Russia Sends Humanoid Robot to Space, US Does Not

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2019

This is one of the few genuine technological achievements that has impressed me in a long time.

I remember the last time I was impressed. It was in the early 00s, when I got my first razor flip phone. The stars seemed within reach that day.

Nothing of any value was invented from that point onwards though.

Until the Russians came up with Fedor the space robot, that is.

Daily Star:

Russia’s first humanoid robot has assisted an astronaut onboard the International Space Station after being blasted into orbit on an unmanned spacecraft.

The robot – named Fedor – was sent into space on August 22 to learn new skills so that it and others like it can carry out dangerous operations instead of astronauts, such as spacewalks.

The humanoid robot’s duties are being supervised by astronaut Alexei Ovchinin while its functions are controlled by Alexander Skvortsov, who also work at the space station.

The problem with America isn’t a lack of smart people or a lack of money to spend on tech. We’ve got tons of nerds to go around, and we even borrow nerds from all the other countries of the world who are yearning to be free, live in an overpriced cardboard shack, step over feces and needles on their way to work in the morning and get lectured to about the correct use of tranny pronouns on retreat.

But our society has decided to put these minds to work making apps for fur-mommies to be able to accurately monitor their chihuahua’s Animal Planet viewing schedule instead of getting them to plan space expeditions.

Right about when Barack Obama was elected, the United States just stopped being a serious country.

In the interim, the Russians taught Fedor to shoot guns Terminator-style.

Russia used to not be a serious country.

But man, they’re really getting their act together now that they understand that war with America and Europe is inevitable.