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The first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer dropped on Monday. This is the latest installment in the most popular video game franchise in history, a series of narrative-driven and cinematic action adventure games where the player takes the role of a criminal and carries out various crimes, including the titular crime.

Making a new entry in this cultural phenomenon of a game series in the current year presents a very serious challenge. The last game in the series came out in 2013, which might as well have been the Middle Ages in terms of how much the culture has shifted.

It’s something that is necessarily out of place in our current “woke” society, as the game allows you to go on mass shooting sprees, to have sex with hookers and then kill them and take your money back, to run over Orthodox Jews in your race car. This is to say: the basic gameplay itself is something that violates the rules of the Western ninnying morality police, who hate the idea of fun, hate the idea of boys and men being able to let off steam by engaging in violent fantasies.

I’ll bet you 0.25 BTC Steve Rose is Jewish.

Take note: the one kind of violent fantasy you’ll always be able to engage in is military violence, because Jews always need boys willing to sign up to go murder people for them in foreign countries. However, mindless, ridiculous, funny violence fantasies have been so demonized by the feminized society that in Europe, the game risks being banned outright over “toxic masculinity.”

So of course, the solution is a female lead character.

Although the developer kept a pretty tight ship, there were GTA6 leaks several months ago, and they were real. You play as a Mexican woman. And it’s a love story, so you’re going to be playing as a woman having sex with a man.

Developed and published by gaming giant Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling game of all time, and possibly the single most profitable entertainment product of all time. It’s likely made almost $10 billion.

If the cultural climate did not have this hostility towards allowing boys and men to engage with their natural, base urges, it would have been really easy to top the GTA5 earnings with the sequel, just by following the model. No one wants a reinvented wheel, they just want basically an updated version of the same thing.

But in the current climate, every major entertainment company has to be run like how Victoria Nuland runs the Ukraine war: just flush cash down the toilet. Again, it has to be stressed, in the current climate, that if Rockstar made a straight sequel to GTA5, it would not be remotely surprising if formerly white nanny states outside of the US just simply banned the game. It also wouldn’t come as a shock if in the US, various “private companies” tried to block distribution of the game.

In 2018, Rockstar made Red Dead Redemption 2, which, aside from a couple of gay missions about black people, was basically just a normal entertainment product with themes that could have been used in the 1980s. Red Dead, however, is not the cultural phenomenon that GTA is, and being set in the Old West, it is less likely to trigger complaints about modern issues. Along with extreme, ridiculous violence, GTA’s aesthetic was defined by edgy racist, sexist, anti-homosexual humor.

There was never any way they could make a good game under the current circumstances. The female lead was the smartest thing they could have done, because the whole woman thing is really what all of this comes down to. We can talk about Jews all day, but women are the ones who enforce these rules, and making the lead a woman means the game can be advertised as empowering women.

Do You Want to be a Woman?

I assume the game will still be competent (unlike most major Western releases these days), and it will probably be profitable. But the profits will be nothing like the previous installment. A lot of people are going to protest. I mean, I’m not buying this shit. There’s no way in hell. And I’m actually not as hardcore about protesting entertainment with a little bit of “woke” in it as you might think. I love this show Invincible, even though the main character has an inexplicably negroid girlfriend. That’s something I think is dumb and frustrating, but it’s not really a core element of the product, and I’m either conservative enough or buck-broken enough that it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

When the main character of your game is a woman and Mexican, and you’re being asked to “self-insert” as a woman (who is also Mexican), the core product is nonviable.

Hades is one of my all-time favorite games (at least of the last few years). I said I wouldn’t play Hades 2, because they replaced the male lead with a woman. However, the situation is not nearly as extreme, as the core gameplay is just looking down at a figure.

It’s not a story driven game.

GTA is story driven and cinematic. So you’re supposed to insert yourself into a story about a woman.

Action films where the traditional male lead is replaced with a woman have failed, repeatedly, even though at least half of a movie’s audience is potentially women (the female player base of GTA would be a fraction of a fraction of a percent). Presumably, women don’t like the films either, as despite constant media badgering about how they should, they general don’t have fantasies about being action heroes. Women still like romantic films, dramatic human stories, and horror.

The Marvels, a comic book film about nonwhite women action heroes, just bombed. It’s the first MCU movie to lose money, and it will lose over $200 million (if you consider the advertising budget, it could even be significantly higher). Before that, 2016’s Ghostbusters, the first big time they did this “we replaced your men with women” thing on a big scale, lost over $100 million.

To be fair, with films, there are some exceptions. I will give all of the ridiculous Milla Jovovich action films a pass, not because she’s hot, mind you (although she is hot, before a few years ago, all women in films were hot), but because the films are just ridiculous and fun. You’re not seriously supposed to believe that the 40kg supermodel is a super-killer. There’s a self-conscious awareness that “bad-ass chick” is goofy, and she’s Russian and doesn’t have the feminist attitude that would make her want to play this stuff straight. Further, the films are all pure spectacle, rather than wish-fulfillment (which is what most action movies are).

It’s probably impossible to have exceptions for a narrative-driven video game. So it is actually possible that the game could lose money. They are likely spending over half a billion dollars on it.

(Nb4: “The exception is Tomb Raider.” Maybe there is an argument there, I’m not sure. It’s not the same genre. Even the more recent games are basically platformers, not cinematic story games in the way GTA5 was. They don’t ask the player to imagine being the character in the same way. The recent Tomb Raider games have not sold well. Further: I think the popularity of Tomb Raider in the 1990s among millennials is a reason for the rise in trannies. At the time, it was a good platformer with a silly character, and it wasn’t political, but I think some people who played it got into the idea of “ohhh, I wish I could be a sexy lady.”)

Are These Graphics Any Kind of Leap? Or is This on Par with Whatever the Latest Ubisoft Game Is?

Although it’s not even really the point, I have to ask: did you guys think the graphics in this trailer were pretty unremarkable? I thought I was maybe just hating, but I watched it again, and I think several of the models look bad and move like models from the previous console generation. It’s obviously motion capture, in theory, but there are several clips where the people don’t look or move like people.

I watched the beach scene several times, and it simply doesn’t look good:

The way this model moves is definitely not the result of mo-cap:

The quality is variable, because this (ironically) did look great:

I’m sure the lighting and textures are all very impressive, but based on this trailer, this doesn’t look better than whatever the most recent Ubisoft game is. You would hopefully expect Rockstar to be pushing the limits on the graphics here – they always have before. But this game looks like it could potentially look worse than RDR2.

But hey – maybe they were rushed to put out the trailer and included some stuff that wasn’t finished.

It sure would be hilarious though if along with being a disastrous attack on the core player base with the story and characters, it ended up having a bunch of graphical and technical problems.

It’s been close to 15 years ago that the devs were making GTA5, so it seems unlikely that even 15% of the team would be the same people, just because of the way video game devs tend to move around (and the way that so much of the industry effectively amounts to contract work). But it is within the realm of possibility that it could be a technical disaster along with being a brutal abandonment of the customer.

Here’s a thought experiment: would there be forces who would want it to be a technical disaster in order to downplay the fact that people are really going to hate the story?

I kinda doubt it, but it’s an interesting thought.

The real issue is that competent people who are creatives don’t want to work on woke garbage. Again, it probably won’t be a technical disaster. That seems unlikely, given that we saw both the initial RDR2 console launch and then the PC launch pulled off brilliantly. RDR2 was released on PC in 2019, and it is still the go-to game to test a video card. Advances in graphics are slower these days, but it’s still wild that the best looking game out there is 4 years old. (Note: Sony’s 2022 Spider-Man PC release might look better, but it would be a close call.)

