to kill them for no reason. Taiwanese on the other hand are very well-educated, they are aware that Taiwan is absolutely a part of China based on any possible historical analysis (there can’t be “two Chinas”), and they are aware of what China’s plans are for the country.

China’s long-term plan was previously to just let Taiwan remain “independent” indefinitely, while slowly integrating it using economic cooperation and the established political process of the breakaway state itself. This is why the US is going in to push for a war – the integration is already happening, with the population increasingly supporting closer ties to China, particularly in the wake of the forced legalization of “anal marriage” and the US-orchestrated “gay anal riots” in Hong Kong. More importantly, the driving factor causing people to not want to reintegrate was that China was less wealthy than Taiwan. This is no longer meaningfully true, and on the other side, the US is demanding that they lose money in order to prevent reunification. It violates all of the common logic in the country.

The US must force a war in the very near future, because otherwise, it will become impossible.

The fact that Fatmericans are so stupid that they can’t see how this works and yet have an opinion on it is beyond the pale. Frankly, I don’t expect Americans to understand the dynamics of the PRC-ROC relationship, but if they are going to have an opinion on it, they need to understand it first, and they refuse.

I have asked everyone I’ve ever met who supports a war for Taiwan to explain the relationship, and virtually none of them are even aware that Taiwan is a part of China. Tucker Carlson certainly is aware of that fact, but then claims that the Taiwanese love gay sex and want to start a war with China in the name of gay anal fisting as well as rimjobs (and even eating poop).

You shouldn’t have to really know the details. This should be enough for any Christian to decide the morality of the situation:

Gay marriage is legal in Taiwan. Gay marriage is illegal in China.

It’s that simple, if you are a Christian. You necessarily know who the good guys are.

However, even Americans who claim to be Christians fail to uphold the basic principles of the religion, and even as they are whining about child trannies in America, they support forcing more and more extreme homosexuality on Chinese people they know nothing about.

This is pure evil, and they will be judged for this.

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