Safe and Effective

I don’t feel bad for you.

You people tried to drag us down with you, so you deserve what is happening to you. You deserve the suffering and you deserve the death that is now nipping at your heels.

You wanted this. No one didn’t know that the vax was an experimental gene therapy. No one didn’t know that “conspiracy theorists” were saying it was going to have disastrous effects.

Everyone knew and they laughed at us, claiming that the government would never do anything bad to anyone. Now, the weird diseases are coming hard and fast, and the deaths are coming in serious numbers, and I don’t feel bad for you.

You can cry and beg for pity, but everyone knows what you did. You wanted this. You tried to bring us down with you.

You are getting what you deserve.

From what we’re seeing now, the dead are the lucky ones.

I hate to say I told you so.

Just kidding.

I don’t hate that.

You people tried to bring me down with you. Now you’re getting what you deserve.

The Atlantic is calling for “amnesty,” and this is what they’re leading up to.

They know that people are going to know that so many people are dying, so many have permanent disabilities, that they can’t pretend this isn’t happening, and the people who did it want amnesty.