Public Support for the Ukraine Declines in the West, Poll Shows

The goyim have entered a whole new realm of perfidiousness.

How dare they think their own country matters more than the only democracy in Russia?

This is about our future. This is about transsexualism for kids.

We have to fight. If the Ukraine loses this war, tranny children will not be safe anywhere.


A year into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, public support for military and financial assistance to Kiev is in decline in the West, a joint survey by the Economist magazine and the YouGov pollster has shown.

Even the most ardent backers of Ukraine are now less enthusiastic about supporting the country, the Economist said in a report revealing the poll results on Monday.

Among US Democrats, support for financial aid to Kiev fell from 82% to 75% between April 2022 and February 2023, the poll revealed. Republican support for similar measures almost halved over the same period, from 67% to 39%, it added.

Imagine that Republicans will support a Democrat war that is literally, explicitly marketed as a Democrat war for trannies because they just really love the Jews.

This is all such a mess.

Sending battle tanks to Kiev still appeared to be a popular option, as their delivery to Ukraine was supported by 70% of Democrats and just under 50% of Republicans between late January and mid-February 2023. A poll conducted by the Associated Press in mid-February showed, however, that less than a half of Americans support military aid to Kiev.

Public backing for further restrictions against Moscow that could increase the cost of living in Europe has seen a sharp decline in major European nations over the past year, according to the poll.

Instead of just not supporting the Ukraine, American conservatives should be actively supporting Russia.

Russia is a Christian country, they do not have trannies, they don’t even have normal gays and so-called “anal marriage.”

American “conservatives” have no clear belief system. They have no idea what it is they stand for, other than sharing pictures of Hunter Biden’s dick.

This is what happens when you lose sight of Jesus.

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