The Hot Take

The hot take on the GTA6 trailer is that it’s setting up a fun satire of current year America. Aside from the story aspects, the trailer shows the game’s world, a city based on Miami. It is a bunch of fat black people and goofy Mexican gangsters, and the whites are all grimy trailer trash. It’s all hyper-sexualized, and there is clearly an element of the series’ classic satire in the visuals of the city.

If you were really hoping for the best, you’d be hoping that the entire thing is pure satire, and it is all just a scathing mockery of this collapsing empire and its decadent and depraved inhabitants.

It’s produced by Rockstar North, which is in Edinburgh, and the majority of the Rockstar devs have always been British. So I’m sure that while having vowed publicly not to follow the games’ tradition of “mocking marginalized groups,” they are poking a bit of fun, as they have in the past.

However, hoping that this is going to be the focus of the game is ill-advised. While the trailer does do a lot of pans of absurdist American depravity, it is focused on the “Bonnie and Clyde” story of the Mexican woman and her lover, and this is played completely straight. It could be a self-aggrandizing JLo production about the empowerment of the Mexican slut.

You should harden yourselves now: don’t buy the game. If you keep buying this stuff, they are going to keep making it. Just stop doing it. If you can’t miss it, wait for the PC version and… you know the thing. (Only do the thing if it’s legal in your country, of course. Always abide by local copyright laws.)


Reports are that the trailer is getting a lot of downvotes. I still don’t actually even know how people know that, given that YouTube made them invisible. (I don’t feel like looking that up right now – I think I looked it up before and couldn’t understand. There was some kind of browser addon, I think, but it didn’t seem to give accurate numbers.) Anyway, this trailer is why YouTube disabled dislikes, which is just so sickening to even think about.

It’s definitely getting a lot of views. It might break the 24-hour record.

(In case anyone is interested, some BTS song had 101 million in 24 hours, and at 17 hours, the GTA6 trailer has 74 million. It’s noon EST at time of writing, so it’s got a good chance of breaking BTS’ record by getting 26 million views in the next 5 hours. Frankly, a song isn’t a fair comparison, because a lot of people listen to new songs they like on repeat.)

It’s so sickening that they removed downvotes. There is no real way to gauge public reaction. There is so much censorship, and the press are such shills (everyone in the press is celebrating the trailer, which should tell you a lot – they don’t celebrate GTA5’s continuing popularity, and just a few months ago, Macron blamed the game for Arab riots). There is ostensibly a lot of hope for the game on 4chan. I find 4chan depressing and annoying at this point, but a brief perusal included both my take – that it’s going to be a serious empowered woman story – and the hot take I mentioned of it being focused on satire.

The fact that our society is so locked down that you’re not even allowed to try to understand public opinion is incredible. Just imagine removing the dislike count: the only possible reason for that is to prevent people from understanding popular opinion. (They said “oh it’s because a lot of people who don’t like woke material are downvoting woke material” – that’s literally just describing what popular opinion is and then saying the public doesn’t have a right to understand it, because it goes against the consensus of the authorities.)

The reason for this is that popular opinion is usually driven by… popular opinion. So if you can make it impossible to know what popular opinion actually is, by removing organic systems like the YouTube up/down system, and engaging in widespread censorship more generally, you can put out a fake popular opinion, and people will be inclined to agree with it because when a human doesn’t immediately have a strong opinion on something based on his personal beliefs or a gut reaction, his default is to agree with what everyone else thinks (by the way, I’m not someone who says there is something wrong with this – it’s the way our biology works – but it is easily exploited).

I get the feeling that a lot of the positive “this is hilarious satire” comments on 4chan and elsewhere are just Rockstar bots. They’re a clever company, and honestly, using bots in this way is now a standard practice for every industry, so there is no consequence for getting caught. The media would celebrate them for “utilizing technology to push back against sexism.”

Grand Theft Auto 6 is due for release in 2025. I’m not going to buy it.

Memetic Monday: It’s Christmas Time Already, Bros! Be Joyful! Mon, 04 Dec 2023 19:40:43 +0000 UPDATE II:

If you ever feel sad or depressed in your life, just remember that by the time Sam Hyde is the appropriate age to play Santa Claus (like, 65 or so), we will have already solved the Jew problem and America will have freedom and Christians will control the media and Sam Hyde will be “America’s Real Santa” in all kinds of media, including movies and various Christmas specials on TV for kids and adults of all ages. We’re going to get there. It’s already begun. We are going to solve the problem, we are going to remove the Jew control, and Sam will be the official Santa of America, making media that will be enjoyed by all the happy families each Christmas for all of future history. Just stay calm. We’ve got this.

It’s Christmas time!!!!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Be happy! Politics can’t affect your personal mental state unless you let them!

I mean, if your neighborhood is being overrun by niggers and the school is making your kids gay… then yeah, probably actually that is going to affect your mental state. But I told all you dear friends to leave the cities years ago. And hopefully you did or you’re planning to.

But right now, you should just be happy it’s Christmas time! A child is born in Bethlehem!

I’m going to cut this a bit short, because it’s late.

But oh – I’m still doing a donation drive. Send me an email at this address:

Put “address” in the title and I will respond with a unique Bitcoin address. (This doesn’t ensure total privacy, but it helps a lot. Also, you can reuse the address or request a new one.)

I was sort of depressed that the donation drive wasn’t going very well, but then I realized… it’s Christmas, bros!

Also, I saw this image:

I won’t be able to feel depressed for days after seeing that, and I won’t be able to be depressed for a month regardless because…. it’s Christmas, bros!!!

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

Also, this should be an honorable mention for its intelligence:

Also, because of what has happened in Gaza, I’ve decided to only be nice to Moslems generally, and only criticize them in the context of immigration. I think immigration gives us a negative view of the Moslems because it’s literally the worst Moslems that emigrate (mostly – they’re not all bad). I think attacking Moslems based on their religion is actually just Jewish and doesn’t help anything.

However… we should all be able to laugh at ourselves I think, so I think something like this is still appropriate:

Nb4 – yeah, Jews did 9/11, but that shit is still funny af.


The collection:


So it’s way after peak hours, but it’s still Monday. And the article will be here tomorrow as well. I didn’t want to do another Tuesday Monday.

Doing the memes is actually very time-consuming. People probably don’t assume that. It’s easy enough, but it takes longer than writing and I like writing better.

Original article follows.



Illness Revelations Update: Illness Revelations on Hold for Temporary Period of Time (SPECIAL PREVIEW INCLUDED) Mon, 04 Dec 2023 14:34:59 +0000

As I said on Sunday, I am not doing particularly well. I am physically and mentally drained, and have begun to believe I actually have a brain tumor.

People keep saying: “Is this a joke, or does he actually have a brain tumor?”

The clear answer, as far as I am able to gather, is: “Both?”

The illness that occurred beginning on October 7 (the day of the Hamas attack) was as severe as it has been described. The symptoms were similar to malaria, but I don’t actually live in Nigeria and I do not live in a tropical area. It’s not possible it was malaria. The symptoms, actually, are that of a brain tumor.

I have never had headaches in my life, and now I always have a headache. Alcohol helps, but also probably makes it worse.

I am also having a midlife crisis, which is ongoing, and probably have some kind of heart problem. My gym routine is still terrible, and I am underweight. I have limited appetite. I have dizziness and terrible dreams. I sleep very little.

