Kiev Fears US is Beginning to “Wind Down” the War!

This is what I’ve been saying: we are probably looking at a wind down.

My suspicions were based entirely on my reading of the land. I didn’t have any intelligence on the topic, but I would assume the Ukrainians are privy to some information.


Officials in Kiev are afraid that the US could pursue a policy of winding down the conflict in Ukraine, Politico reported on Tuesday. US President Joe Biden has pledged publicly to support the country “for as long as it takes” to defeat Russia.

The growing reluctance by some Republican lawmakers to bankroll Ukraine could be used as an excuse to reduce military and financial aid and pressure Kiev into making concessions. The scenario was suggested by an adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky, who spoke to Politico on condition of anonymity.

That’s actually exactly what I said – that Republican support or lack thereof is pointless to talk about because Republicans will go along with anything, but that their alleged lack of support could be used as an excuse.

The most recent polls show a full third of Republican voters are ready to continue to back this endless war.

Republicans are stupid, fat animals incapable of processing simple information. They are not a threat to anything, ever, save the dignity of a buffet.

Maybe Zelensky’s people are just reading my website. If so: guys, I’m just spitballing here. I don’t have any insider information. I’m just looking at what’s happening, and it looks like you guys are getting dumped because Washington wants to attack China instead of Russia.

I think both on Capitol Hill and in the administration, there are people who are looking to calibrate security assistance to incentivize the Ukrainians to cut some sort of deal, I’m afraid,” the official was quoted as saying.

Other sources in the Ukrainian government confirmed previous reports about messages that CIA Director William Burns has been delivering to Kiev. During a visit last month, he told Zelensky to make swift progress on the battlefield because US aid would soon dry out, two Ukrainian officials confirmed.

The reports about Burns were telling, and it’s interesting that more are confirming these claims.

The media does lie about this sort of thing a lot, but when you’ve been reading the news as long as I have, you start to get a sense about things. They don’t really have any reason to be lying and claiming the CIA is telling Zelensky the party’s over unless the CIA did actually say that.

I’ll be happy when the war is over, because I’m so sick of seeing these faggots celebrating it. And it will be very nice to gloat. I think a lot of those retards on Twitter will probably kill themselves. Hopefully, they’ll also kill their families in big murder-suicide events. We need to completely end the genetic lines of everyone who supported this war, because we simply cannot afford to be carrying around that kind of dead weight.

That all having been said: the problem is, an end to the war in the Ukraine simply means that Washington is ready to kick off a war (at least a cold war) with the Chinese, which is going to be much more devastating on every level.