It Begins: “Ron DeSanctimonious”

It has begun.

Donald Trump just called Ron DeSantis “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

With that little quip at a rally in Pennsylvania over the weekend, the 2024 election season has begun.

We are all doomed. But this is going to be fun. At least we can have a little bit of fun before we die.

DeSanctimonious is apparently planning to get in the cage with the Eagle and the Bear (Trump is the Eagle and his army of Russian bots are the Bear). He hasn’t made that public, but Trump would know, and he wouldn’t be live testing nicknames for him if he wasn’t planning on getting in the game.

I actually like Ron DeSanctimonious as a governor. I’ve always praised him when he did good, and he did a lot of good. But he’s the enemy now. And he’s going to destroy his career. Everyone knows the 2020 election was fake, but in order to justify trying to cockblock Trump in resuming his rightful place, DeSanctimonious is going to have to say that Brandon really won. There is no other thing he can say, and he’s going to say it to the media, and he’s going to say it in debates if this little game he’s playing gets that far.

Of course, the media is going to back DeSanctimonious, as will the entire Republican establishment (insofar as they can get away with it). The government will back him by harassing Trump. Fox News will come out and say “we all love Trump but he’s under investigation so we have to go with this fat guy who looks like a Dick Tracy villain – sorry!”

“They call him Sweaty Ronny, see? He’s a real wise guy. You cross Sweaty Ronny, you’ll end up swimmin’ with the fishes, see?”

That kikesucker Matt Walsh is actually already attacking Trump – white-knighting for DeSanctimonious by claiming that “we need a united front.”

Unite your own front, race traitor. I’m united with Donald Trump!

And no, you faggot – we’re not supposed to be united. We’re supposed to be picking sides, because the 2024 campaign starts this week! Check the calendar, you gay retard!

Matt Walsh belongs in jail right alongside Gavin McInnes for colluding with the Jewish conspiracy to destroy America. He has no right to speak about anything.

He works for Ben Shapiro, and I guarantee you, the Shapiro Jew Crew is going to be leading the charge against Donald Trump.

But it feels good that the party is finally getting started. Trump is going to be indicted over something, all hell is going to break loose, the Democrats will probably attack Russia and declare martial law and claim Trump is a Russian agent and all his supporters are secret Russians.

I mean, who knows if all that will happen, but it’s going to be crazy regardless.

You might as well flush your psychedelic mushrooms down the toilet, because you’re not going to need them where we’re going.

We’ve come to understand that Elon Musk has sold us down the river – he’s chasing the approval of the Jews, begging the ADL to stop canceling his ads. I don’t know how he doesn’t understand this situation – maybe he should ask Ye? – but it is what it is. If, at the very least, he gives Trump his account back, it’s going to be a big deal. I don’t really see how he can not do that at this point. Banning the n-word, or banning Andrew Anglin – that is one thing. But he said “free speech” in the context of Trump being banned.

Matt Walsh won’t be such a big man when the real Big Man gets back on campus – I can tell you that much, my friend.

We’ve got the blacks on our team now, and we’re talking about the Jews this time. We’re gonna be saying “Jew” again, okay? See? That’s how it’s gotta be, folks. We gotta do it. We ditched Kushner, now we’re saying Jew, we’re riding dirty with the blacks, okay? Blacks in, Jews out. Pimps up, hoes down. Okay folks? How would you like to see the Jews be made to pay for their crimes? We’ve got a big problem in this country, and that problem has a big nose. We’ve got some friends with big lips, and I will tell you something, those guys with the big lips, they don’t like the guys with the big noses too much. No. No, they don’t. We’re going to be friends with the people who were friends with us, because we can’t keep getting ripped off by the Jews, who do not love this country. My African-Americans make trouble sometimes, but they love this country, and Jews do not. We can’t be the stupid people. They are trying to take our country away from us, folks, and we can’t let it happen.