I’m living in someone else’s house. It’s a mansion, and I have my own space, including a mini fridge with an ice-maker. However, I am getting cold and the homeowners are not, so I am using a space heater that is drying out the air in the room. I have very hard boogers. Picking my nose is like pulling razor blades out of a piece of cork.

Now I’m just whining. But I’m trying to explain the status. Part of the Revelation was to include extremely personal information.

I am now reading Philip Farmer novels. I can’t even bring myself to play Planet Zoo. I did watch Invincible, and it’s actually awesome. He has a black girlfriend, which is ridiculous, but there is nothing else political about it. You could read into it that it’s about toxic masculinity or something, but that is not a clear message and it’s a good story regardless.

The notes exist for the Illness Revelations, which are the real revelations, which include, most importantly, information about self-analysis, as well as my understandings of Christianity up to this point. Very important information. I have the notes. And I’m not like, Mr. Polished Prose, so it’s just a matter of pounding it out. My keyboard doesn’t work correctly. I bought a new laptop, but it is such a nightmare to switch to a new computer. It takes hours that I do not want to spend. I would rather read Philip Farmer novels that are really just complete trash and think about what kind of zoo I would build if I had the motivation to play Planet Zoo.

But the work will be done. This work is important. Then, the next phase will begin, which I have a vague image of now, sometime around late spring of 2024, when I will be doing semi-autobiographical fiction and also releasing an accompanying emo-folk album, most of which is already written, but I need to practice the guitar and also figure out how to add keyboard accompaniments digitally.

Mostly, I want to focus on religious materials, or religious-oriented materials, as these are the only materials that actually matter. Politics are sort of gay and retarded. We are all in this world alone, and “politics” means “affairs of the city.” The affairs of the city do not impact our souls unless we allow them to. The goal of every man must be to save his own soul. When you have a midlife crisis, as all millennials currently are experiencing or will shortly, you are overwhelmed by the shortness of life. It really is just like a blip. So we must focus on the meaning, and we must complete the quest to the best of our ability.

The quest is not a secret, but something that must be discovered: you did not choose to be born, you were created by God. When God created you, he had a perfect series of decisions that you could make laid out, which would lead to your personal fulfillment and would make the world a better place. But of course, we are imperfect, so we are not going to make all of those decisions correctly. The goal however is to make the highest number of correct decisions possible, to line yourself up with this plan that was laid out for you before you were born. It’s a bit like tuning a guitar. You are trying to bring your life to the correct vibrational frequency, to line it up with the intentions of God, which fulfills your purpose in this life and thereby prepares you for the world that comes after.

There are things that any individual can do to try to line himself up more with the plan, to tune into the frequency. The first thing is to realize that it’s all in your head. You live in your head.

The issue we are dealing with primarily is that Christianity sounds silly, due to the paradigm we were brought up in. It’s like how it’s an outrage that I promote child marriage, and you say: “How can something be an outrage when it was the norm for millions of years, up until just a few decades ago?” But even while it would not sound outrageous to our great-grandparents, we were born in a world where it is assumed to be an outrage, for reasons no one can really explain. It’s just in our heads. The physical reality is that mammals breed at the time of fertility, and restricting this is unnatural. If we’re going to push back against nature, we should have a solid reason, not some wishy-washy emotional gibberish.

I’ve made the claim that there are no non-feminist women in the West in the same way that there are no feminist women in Afghanistan. Feminism is an idea, in opposition to nature, and so in order for it to exist, it has to be planted in people’s heads. However, women cannot resist the allure of being allowed to use their sexuality to manipulate men, and to put off childbirth for reasons of amusing themselves. Therefore, any society which empowers women in this way is going to end up with full feminism, and women who say “I’m not a feminist” are actually engaging in feminism by asserting their ability, as liberated beings, to decide their own beliefs. It’s also considered fashionable for women to identify as “traditional.” None of them actually are, just like no woman in Afghanistan is liberated.

We’re working this towards the problem of Christianity sounding silly, and this being a result of a Satan overload.

Imagine you had a time machine, like Bill & Ted, and you decided that it would be an excellent adventure to take a gender studies professor, a fat millennial bitch with blue hair and face piercings, back in time to the medieval period and have her explain her various ideological beliefs to farm peasants. So, she would go into the local inn, and gather the farm peasants around the tables, and present to them transgender children, transgender surgeries, homosexual marriage, Black Lives Matter, the Biden open borders immigration policy (monthly $2,200 checks for whoever shows up), and all of the other aspects of the modern social normalcy in current year America.

The peasants would be totally baffled. They would think the whole thing was ridiculous and nonsensical. They would not believe that it was possible for anyone to believe in this ideology, let alone for these beliefs to become the norm in society.

Basically, when someone tries to explain Christianity to people now, it’s the same thing. You, my dear reader and very personal friend, don’t believe in trannies or mass immigration, and yet you live in a world where people do believe in these things and these things are the norm and therefore you are affected by that. It seeps into your headspace that this is the baseline, and that you, in disagreeing with it, are disagreeing with what is accepted as normal.

All of this is in your head. It’s in all of our heads.

We have a botched conception of reality itself. Part of it is, unfortunately, a result of urbanization. We feel that reality is this cold and dead thing, which is very hard. If you live in nature, of course it’s less convenient (we don’t want to romanticize it too much), but you can feel that the world is alive. You are not a living thing moving around in a dead space of concrete, plastic, and glass, but a living being in a living world. It is much easier to believe in something magical, such as the story of Christianity, if you are in a forest or a wheat field.

The story of Christ and the trinity and salvation is magical, but reality itself is magical, and these things fit together if you have a clear view of the magical nature of reality. The consumerist and utilitarian ideology has sucked all of the magic out of the physical world, and it has altered our headspace, which is now no longer fertile ground for metaphysical truths.

So, we have to go back to the basics, and explain the absurdity of the fundamentals of the current reality: the Big Bang, biogenesis, fish transforming into monkeys, and so on. We have to start by “debunking” the metaphysics of materialism. We start by explaining that it is actually impossible for your existence to be an accident, for you as an individual to be anything other than purposefully designed by an intelligent force. This is surprisingly easy to explain and to prove. Life can’t create itself from dead matter. It’s stupid. And look at dogs. A chihuahua is descended from a wolf.

The creature changed that much through selective breeding, and yet no fundamental aspect of it changed. There were no “mutations” to cause a change from one species to another. We have no record, ever, of this happening. It’s just pure nonsense, this idea of animals changing into other animals, yet it is accepted as fact in the same way that Christianity was accepted as fact in the Middle Ages.

People will smugly chuckle if you say you don’t believe in evolution.

One of the first acts of Pope Francis when he began his reign of terror was to come out and say that the Big Bang and Darwinian “Animals Changing Into Other Animals” theories were actually true.

In some ways, this is worse than his promotion of gay anal fisting (including even double-fisting): he’s denying the magical nature of reality and the universe, and embracing a metaphysics of nihilism that was invented for the explicit purpose of removing magic from the universe.

Saint John says: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” If we have to break this down into modern materialist language, what this would mean is that the thoughts of God took physical form. Presumably, the current “laws of physics” were a result of the Fall of Man, and when we talk about Eden, we are talking about a human existence that was not subject to the current restrictions of matter. I don’t know that, but this is what I imagine to be the case, and there is no official church doctrine saying it either way. (Francis has basically attempted to make modern voodoo gibberish about the Big Bang and fish giving birth to monkeys into official church doctrine, but it isn’t technically. There is no official position. So I think that the material world sprang from the mind of God, where all of infinity exists.)

