It Sure as Heck Looks Like the Blacks are Out of Control

You might not believe this, but I have critics on the internet.

Of course, there is the usual trash – the entire global power structure. But there are also supposed “right-wing” critics. Insofar as they are real people, they are people who appear to not want to believe that things are as bad as they actually are.

I feel like whenever anyone says “things are not that bad,” I should be able to say “child trannies” and that should end the conversation, because child trannies are the worst thing ever in history and the single worst thing imaginable, and they are not only in our society, but being celebrated as the best thing ever and actively promoted. We have mass documentation of school counselors and various psychologists purposefully targeting vulnerable youth for injection and mutilation, we have videos of doctors talking about how profitable the whole industry is.

So, in my personal opinion, which I believe lines up with objective reality, anyone who can look at the child tranny phenomenon and then say “things aren’t really that bad” is suffering some kind of severe mental breakdown and exists in a state of total psychological derangement.

But still. People do say this. You never know how many, because they are always loud and always use multiple accounts and so on.

They’ll say that I make predictions (which I don’t do, actually) and that they are wrong.

I’ve never in my life claimed to be a wizard or a time traveler, I’ve never claimed to have any kind of insider information at all, so any “prediction” I make is a mix of data analysis, game theory, and logical breakdown on probabilities. I have never in any situation claimed to be 100% right about everything, and never claimed to give out anything other than probabilities.

One thing I really did expect was that the coronavirus hoax would go on more aggressively, basically indefinitely. However, if you go back and read what I wrote, you will not find wizard predictions or claims or time travel, it simply seemed to me that it was working very well, and there were no indicators that it was going to end any time soon. Obviously it ended when the war with Russia started, specifically because they wanted people to focus on the war with Russia. However, vaccines are still being pushed, there is constant background noise about “the next pandemic,” they are still pushing for a global ID system that includes vax status, and so on.

So I do not think the virus mania is over, but obviously, almost everything has been rolled back for the time being, and you can go back and find my articles saying “this is definitely not what I expected” back when the Ukraine was invaded. Of course, I had been expecting a war in the Ukraine since 2013 (and you can find that in the archives). But forcing Russia’s hand and then using that as an excuse to duck out of the vax mania was such a weird series of events that I would have to be a wizard to have expected that one.

Overall, I don’t know of a single person on the internet who has consistently been able to call out the shape of things to come. I would challenge anyone to point to any single person. My critics won’t ever do that, because no such person exists. Period. I am more right, more often, and more consistently than any living person.

Glory only to God, of course. 

But yeah: I expected the vax thing to get crazier and it didn’t. That’s true, and if there was any good faith in the criticism, it would be that I have a tendency to believe in a quicker apocalypse than the month over month and year over year apocalypse that is happening.

Other criticisms, I think, are much dumber.

For example: I said the vax was going to kill people and if Brandon won the election, the blacks were going to go completely out of control.

The critics now say “well, everyone didn’t die of the vax yet and blacks didn’t kill everyone yet.”




Well, a helluva lot of people have “died suddenly,” and blacks are now committing at least 60% of the murders in this country (which was not anywhere near the case in the 1990s, for people being duped by these “like the 1990s” memes the “everything is fine” crowd are putting out).

Major urban centers have become totally unlivable, to the point where a hotel in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc. will tell you not to go out at night on foot at all, even in central commercial districts.

I don’t know where my critics are living (probably in the Baltics or Poland, frankly – most of this criticism I get seems designed to support the US State Department rather than the US government in general), but please, go ahead and click through CharlieBo313’s YouTube channel to see what’s happening on the streets of this country.


Huge parts of the country that were livable in 2019 no longer are.

We’re seeing a new kind of violence that was unimaginable before the Summer of Floyd. This shit is heinous.

I’m pretty sure my statements that the blacks would go totally out of control after a Democrat win in 2020 were very accurate. Go compare what I said to the people who were saying that the blacks would cool off after a Democrat win, then go take a look at America.

And as I said: these blacks are not being punished. They are still defunding local and state police, they are pushing “diversity equity inclusion” on the cops and telling them to just not arrest blacks. Meanwhile, they are building new federal police forces and building up the existing ones to go after white people – including white people who commit the crime of complaining about what is going on.

Matt Taibbi got raided by the IRS – presumably their new armed agents – while he was testifying before Congress about FBI violations of the First Amendment that are so outrageous that the fact that no one is being punished for these crimes proves that we are living in a state of total lawlessness, where the federal government is simply a criminal gang.

How many other people have been raided by the IRS for complaining about the feds? How many people have been visited by the FBI for comments on the internet? No one has any idea – but it’s a whole lot.

Back to the blacks…

New York Post:

Three masked assailants brazenly charged onto a Maryland school bus, targeting the last remaining 14-year-old student in what’s being described as an “attempted murder.”

The bus was making its afternoon dropoffs from Prince George’s County Alternative Middle School on Monday when the three attackers, believed to be teens, rushed on to confront the student — one brandishing a gun and pulling the trigger, according to ABC 7.

