Memetic Monday: That’s All She Wrote

The Gamer Uprising forum is still down. I usually collect my memes there. Today we did something different, so a lot of these are probably garbage. But I think some of them are okay.

The forum should come back up soon. I still can’t give a date because it’s complicated and I’m not a computer programmer. I know a lot of people are big into it, and I know this sucks. It sucks very badly for me, as so much of my routine was dependent on it.

For those who don’t know, we need new software, and a solution that will last long term is not obvious, and implementing it is complicated. Anyway, everyone should know I am on it, and it will be back soon.

If you can, send crypto.

Anyway – now that that issue is out of the way…

Here’s my pick of the week:

And here’s the runner-up:

Notable mention on this one:

Even though these are not as good as usual, you’ll probably laugh at something, I think.