Jews have violated our headspace, filled it up with invasive and perverted fantasies designed to sterilize and demystify the magic of reality. We are at the point that the truth sounds absurd.


We’re going to get to all of these things, and much more, and much better things.

There will also be jokes. I’m going to have to start making some really sick jokes to cheer myself up.

Late for Work? Technical Problems, Brain Tumor, Depression, And Also Why Do I Even Work on Sundays? Sun, 03 Dec 2023 19:39:54 +0000

I’m not having the best week, frankly. There have been some hard things, on and off line. I won’t go into it.

I will say the donation drive was very depressing. But I’ve already said that. I’m just gonna have to… I don’t know. Whatever.

I’ll just drink and forget about it. That solves all problems: alcohol.

As you know, I also have a brain tumor. That’s fine. I didn’t want to live to be old anyway. But if I’ve only got a few years left, always with this headache, I would really like to get some things done, and… I’m not really getting those things done.

I’m also sitting here wondering like: why do I even work on Sundays? I might stop doing that. Or maybe just write one thing to be posted Sunday.

It says in the Bible you’re not supposed to work on Sundays, but I asked the priest and he said it’s not really a big deal. It’s the only one of the ten commandments that isn’t repeated in the New Testament. But it’s also probably healthy to take a day off work.

I’ve worked every single day for ten years, so… I don’t really think that was responsible.

Hopefully, there’s a legacy here that lasts after my death, which is hopefully coming soon. But I need to put some things together, organize some writings, have my ideas all collected together in a formal way.

I might start doing a podcast.

The problem is that co-hosts get harassed by the FBI. I made some really mean jokes on the internet, so now no one is allowed to be friends with me.

Could I do a podcast alone? Probably not. Maybe an anonymous co-host would work. But I don’t really want to cause people problems, you know?

But I like podcasting and people seem to enjoy it. I like writing better, but I also like rambling with my voice, even though I’m maybe not great at it.

My health is largely stable, I’m just sleeping at irregular hours, and I have this constant headache. I’m taking some pills for the headache, which probably shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, but whatever.

I’m comfortable with looming death. I joke about it happening next week, but it’s more likely going to be a few years. I don’t think it should affect my writing negatively. There were a lot of great writers with brain tumors.

I have a lot of good things to write. This was just a bad week. All around, a very bad week. Nb4 “Sunday is the first day of the week” – it’s actually really not, regardless of how they print the calendars. So, tomorrow is a new week, and I will try harder, personally and professionally.

We have to complete the mission.

French Cocksuckers to Ban Smoking on All Beaches and Public Parks, Turn Everyone Gay Wed, 29 Nov 2023 12:12:30 +0000

France, like China, is a smoking country.

However, unlike China, France is a vagina country.

If I was a vagina, I would want people to smoke, as it would make help to cover the stench emanating from between my legs (the worst stench ever). But women are too stupid. Also, women are filthy, and they like to spread that sickening stench.

The big reason vaginas hate cigarettes though is that they increase testosterone. Women want men to be weak and pathetic.

I recommend smoking to increase testosterone. I recommend it for children, in fact. At Halloween, I pass out packs of Marlboros for boys. Softpack for heteros.

(I would give Camels, but not until they bring back Joe.)

To girls, I give color-coded paperclips.

The peak achievement of a woman is to color code files. They will always fail, because they are so unbelievably stupid, but I will give them the chance.

The Guardian:

France is to ban smoking on all beaches, as well as in public parks, forests and near schools, after Emmanuel Macron promised to create “the first tobacco-free generation” by 2032.

“From now on, no-smoking areas will be the norm,” said the health minister, Aurélien Rousseau.

Rousseau then vomited up over 30 pounds of gay semen. Bystanders were shocked when he began eating the semen he had vomited up. However, homosexual experts noted that homosexuals enjoy semen “going down the second time more than the first.”

There are already 7,200 tobacco-free areas in France – including in Nice, on the French Riviera, which was the first to establish a cigarette-free beach in 2012 with the approval of France’s League Against Cancer.

Just for the retards in the audience: these are the same people who vaxed you.

They now care about your health.

The government said that instead of smoke-free areas being decided by individual local authorities, central government would introduce a nationwide ban. “We are now shifting the responsibility and establishing a principle which will become the rule,” Rousseau said.

I legit think that the Jew fears the cigarette.

Surely, there are some nefarious kikes who don’t want the goyim smoking because they know it makes them much smarter and drastically improves critical thinking skills.

Taxes on cigarettes will be increased, with a pack of 20, now priced at about €11 (£9.50), rising to €12 by 2025 and €13 the following year.

France’s public health body said last year there were almost 12 million daily smokers in France. Almost 32% of 18- to 75-year-olds said they smoked, and 25% said they smoked daily.

They completely invented to the stupid hoax that cigarettes cause cancer.

Actually… for the sake of being reasonable here, it is logical that inhaling smoke all day is going to irritate your lungs, which could cause cancer. Plus, modern cigarettes have a bunch of chemicals in them, because the filthy Jew government refuses to regulate foodstuffs. Everything else on the earth is regulated; you can’t buy a five iron with more than 40% iron because it will change the weather*, but food is a free-for-all, and they can just feed you poison.

Still, cigarette dangers are exaggerated, and more importantly, smoking prevents more conditions than it causes. For one thing, it makes you masculine, and not gay.

The war on tobacco is the war on testosterone.

Most importantly – and this is related to the testosterone – it makes you cool.

Try and think of someone cool who doesn’t smoke.

You can’t do it. The mere attempt to do it makes you a faggot.

“You don’t have to smoke to be cool” is the gayest statement ever.

Name one cool person, real or fictional, who doesn’t smoke.

I’ll wait.

I encourage all young people to take up smoking. That might sound counterintuitive. But it’s not.

In the worst case, smoking kills people when they’re like, 75 – which is AFTER the Bible says you’re supposed to die.

Do you see Joe Biden moping around like a vegetable? Is that what you want for your life?

Well. Cigarettes prevent Alzheimer’s. You might live past 75, and if you do, you will be sharp.

Neither my grandma nor her sister smoked, because women smoking is disgusting. However, my auntie (great aunt) was surrounded by smoke her whole life, because all the men in her life (husband, sons) all smoked inside. She lived to be 92, and was sharp as a razor. She drove until she was 91.

Meanwhile, my grandma nagged my grandpa into smoking outside, or in a different room, and she had no sons. She got dementia at like, 78.

This is real life. We have studies.

Let’s recap.


  • Cigarettes make you smarter
  • Cigarettes increase testosterone (prevent you from becoming gay and help with strength and clarity of thought)
  • Cigarettes prevent disease
  • Cigarettes make you cool and sexy
  • Cigarette smoke makes a cool aroma that makes you feel fresh


  • Maybe you get cancer when you’re already past the age it says in the Bible you’re supposed to die (3 score and 10)
  • Women will nag you (just tell them to shut up)

It’s a no-brainer.

I encourage everyone to start smoking.

The fact that the same kikes who are trying to exterminate you with vaxes, pesticides, PFASs, and processed foods are telling you to stop smoking because they’re really concerned about your health is proof enough that you should be smoking.

NOTE: Be careful with that vape shit. No one knows what that crap is. Hopefully, in the future, there will be healthier vape options, but right now, no one knows what that shit is.

