Ohio: White Teacher Tries to Break Up Fight in Black-Majority School, Gets Set Upon by Nogs

What’s the point in putting your own life at risk to try and stop a bunch of Africans from acting like Africans?


The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained cell phone video that shows a Euclid High School teacher being assaulted as she tried to break up a fight.

The video was taken during the Oct. 8 fight that started with three female students verbally arguing.

“The teacher tried to get the students separated and was moving the one girl out of the way when a large group of students followed,” said Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer. “The teacher risked her own safety to try and keep the students safe. ”

The cell phone video shows the teacher being punched and pulled to the ground by her hair, then punched some more. The teacher suffered a serious eye injury.

Euclid City Schools resource officer Steve Shubert identified the students involved and met with juvenile prosecutors. Police are asking that felony charges be filed against the students involved in the assault. Cuyahoga County juvenile prosecutors could not be reached to discuss the case.

Police and school officials declined to release security video of the assault at this time.

The teacher is recovering from her injuries and is expected to be OK.

I wonder if she returns to the same school after recovery.

Some of these teachers quit on their first day.