Negress Gets Seven Years for Slashing White Customer’s Throat with Knife at Taco Bell

The victim had told her to shut up after she began chimping out about her order.

Right then, he should have been on high alert. Once “disrespected,” these half-humans look for any opportunity to catch you off guard and go for the attack.

Daily Mail:

A terrifying video of a knife-wielding woman slashing the throat of another customer in a Maryland Taco Bell has been released by prosecutors, following her conviction.

Caley Mason, 22, pleaded guilty in a Clackamas County court last month to second-degree assault in relation to the July 9 incident, which left 48-year-old Jason Luczkow with an eight-inch gash spanning from his ear to his Adam’s apple.

Caley Mason.

An altercation was sparked between the pair when Luczkow entered the fast food chain in Sandy – around 30 miles east of Portland – to find Mason, dressed in a blonde wig, berating employees for taking too long with her order.

‘Apparently the management had already told her to leave,’ Luczkow recalled to Oregon Live. ‘As she continued to rant and rave, I told her to be quiet. Told her to zip it.’

After exchanging a few terse words, Mason then swiftly left the restaurant only to return minutes later armed with a blade.

Cell phone footage captures the moment Mason swiped the knife at Luczkow’s neck, drawing gasps and screams from workers and other customers at the road-side eatery.

Mason then quickly left the scene in a silver Kia Soul, nearly running Luczkow’s wife who had given chase to her husband’s attacker.

The sheboon’s boyfriend. He isn’t charged with anything, but… wow.

Police pulled over the 22-year-old moments later with her boyfriend and two children – aged two and four – inside the car, Clackamas County prosecutor Matt Semritc revealed.

Mason was no longer wearing the blonde wig when she was apprehended by police. It was found a short while later ‘in [her] boyfriend’s pants’.

Luzkow’s wound required more than 100 stitches, and Luczkow has since grown a beard to cover up his sizable scar.

Incredibly, Luczkow narrowly avoided fatal injury, with Mason’s blade missing his jugular vein and his carotid artery by ‘just millimeters’.

Mason was later indicted on multiple criminal counts, including attempted murder, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Mason was sentenced to seven years in prison last week.

Jason Luczkow.