If you don’t smoke, the time is now to start.

You won’t regret it.

Memetic Monday: Late and Crappy Tue, 28 Nov 2023 20:49:47 +0000

Well, it’s a rare Tuesday Monday.

It doesn’t matter much, because the memes are not good.

By the way: I had technical problems.

I would have fewer technical problems if people would send me money. But basically, no one wants to send me money.

If you want to send me money, send an email to this address:

And I will reply with a unique Bitcoin address.

Thanks, and here are your late, subpar memes.

Editor’s Pick of the Week:


Lame collection:

Disney’s Latest Niggerfest May be One of the Worst Flops in Cinema History Sun, 26 Nov 2023 15:06:15 +0000
I think there is room for a consensus here.

Should I stop putting “nigger” in the titles? I don’t think it matters at this point. The Daily Stormer is devolving into self-satire as its author prepares for merciful death.

I wrote a thing a couple weeks ago about Disney’s own dive into self-satire, being pushed as a company that only produces George Floyd-oriented entertainment products. The concept of “George Floyd-oriented entertainment” is itself a self-satirization of modern Jewish-liberal values: even if George Floyd is the single most important man who ever lived, why would he need to become the center of all entertainment products? Jesus was the “old school George Floyd,” a literary figure whose death made him the most important character in civilization’s story for 2,000-odd years before Floyd came along, and yet, during that 2,000 year reign of Jesus, no one said “the main character in every fictional story much be a reference to Jesus.”

Unlike Christianity, Jewish-liberalism is a religion that is obsessed with harassing and berating its own followers. Christianity has this “free will” thing, whereby a key to the faith is that you come to it yourself. Jewish-liberalism celebrates the fact that it forces itself on people via state and corporate power. Part of the self-satirization here is that you would expect your followers to pay to be berated, that you would turn beratement into entertainment.

This is the top of right now

We should probably back up a few steps here. I should outline what I mean by “George Floydism.”

Basically, after George Floyd died of a drug overdose while being arrested for yet another felony, the Jews made him into a kind of Jesus figure in their secular religion for the goyim: Floyd was a black man who died for the sins of white supremacy, and whites could only find redemption in Floyd. The path to redemption was kneeling before the negro.

The religion of George Floydism is an inversion of Christianity. The trappings are all there: a dying savior, original sin, a need for a public display of personal repentance for collective imperfection.

In this infamous clip, a white couple (male and female) kiss the boots of a gang of street niggers in order to show their repentance of the original sin of whiteness:

The death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots were a moment in time for the Jews, which they fully capitalized on. The media hype surrounding the death was not actually “pro-black.” No black issues were addressed at all, and instead blacks were told to cheer for “defunding the police,” something which has since led to mass death in their communities. They remain poor, by the way. Whichever other circumstances still exist. There is just a lot more crime in their neighborhoods, because police are afraid to enforce the law for fear they will be charged with a racist murder.

Because the Floydist revolution was singularly anti-white male, it ended up having all these other anti-white male elements that don’t necessarily have anything to do with African-Americans and their struggle with poverty. Floydism is aggressively pro-homosexual and pro-transvestite, as well as pro-feminist.

It’s not exactly clear how this happened, but somehow you ended up with: “We need to allow trannies in the girl’s bathroom because George Floyd is dead.” The fact that this sort of reasoning is acceptable should prove beyond any doubt that Floydism is anti-white and not pro-black, because trannies have nothing to do with black people. However, on some level everyone understood that “black lives matter” was about hurting white men, so I don’t know that proving that this is the case actually does anything.

People call it “woke.” It’s a combination of various anti-white and anti-male agendas. George Floyd brought a religious tone to what are otherwise clearly political and very Jewish agendas.

One of the tenets of the religion is that white people – specifically white men – should embrace being displaced, and refusal to do that is the ultimate sin. This created a bizarre conundrum for entertainment media: the creators of the media are held to the standards of Floydism, and must therefore feature primarily black, female, and gay characters in their media. However, their customers, while obligated by this new moral order to submit to humiliation by paying for entertainment products that celebrate their displacement, cannot be tracked and held to account. Directors, producers, and talent can go out and scold people as heretics for not paying for their Floydist products, but they do not have the ability to force people to pay to see their materials.

Disney’s Floydist “The Marvels” flopped earlier this month, leading to the media and the film’s black slut director blaming “sexism, racism, and homophobia.”

They do this every time.

A few months ago, they did it after Black Little Mermaid AKA Sambo Fish failed.

Although blaming these demonic forces (niggers, sluts) that wish to destroy all that is good and wholesome may be cathartic for the individuals passing out this blame, you are still, ultimately, left with a for-profit company (Disney) that is failing to make a profit as a result of their decision to push this neo-religious agenda on the public.

It’s truly a pickle for Disney.

Two weeks after the total failure of The Marvels, Disney released “Wish,” a Floydist film for kids.

I did not watch “Wish.” I do not know if the “George Floyd” aspect goes beyond the aesthetic phenomenon of “heroic female negress fights evil white male patriarch.” Disney’s last film, Elemental, was literally about race-mixing. Wish doesn’t look like it has particularly heavy Floydist themes, but this is not particularly important, as the aesthetics are themselves the main theme: everyone sees the advertisements for the movie, and knows immediately what this is. It is a film designed to shame white people for existing.

Note: conservatives keep claiming that “diversity” is not the same thing as “woke,” and in some strict sense, this is maybe true. I remember enjoying the original Blade film as a kid, and I don’t remember anyone saying “I’m not watching this niggerfest.” However, at this point, everyone recognizes the black casting as a personal attack on white people. It’s also just too extreme: there is no logical reason that everyone has to be black now.

The film flopped, of course. At time of writing, the weekend isn’t over, but it looks like it may well be one of the single most expensive flops in film history.

(Remember that the budget listed on Wikipedia is not the film’s actual budget, as usually 100% of the cost of the film is spent on advertisement.)

This is flop after flop now, and the upcoming slate of MCU movies are all scheduled to be George Floyd films.

‘Captain America: Brave New World’

‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’


(It’s a multi-racial thing like the failed “Eternals” film.)


‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty’

(This Kang was fired because he’s facing charges for domestic assault. He will presumably be replaced with anther Kang.)

‘Fantastic Four’

Maybe this will be normal, but I doubt it.


It’s literally “nothing but George Floyd.” The only non-Floydist film in the MCU schedule is Deadpool 3, a film that was already in pre-production at Fox when Disney bought the studio.

Chinese people will not watch these films, and I suspect many or most of them will be banned in China anyway for including homosexual themes.

It’s really impossible that this string of Floyd films will not collapse the most profitable film series in all of history. It is simply incredible, to sacrifice this kind of money on the altar of George Floyd.

This controlled demolition of the MCU comes after Disney canceled almost all of its upcoming Star Wars projects because no one liked their weird agenda.

The trend is going to have to be bucked at some point, or the industry is going to collapse. Disney cannot go on forever hemorrhaging money like this. It’s a publicly traded company. The stock prices are half of what they were when this series of Floydist films was announced, and so many of them were released and failed.

Meanwhile, Disney’s theme parks, which were also very profitable, have become dens of sexual iniquity.

It’s just a huge gay orgy, apparently.

We have to wonder, as many parents are, if they are also touching kids.

This summer was the park’s least profitable year ever (excluding virus lockdown years). The media blamed… global warming.