They pulled the trigger three times, but for some reason, by the grace of God, the gun didn’t go off and bullets flew out of the gun,” said Martin Diggs, head of the bus drivers’ union.

An onboard video system captured the moment one of the alleged masked juveniles made the attempt to shoot the middle schooler in the head point-blank.

“This was an attempted murder, plain and simple. Call it what it is,” Diggs told the outlet.

The alleged teen hit squad entered the bus after it stopped to let off a female student.

Once on board, the suspected juvenile with the gun pulled the trigger three times while aiming at the 14-year-old’s head, but it misfired — leading the three to physically beat the student before fleeing.

Police found three live rounds on the bus floor, according to the outlet.

I could post at least two dozen similar stories every day.

I don’t, because I think everyone gets it.

If you wanted the day to day, you could check out New Nation News (though that focuses mainly on black-on-white crime, which is of course out of control but a very small fraction of total black violence).

Actually. You know what. Lemme just go ahead and post a few screenshots from NNN from the last six hours or so.

They only catch a fraction of these crimes.

Again, the most interesting thing is that the punishments are being removed, which is intended, clearly, to encourage the crime. The government is purposefully creating this “Blacktopia” as a way to suppress the white population, to keep them in a state of fear.

I think also, frankly, you’re going to start seeing a lot more normal media come out and start whining about black crime*.

*NOTE: That is what an Anglin “prediction” looks like – it usually starts with “I think, frankly…” 

Related: Bill Maher Goes Full 13/52 Talking About Blacks Killing Other Blacks Much More Than Cops

I know everyone was very excited about Scott Adams coming out against the blacks, but what does that actually even do?

That’s maybe a separate issue. I’m not trying to turn this into an unwieldily stream of consciousness screed. But I don’t see a qualitative difference between saying “crime is out of control” and “blacks are out of control.” Everyone already knows “crime” means “blacks.”

This is the order of the political correctness scale, from the things right-wingers are most allowed to complain about to the things right-wingers are least allowed to complain about (note: this is at time of writing – this is always subject to change):

  • Gun control
  • Global warming hysteria
  • Illegal immigration
  • Abortion
  • The targeting of Christians
  • Child trannies
  • Moslems
  • Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates went too far
  • Black people
  • The FBI
  • The Ukraine war
  • Legal immigration
  • Whites being oppressed/targeted for their race
  • Vaccines/virus hoaxing
  • Israel and Israel’s influence on American politics
  • Jewish people in general
  • Women in general (from the Anglin Angle, which is more or less unadulterated medievalism)

You can bicker about the order, but everyone knows that’s basically right. I could make a meme with color codes. Everything up to Covid lockdowns going too far is “green zone,” i.e., Ben Shapiro. Black people are the first and lowest “orange zone” item, which means they are too far for Ben Shapiro, but just barely.

And of course, it’s not clear cut. Shapiro will touch on stuff like “black culture” and “the black family structure.” But he won’t say what Scott Adams said, which was, and I quote, “get the fuck away from black people.” That is orange zone.

Saying the virus never existed and there wasn’t ever a pandemic at all is the first red zone item. I put women at the top, because that is what you really get hardcore swarmed for – if you say what I say about the age of consent and forced child marriage, and that women shouldn’t be allowed to even make simple decisions for themselves at all.

Example from yesterday that includes some (but not all) of the red zone stuff about women: Travis Barker’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Hits Out Against Claims She is Too Big of a Whore

Of course, the kind of stuff Andrew Tate says is orange zone, but it looks like he’s going to prison forever, so that is also pretty serious. But he is pro-pornography, so he’s definitely not on my level or really anywhere close, and yet…

You could make the argument that Jews are more protected, and that would be the usual right-wing stance. In my experience, however, there are a lot more women than there are Jews, and Jews (and all of these other issues) are protected by an army of women.

I wasn’t banned from everything in 2017 for saying something about the Jews, I was banned from everything for mocking Heather Heyer. I was apparently permabanned from Twitter for making fun of a guy for posting slutty pictures of the mother of his children. Of course, Jews are the reason all of this is happening in the first place – you’ll get no argument from me on that point – but there are simply not enough Jews to enforce this stuff. Women are the enforcers, and women care more about protecting the female hive than they do anything else.

Also note: Ye came out and said basically everything I’ve ever said about Jews, Hitler, and white people, and Ben Shapiro house mammy Candace Owens never even officially denounced him for it. She distanced, she took some shots, but she did not officially disavow (to my knowledge). Meanwhile, she called Stephen Crowder a “monster” for telling his wife to “walk the fucking dog.” She aggressively tried to isolate him as part of a larger project to destroy him.

Maybe it’s complicated, I’m sure. Ye is black, so he has a bit more room to move. But Crowder agrees politically with Shapiro on literally everything – in fact he called Ye crazy for talking about the Jews – and he’s the one who Owens went scorched earth on.

This is anecdotal and it doesn’t really speak to my point.


