“Plasticosis”: A Plastic Disease for Birds!

Unlike global warming, which is a hoax, plastics are a very real environmental crisis which are affecting real people in real ways.

Instead of doing anything reasonable about this, the global government is promoting plastic straws, which are gay and retarded. Firstly, using a straw at all makes men gay, because if you do sucking with your mouth like that it makes you gay. That’s a fact.

Secondly, plastic straws are a tiny fraction of the plastic being used. If they wanted to make a small start somewhere, they could do it with plastic water bottles, and encourage people to refill glass bottles (or even harder refillable plastic bottles). This would not only help with the plastic in the environment, but immediately help people.

If the money put into global warming, which is literally not even real, was put into stopping plastics, we’d have already stopped plastics.

Instead, people are getting cancer, men are turning into faggots and women are turning into very large, bulbous whores (through the way plastic disrupts the hormones), and now birds are getting a specific plastic disease.

The Guardian:

A new disease caused solely by plastics has been discovered in seabirds.

The birds identified as having the disease, named plasticosis, have scarred digestive tracts from ingesting waste, scientists at the Natural History Museum in London say.

It is the first recorded instance of specifically plastic-induced fibrosis in wild animals, researchers say.

Plastic pollution is becoming so prevalent that the scarring was widespread across different ages of birds, according to the study, published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials.

Young birds were found to have the disease, and it is thought chicks were being fed the plastic pollution by parents accidentally bringing it back in food.

Scientists, including the Natural History Museum’s Dr Alex Bond and Dr Jennifer Lavers, studied flesh-footed shearwaters from Australia’s Lord Howe Island to look at the relationship between levels of ingested plastic and the proventriculus organ – the first part of a bird’s stomach.

They found that the more plastic a bird had ingested, the more scarring it had. The disease can lead to the gradual breakdown of tubular glands in the proventriculus. Losing these glands can cause the birds to become more vulnerable to infection and parasites and affect their ability to digest food and absorb some vitamins.

Researchers called the fibrotic disease plasticosis to make it clear that it was caused by plastic in the environment.

When birds ingest small pieces of plastic, they found, it inflames the digestive tract. Over time, the persistent inflammation causes tissues to become scarred and disfigured, affecting digestion, growth and survival.

Natural materials found in the stomachs of birds, such as pumice stones, did not cause the same problems, leading scientists to label this a specifically plastic-caused disease.

The fact that there is zero being done about plastics proves that environmentalism is a hoax.

Actually, the East Palestine situation proved that even more, probably in the minds of the standard retards even. Greta refused to talk about East Palestine and instead was doing protests about how ugly windmills should be on the lands of white people instead of Indian lands. The entire hysterical global warming obsessed media barely mentions East Palestine.

But plastics are a bigger and ongoing issue that affects the whole world.