Speaking of blaming things, the list of things blamed for the failure of Wish is pretty hilarious:

  • Disney stopped using Twitter to advertise because Elon did antisemitism
  • People no longer view Disney as a family friendly company (because of conspiracy theories by right-wingers)

Here is a list of 2023 Disney films:

Several of those, I don’t know. But of the big budget releases, every one was a flop, other than Guardians 3, which is the only one that did not pander to George Floyd ideology. Five of six of the big films were Floydist.

Next Goal Wins was a race propaganda film, and while not big budget, flopped miserably.

The basic excuse for why Disney has embraced “Total Floydism” this is that Jewish investment company BlackRock, a significant stockholder, pushes it as part of their ESG agenda. BlackRock owns nearly 7% of Disney, making them the single biggest shareholder by a lot. However, most of that was purchased this year, after the big drop in the price of the stock. When all of these Floyd films were planned, they owned just over 2% of the company.

Maybe that is enough to explain what is going on here. I don’t now.

It could also be that Disney locked itself into this “woke” thing by going all in, thinking it would go over well, and now they have no way to get out.

It’s frightening to watch for-profit companies stop caring about profit and instead care only about pushing an agenda. This is not the way the system is supposed to work.

I do not think that simply “the Jews” is enough to explain what is going on here. Jews collectively push subversion, but when it comes to individual Jews, most would rather fleece the goyim than turn them gay.

Self-Satire, Self-Sabotage

I don’t know about the specific mechanism driving Disney to destroy their own company, but the concept is clear: liberalism has to liberate, and it will eventually start liberating itself from its money.

Disney is not actually doing self-satire. It looks like that, but it is actually just an earnest “Jewish ideological overload.”

They have pushed themselves into a corner where the only thing they can liberate is their own financial ventures.

That said, there is a possibility that they are going to start taking a step back from this. It will be a “two-steps forward, one-step back” situation, where they will likely continue to push certain parts of the agenda, but less aggressively.

We’ve seen this “one-step back” elsewhere. Marvel Comics was going total forced-race mania in the mid-10s, and has now backed off of this. The comics are not as white as they were when I was a kid, but virtually every character in the company’s major event of the fourth quarter of 2023, Ultimate Invasion, was entirely white.

This cover has 9 characters, 8 of which are white and one of which is a robot. The entire creative team was white.

A top Marvel executive said, in 2017, that the company’s diversity push was destroying the company. David Gabriel, commenting on the drastic decline in sales, said: “People don’t want any more diversity.”

At the time, Marvel looked like this:

You can’t see all the races there, but I am a sick middle-aged man who reads children’s stories* and I can tell you: this is 13 characters, and 4 of them are white. Several of them are also vaginal replacements for characters who used to have penises. “America Chavez” was announced as representing “the new face of America” – a brown woman. Black Spider-Man was also sold as a way to “remove white people.”

If you go to a website, say maybe a Russian website that does not respect copyright, you can review Marvel’s comics and see that they have totally walked back the diversity agenda, bringing back white characters to replace the new diverse cast.

I’m sure there are people at Disney pushing for this – I posit that Iger himself is – but as outlined above, they’ve already planned years’ worth of films.

In my last article about Disney, I noted that their upcoming animated film Elio features a quadroon – a boy with a mulatto mother and a white father – which seems to represent dialing things back. Instead of a black character, which has been at the center of the last four Disney cartoons, you have a 25% black character that looks white.

“Anglin, Why Do You Care So Much About This?”

No doubt people are asking why I put so much energy into analyzing Disney films.

Well. I think it’s important. These films set the tone for the culture, and the culture is a lot more important than the political world when it comes to shaping society. In fact, the culture shapes the political world.

The Jews are going to have a rough time going forward, because they’ve been doing this mass child slaughter thing, and I think it’s likely that the Jews will be held to account for what they’ve done to our culture. It is now okay to talk about a “Jewish agenda,” because the Jews no longer have this shield of the Holocaust. When people start analyzing the role Jews have played in culture, a lot of people are going to be angry.


*To be fair, current year comic books are not really children’s stories. No children read comic books – they would rather jack off to tranny porn and embrace tranny fantasies in Fortnite – so they are written for adults. Further, I don’t really read a lot of comics. But I do check in on them, just like I check in on movies, shows, popular music, and NYT bestseller novels. I check in on everything.


This article could have been a lot tighter. But I think I went over the ideas pretty thoroughly.

Yes, Misery is the Natural State of Man. And That’s Fine. Fri, 24 Nov 2023 16:00:02 +0000
Being alive on earth be like

The Illness Revelations have been bogged down in various boondoggles for weeks now. We need to return to the Path of Glory. We need to return to my original notes. We have no choice.

I must reestablish the themes. Remember, one of the original themes was that life is supposed to be miserable. That was in the first official article of the Illness Revelations, entitled “Article Title: Addendum to Previous Article or “The First Illness Revelation”.”

Having watched an interview of Jew bastard Rodney Dangerfield recorded months before his death talking about how life was miserable and he couldn’t wait to die, I noted that everyone is miserable, but that Jews experience a special kind of misery as they do not have the hope that comes from faith in Jesus Christ.

Apparently, this claim that “life is always miserable” is somehow controversial, and that even in right-wing circles, people harbor utopianist ideologies.

Someone replied:

Though respectfully, I must disagree. Things are only miserable because the wrong people wield power.

I have a bit to say on this matter.

Respectfully or not, you’re free to disagree and believe whatever gibberish you like, but your claim is factually inaccurate.

  • I’ve lived in China significantly and everyone is miserable, despite the fact that they are following a value system that reflects that of Europe in the Middle Ages.
  • In fact, people in history wrote things down, which you can read. Everyone was miserable.
  • This quest for “happiness” is goofy and childish. With the way chemicals in the brain are regulated, regardless of material circumstances, you’re going to reach some kind of emotional and psychological balance.

I’m a Christian, so I have a bias here. But it’s also very obvious that human suffering is a constant and doesn’t really relate very much to the government, or to any other situational circumstance. Obviously, emotions and psychological states are not objective (hopefully that is obvious). But there were plenty of things to be miserable about historically. Before the modern era, about half of kids would die before they were ten. The idea that the current age is uniquely miserable “because of the government” is deranged self-serving gibberish.

You have all personal writings of philosophers throughout history, including all of the Church Fathers and Saints. There’s the whole Bible. You can go back to Ancient Greece. You’re not going to find anyone writing about how jolly they are.

There are things about modernity that are uniquely bad, there are also a lot of things that are uniquely good.

You can talk about the difficulties men face in the social order, the problems with establishing a family and so on, but hey, you know what?

Things are tough all over and no one ever accomplished anything by whining.

But it really doesn’t matter, because it’s all in your head. You have to be able to control your own emotional state, or you’re basically a slave. You also have to accept that the material world we live in is a dark place and that life is a tough journey through darkness.

Utopianism is a disaster and it is for babies. People should seek truth, justice, beauty, love, and other things that bring them closer to God, and they should fight for these things, but they should do so with the understanding that seeking and fighting for these divine virtues is the right thing to do, and that the fight itself may bring a degree of peace, may calm the storm of the soul. Not because they think they’re going to achieve utopia and be “happy.”

The earth realm is a place of struggles. When one struggle ends (say you solve the mass child death issue with antibiotics and sterilization techniques), then another begins (maybe your government is taken over by the Jews). The struggle and the suffering is the purpose of existence. It is the nature of material reality, given that we are separated from the presence of God.

