Mexico: Police Chief Arrested in Connection to Killing of Mormon Family

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

“Now I’ll tell you about the part where we colonize Mexico…”

Mormonism was a religion created specifically to survive a collapse of the United States of America.

But was conquering Mexico part of their plan?

If it was part of their plan, I don’t think it was really a very good part of that plan.

The Guardian:

Mexican authorities have arrested a municipal police chief for his suspected links to the killing of three women and six children of US-Mexican origin in northern Mexico last month, local media and an official said on Friday.

Suspected drug cartel hitmen shot dead the nine women and children from families of Mormon origin in Sonora state on 4 November, sparking outrage in Mexico and the United States.

Several Mexican media outlets reported that law enforcement agents arrested Fidel Alejandro Villegas, the police chief of the municipality of Janos, which lies in the neighboring state of Chihuahua, on suspicion of involvement in the crime. The reports said he is suspected of having ties to organized crime, but details of his alleged role were not clear.

It’s still not really clear why these people were killed. It seems unlikely that they were literally “caught in the crossfire,” in terms of like, the logistics of a gun fight.

They had to have been purposefully targeted, and I haven’t heard very many good theories as to why, other than that Mormons are moving in and trying to exert power in the region in a way that cartels find threatening.

It was definitely a shock and awe move, to slaughter a family like this, and it will definitely keep most potential colonists up at the Salt Lake thinking twice about moving down south.

It isn’t surprising that a police chief was arrested. They are all linked to the cartels, and they are the ones who will always end up going down for this sort of thing, because they’re within reach of the government.