Stream of consciousness mode officially engaged.

It does speak to my point, because my point was about the fact that you can talk about black people now, more and more, and the reason for that, I would assert* is that white women are starting to get a little bit rattled by out-of-control black violence.

*”I would assert” is another thing that gets labeled a “prediction” by bad faith “right wing” critics, regardless of context. 

It was clear that the initial George Floyd thing got white women’s panties wet, but over the last three years, when they’ve just started killing people randomly everywhere and not being punished for it, white women are clearly less enthusiastic about defending them.

But then, above that, you have the fact that Jews don’t really care if you complain about blacks killing everyone. Like the tranny stuff, this is extremely polarizing and emotional, and there is no potential for any sort of solution to come from the discussion, as no one is willing to actually say what needs to be said.

I’ll say what needs to be said: blacks are biologically different, fundamentally, and we need some form of physical separation. I’m not so edgy anymore as to call for them all to be rounded up and shipped back to Africa, but they need their own neighborhoods with their own city councils and, most importantly, their own law enforcement. White people should be able to write it into land deeds, like they used to be allowed to do, that a house can’t be sold to blacks. Blacks have to have self-determination, and be held responsible for their own situations and decisions, and we have to make it so these decisions don’t affect white people. We also need to bring back Joe Biden style “super predator” extreme sentences for small amounts of crack, and do some other common sense things. Probably, Jewish record producers need to be sanctioned for marketing music that encourages blacks to commit murder and sell crack.

Moreover, while I don’t think it should be forced, I think “The Akon Plan” – that is, American blacks going back to Africa voluntarily – should be federally funded. I think this is another way to help blacks achieve self-determination, and I think many of them would do very well in Africa, if they chose to go. Without getting too edgy, I would at least consider providing shorter sentences to blacks who agree to The Akon Plan.

My assertions regarding an impending blackpocalypse may have been hyperbolic, but you are witnessing it and it is not going to get any better. In no single area is the black issue getting better. We are looking at continued, escalating lawlessness and chaos from these folks.

I might not always be right, but I’ve never claimed that. I’ve never made predictions in the sense of saying “this is definitely going to happen,” without obvious hyperbole.

And once again: I’m coming up on ten years of this job, working every single day. And there is not one person who compares to me in terms of having painted a picture of the things to come.


This unhinged screed you’ve just read is not intended to boost my own ego. I have transcended ego, in that I believe that anything I ever do right is only from Jesus and everything is on me. In its pure form, this attitude stops the ego from existing, and replaces it with a desire to become closer to Christ.

I write this because I want people to know they can trust me. I’m not always going to be right about everything, and you should be critical if something I say is off.

But if you’re old enough to remember what things looked like before I launched this website in 2013 – if you remember the level of discussion – you know that I’ve changed the game by injecting fact-based narratives about race, Jews, women, and the Dalai Lama being a cannibal. People were not talking about these things before I started talking about them.

And hey – I’ve yet to hear of a single person who regrets not taking the vax.

Things are going to get weirder, and I just want every one of you to know: I’m always going to be here, I’m always going to be doing my absolute best to give you the most truthful view of the reality situation, so that you can make your decisions based on that.

Some of you have been here through this whole decade-long journey. Some of you are new. But I truly do want what is best for all of you, and the only way I’ve been able to do this for this long, to suffer the consequences I’ve suffered, is by knowing that I’ve helped a lot of young (and some old!) men figure out their way to the truth.

On my own journey to the truth, I’ve realized that the ultimate truth is that Jesus Christ died that we may live, and that the only peace we are going to have in this world is following His commandments that He will send the Holy Spirit to comfort us.

If you haven’t made it to that point yet, if you still have doubt in your heart as to the truth of Christianity, this is my advice to you: seek truth everywhere, always. All kinds of truth about everything. Don’t ever lie to yourself, don’t believe things that are comfortable to you. Always go for the truth. If you do that, you will come to Jesus. Nothing else can happen. There is no final truth beyond the infinite love that God has for mankind, and the more truth you acquire, the closer you get to that.

Read the Bible too, and compare and contrast with the truth you’ve found. Read the book of John, as it is the most important.

God is the reason why truth has value in and of itself. If God did not exist, then it would be much more logical to just lie to yourself for the sake of protecting yourself from the suffering that comes from the harshness of this fallen world. As I said recently, if you don’t believe in God, becoming a fentanyl addict on the streets of California is a perfectly valid life choice. The fact that most people don’t do that proves that we all know, somewhere inside of us, that God is real.

The purpose of our lives is to struggle, to strive, to seek joy, and love – all in the name of coming closer to Jesus Christ that when we die, we will live forever.

God bless all of you and thank you for reading. It means so much to me that so many millions of people have taken the time to read my words over the years. I know that the truth that God has given me the blessing of sharing with you has affected everyone whose read it, whether they know it or not.

And please, my brothers, always remember: no matter how bad things get, Jesus is there for you.

All you have to do is call out His name.