The only thing that will ever make anyone truly “happy” is alcohol. And trust me, the viability of alcohol as a mood enhancer is extremely limited. It does not take long to hit “diminishing returns” on that one. In fact, overconsumption of alcohol leads to significant reduction in quality of mood, which is why drunks are miserable and are usually seeking their own deaths. Logically, if “happiness” was something achievable, you could simply be drunk all the time as a method of achieving happiness.

Basically: your life is not a movie. It is never going to turn into a movie. You are never going to experience a euphoric moment where music starts playing and you recognize some deep meaning within an instant. You will never “fall in love.”

Jesus is very clear: he tells you, “pick up your cross.” He doesn’t say “change the government so you can feel happy.”

Again, this is Christian bias, but the facts all match it (find the ancient books of people under good governments talking about how happy they are). Further: I don’t really have any respect for or interest in engaging in serious discussion with anyone who doesn’t accept the Bible as the foundational framework of human existence.

The goal is not to escape the suffering of existence, but to understand that it has a purpose. Every great man was haunted by an overwhelming sense of existential dread which drove him towards greatness. Greatness could never be driven by “happiness.”

Further: we are not women, and we should not speak of “happiness,” but rather of achievement. “Happiness” is totally subjective, and therefore has no particular importance. Accomplishments, however, are measured objectively.

If the meaning of life was happiness, we just as easily could have never been born at all.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thu, 23 Nov 2023 14:48:21 +0000

There is much to be thankful for on this blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the fresh air, the seas, and the songs of the birds, which bring a joy to my ears each morn.

I am thankful for the internet, and for robots, which always give me a laugh.

Most of all, I am thankful for my dearest readers, whom I love with a deep love, a love that goes far beyond the sort of love that exists between a man and a woman, and enters into a whole other plane of love.

I am thankful for you all and I thank you all for being with me here, together in this meaningful parasocial relationship at the end of the world, as I slowly become more and more deranged as a result of this brain tumor which will someday, hopefully very soon, take me to a peaceful sleep in the ground.

Thank you all. You’ve all been wonderful.

Andrew, Age 38

This Donation Drive Makes Me Wanna Blow My Brains Out Thu, 23 Nov 2023 10:31:10 +0000

Holy shit.

I’ve gotten less than a quarter of what it costs to pay for one month of running the site (while paying myself nothing, by the way – the number includes nothing for my vodka or cigarettes).

What’s more, less than 10% of people who requested addresses sent anything.

Are they just fucking with me?

What’s more: some people hostilely rejected my request to not write a letter and started talking about a PO Box. When I didn’t smash everything in the room, that’s when I realized I’ve truly internalized my stoic-zen philosophy of letting nothing bring rage upon me.

But hey – I sure am glad I’m dying of cancer.

I’m not going to miss anything.


I’m not going to threaten to shut down the site. Long ago, I realized that we are all totally alone in this universe, and you can only ever really do anything because you think it’s the right thing to do. I’m not going to shut down the site, because I do it for me.

However, “Tor only” is on the menu. The amount of work that has been poured into keeping this site available on the clearnet over the last year has been immense and it has been immensely expensive, and if this is what is going to happen during a donation drive then keeping it there isn’t going to be possible indefinitely.

I seriously thought that when I posted the bitcoin option, people would just send a lot of money. We crossed 5 million monthly uniques in October. If I had ads, I would be making $50,000 a month. This is absurd.


Yeah, so this is the address where you can send me an email with the header “ADDRESS” and the text “ADDRESS” and I will send you a unique Bitcoin address:

You can then send Bitcoin to that address with some degree of anonymity.

Or don’t.

Honestly, I don’t give a fuck at this point.

I’m sitting here trying to get ChatGPT to tell me foods I can eat to make cancer spread quicker.

Don’t Badger Your Family Wed, 22 Nov 2023 17:48:31 +0000
You’re lucky you’re not at my Thanksgiving. We’re talking about the Jews, but we’re all drunk, smoking two cigarettes at once, gritting our teeth, men are doing cocaine and pointing guns at each other, everything feels inexplicably thick and damp, a guy calls for hookers and you’re just hoping he won’t choke one to death. It’s terribly morbid. It’s existential. You should be happy your family is a bunch of braindead morons. It’s really better that way.

I was reading some comments on a secret gamer forum I attend, and someone wrote this:

Lavrov seems like a serious person. The adult in the room, so to speak.

I’m no expert on Russian leaders, but he sure looks and acts more serious than any of the bat shit crazy lunatics running the west these days. Blinken has this deer in the headlights look that seems to be permanently affixed to his Jew puss now, it never changes. And he’s the guy who got those 50+ intel experts to sign that paper saying that laptop had all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. The fact that this illegitimate idiot Biden is still in the Whitehouse and still being called the president is a Jew disinformation campaign.

You see, Jews are Bolsheviks, they always were the Bolsheviks. Now all they can do is project against everyone else, but if you know what you’re looking at, you can always see the Bolshevism of the Jews when they get anywhere near the levers of power, and this administration is THE most Jewed up god damn thing I’ve ever seen in the US.

Blinken, Garland, Nuland, hell we just sent Penny Pritzker to The Ukraine recently.

Walensky who just left the CDC to no doubt go push her propaganda from the offices of Pfizer or some other Pharma powerhouse. All of these people, and more that I can’t sit here and name all day, have two things in common. 1: They’re Jews, and, 2: They never tell the truth about anything. Listening to a word they say and believing it is dangerous. They’re also the ones who always want to censor everyone else.

Throughout all of recorded history, I can’t think of a single time where those who pushed censorship were ever on the right side of ANYTHING!

These mother fuckers just slithered in here and set up shop with their Jew bank, and over the years they bought up everything, they just monopolized it all.

Amerika is not a serious country, it hasn’t been for a long long time. These people are a joke!

I thought it was a great comment.

So then someone replies:

HEAR HERE! I’m going to stand up at the Thanksgiving dinner table and read that post, excellent!

Then, the guy who wrote the first post replies:

I’m glad you get it. Thank You.

I believe much of what I say is stuff that needs to be said, and I’m not afraid to say it. That said, perhaps holiday gatherings with family aren’t always the place to say them. My own family knows what I think, I’d say the younger boys and younger men are on the same page, but there are some (like my sister) who don’t like it, and holiday gatherings aren’t really the place to turn into a battle royale.

You know the people you’re going to be having dinner with, so it’s your call of course. For your parents sake (if they’re still alive and will be there), please don’t make a scene, they just want to have dinner with their children. There’s (usually) better times to talk about this stuff, and most of the people who don’t get it are never going to anyway. Use proper judgement, and if the ground is fertile then go ahead and plant the seeds. Otherwise, please just have a nice day and deal with people in a more one-on-one basis at another time.

I know my parents didn’t mind that I thought for myself and came to my own conclusions. There was never a time I couldn’t say whatever I wanted to say, but saying it at a holiday dinner table with people who were not receptive to it (sisters, in-law’s, invited guests, etc.) would just make my parents day a drag, so I usually bit my tongue or moved the conversation to after dinner away from unreceptive ears. I assume you know who you’re going to be with, I just don’t want my words driving people away from the dinner table and/or starting a family brawl. To the people reading this forum, this stuff may not seem provocative, but out there in the world it’s very provocative. You have to bring people up to speed, you can’t just dump the whole load on them in one fell swoop. We’re fishing, not hunting.

And with that, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have said it, but he said it better. I say it every year at the holiday period: you’re going to be with your family, you’re maybe going to be drinking – do not start talking about the Jews.

