Milley Says It’s Time for the Ukraine to Negotiate – Jews Outraged

The Ukraine Military is blown out. They’ve shoved over 100,000 human corpses into their meat grinder, and they have nothing to show for it but small gains that will be lost in the winter.

The country does not have power. People are fleeing on a mass scale. Russia is preparing their Ultimate Strike Back.

Despite what the media says about how the Ukraine is “winning,” the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is calling for the Ukraine to negotiate, saying that they’ve maxed out their potential wins.

The Ukraine, however, is totally run by Jews who do not care how many Ukrainians die in this war, so they are angry that the US is questioning their decision to ritually sacrifice every young man in the country in this impossible conflict.


The administration of US President Joe Biden is attempting to reassure Ukraine that it is not pressing Kiev into any peace talks with Moscow after a top US general alluded to “a window” for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, Politico reported on Monday, citing sources.

According to Ukrainian and US officials interviewed by the outlet, Washington is signaling to Kiev that any winter lull in fighting “doesn’t mean talks should happen imminently,” while vowing to continue supporting Ukraine militarily.

Ukrainian concerns that the US could push Kiev into seeking a peace settlement with Moscow were fueled by recent comments by General Mark Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said Ukraine could not achieve a military victory while noting that winter may present an opportunity for diplomatic engagement. “When there’s an opportunity to negotiate, when peace can be achieved, seize it. Seize the moment,” he stated.

Russia and the US held high-level talks in Ankara on Monday. The White House later insisted that any “settlement of the war in Ukraine” was not on the table, suggesting that negotiations revolved around nuclear weapons and US citizens in Russian custody, while Moscow has refused to disclose what the sides had talked about.

According to US officials, Washington’s mixed messaging on a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine conflict is “straining… [the] relationship” between Washington and Kiev. This is further underscored by an emerging rift between US officials, with some reportedly arguing that it is too soon for peace talks while others believe winter presents a chance for diplomacy.

The latter group has been pressing their counterparts in Washington to consider this opportunity “more seriously,” but they have so far failed to persuade US President Joe Biden and many members of his administration, the report says.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it would not rule out talks with Kiev, accusing Ukraine of a lack of engagement. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has set out conditions for any negotiations with Russia, which include the “restoration of [Ukraine’s] territorial integrity,” “compensation for all war damage,” and “punishment of every war criminal.”

In October, he also signed a decree banning any negotiations with President Vladimir Putin.

That was the funniest thing this Jew ever did – “it is illegal, by official decree, for this war to ever end.”

This is the guy who wears a t-shirt to official meetings and does nothing but hang out with Hollywood celebrities and do cover shoots for fashion magazines.

Who would have thought that weird homosexual Mark Milley would be the voice of reason on the Ukraine issue?

Actually, I would have thought that, and I’ve said it for months. Milley is obviously aware that Washington wants World War III, and he’s also aware that the US Military does not have anywhere near the necessary readiness to go into a full-scale conflict with Russia and China. By calling for a deescalation, Milley is really just trying to protect his own job and legacy, as if a real war does start, he’s going to get blamed for the debacle that ensues.

The fact that he is allowed to come out and put his own personal interests first demonstrates the kind of chaos that is going on in Washington. These statements about the need for negotiations are essentially what would be private advice to the president, but he’s just saying it publicly hoping someone will listen, and no one is reprimanding him.

Maybe he will get fired. That would be his second best option.

This Ukraine debacle is unbelievably dumb. The entire economy of the Western world is on the verge of total collapse, and there is zero explanation from anyone as to what is to be gained by ensuring that the Ukraine controls the Donbass, which is a very small, poor territory in the former USSR. We’re talking about an area the size of Ohio in the poorest country in Europe. Why does the fate of the galaxy hinge on this?

Of course, we know that the Jews believe that the fate of the galaxy hinges on ousting Vladimir Putin, and that is why the West provoked this conflict in the first place. But can you imagine normal people looking at this and saying “yes, you’re right – we should destroy the entire world so that Kiev Jews can force their will on this tiny and irrelevant area”?

But alas, no one is asking that, and Milley is very obviously the last “cooler head” in Washington, and his complaints have been dismissed.

We’re going to have WWIII.

That’s gonna suck for a lot of people. Of course, for me, it’s just going to be an excuse to do some things I’ve wanted to do for a long time…