Even if someone brings it up, as they might given the current situation, just say something like “yeah they should do a ceasefire.” Don’t go into some crazy rant.

There was actually a part above this in the very first Illness Revelations article – you may remember. It’s towards the end there.

But yeah, I guess we’re about to wrap this article up – it’s so great I didn’t have to write very much.

I promise you: you will not regret taking this advice.

Most likely, your family is a bunch of losers who do not care about the truth, or else they would be harassing you about the Jews. It’s not like this isn’t really, really obvious. I mean, imagine the type of life-failure you have to be to be uncomfortable talking about the fact that Jews are everywhere running everything in our society. Imagine how lowly of a person you have to be to be intimidated by the stupidest possible propaganda, and imagine how low your moral character has to be to see this suffering caused by these Jews and be unwilling to stand up and call it out.

This is the majority of people.

They are complete failures at life and they have very low moral character. You just sort of have to accept that. It doesn’t mean they’re “bad people,” it just means they are weak, pathetic worms.

These people are just taking up space, and their stupid problems do not matter.

But what are you going to do?

It is what it is.

Blink-182’s New Album and the Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion Tue, 21 Nov 2023 18:24:09 +0000

As a millennial, I felt some obligation to listen to the new Blink-182 album when it was released. Fascinatingly, I found some serious realizations about our dawning robot future while subjecting myself to this horrible record.

Blink-182 was a defining band of the millennial generation. It’s somewhat unfortunate that this was the case, as the music was not particularly good, but the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994 shocked the nation and the music scene, and led to the “depressing but good” grunge music scene being replaced with childish, simplistic music without any depth.

Blink-182 is classified as “pop punk,” which is a way of saying “rock music made by overgrown teenagers without any kind of sophistication.” This is very different than rock music of the 60s and 70s. The Beatles and The Beach Boys were highly sophisticated, as were pop acts that followed them, including Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, and The Grateful Dead. The rock music scene in the 1980s was pretty desolate, but this was buffered by the popularity of primarily British new wave and post-punk bands. The Smiths, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dire Straits, and Talking Heads were all good 80s bands which could qualify as “popular rock,” even if the American radio stations preferred disgusting hair bands.

In the early 1990s, Sonic Youth was taking off, and then you had all of these bands from Seattle, including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana. You also had heavier “industrial rock” bands linked to the pop rock scene such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, and KMFDM. Whether this music was great or not is debatable (I think Nirvana was good, but the others are questionable), but they were forming a sound that was to define a generation, the millennial generation. For me, the thing I feel is most closely linked to Nirvana’s Nevermind was Radiohead’s The Bends. It was a very gloomy, depressive vibe of aimless rebellion which fit the millennials very well, and probably would have led to some deep insight later on.

When Kurt Cobain allegedly blew his brains out in 1994, it was a kind of “shot heard ’round the world.” It was certainly a shot that rang throughout the music industry, and there was a conscious push to put out less depressing music. I think there was also a legitimate society-wide feeling that the music that had defined the first years of the 1990s was “not helpful.” Again, I must say that I think depressiveness can be a good think if it leads to reflection, but that was not how it was viewed.

The billboard charts had already been largely topped by soulless, boring music for years. It was various forms of “R&B” and “pop” that was not very good, and was not listened to by teenagers or “fashionable people.” It was a lot of holdovers from the 70s and 80s, who had maybe been good, but began making “machine music.” Elton John, Phil Collins, Mariah Carey, REM, U2, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, and Janet Jackson are examples of the soulless “easy listening” that dominated the late 80s and early 90s charts (to some extent, you could say Michael Jackson and Madonna were forerunners of this genre, though they were both actually good). There was a move to bring that soullessness into the youth music or rock music scene, and that was epitomized by Blink-182 and the much worse band, Green Day. This was truly the downfall of rock n’ roll music, and it was never to recover.

Kurt died on April 5, 1994. On August 1, the single and video for Green Day’s “Basket Case” was released from their first major record label album Dookie. The song would dominate the rock radio and MTV music video loops, and set the stage for decades of very poor quality music.

The song is fun and seems harmless enough, but unfortunately, it would reverberate throughout time and wreak havoc on society, leading the millennials to become a generation of fat, stupid losers, many of whom are now trannies or worse.

This “pop punk” scene was very much connected to the Warped Tour, which I saw several times as a kid in Cleveland. It’s incredible to think back and remember how attractive women were back then. It’s equally incredible to look back at how terrible the music was. These were three-piece bands playing three cords and yelling. The lyrics were not complex or sophisticated either. It all sounded exactly the same. Every song and every band sounded the same.

But this is what would define the millennial generation, and I think that this particular sound and vibe would be their downfall. We must recognize that music creates a vibe, and that this vibe shapes the people. To an extent, this can be manipulated (by the Jews). Of course, people have to be willing to listen to it to be manipulated by it.

Blink’s first popular album was 1997’s Dude Ranch. Like Green Day’s breakthrough album, there were things to like about Dude Ranch, despite the fact that it was objectively not “good music.” The main single, Dammit, which became a radio hit, was at least ostensibly reflective.

Both Green Day and Blink would go downhill from that “high point” in the mid-1990s.

In 1999, Blink released Enema of the State, which featured a porn star on the cover and starred their immortal single “What’s My Age Again?” The video features the porn star, and they run around naked singing about how they are in their 20s and act like teenagers.

Green Day would go on to record some very popular music, which is the worst music ever made, while Blink-182 at some point in the 2000s broke up (I don’t really remember, but they never recorded any notable music after 2005 or so).

Green Day started singing about how like, George Bush was bad, while Blink continued to make songs about being in high school and having a crush on a girl. The stark departure from the brooding and self-loathing of Nirvana was truly surpassed by the malignant nature of the new themes of rock music.

We think of bands like Good Charlotte or Sum 41 having been spawned from this “pop punk” revolution. However, I would argue that Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fallout Boy, Lincoln Park, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20, My Chemical Romance, Three Doors Down, Coldplay, and so many other horrible bands from the last 20 years came in the fallout of this vibe check in 1994.

All of the bands are bad. Nirvana was the last good mainstream rock band in history.


Forgive the “Brief History of Rock Music” and “Root of the Downfall of the Millennial Race” intro. These “Illness Revelations” articles need to have a bit of weirdness, I think. A bit of winding and waxing and waning.

This genealogy of rock music and the way it affected my generation is something that I think needs more study, as I do believe that generations are in many ways shaped by “vibes” which are defined by music. The culture and the pop music are a feedback loop, where people’s tastes influence the music that is produced, and the music that is produced influences people’s tastes.

I’ve thought a lot about this. I do not believe the millennial generation would be this worthless if it would not have been so heavily influenced by bad music, and I don’t think the music would have been so bad if Kurt Cobain had not died the way he did, when he did.

There was room for self-reflection that could have led to revolution; instead, we got men in their 30s singing about high school romance.

Despite various claims, In Utero was actually a very good album, and we can only imagine what Kurt would have done in the ensuing decades if he’d not had these woman problems in his 20s. Once you hit 30, it’s really hard to care about that stuff.

Fast Forward to Now and Go Directly to Thesis (Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Write 1,000 More Words on The History of Rock)

In 2023, the only rock band to have a #1 album on the Billboard charts was the reunited Blink-182. I listened to this album. It was important to me as a millennial and important to me as a cultural critic.

One More Time is pitched as “men in their fifties singing songs about high school for men in their 30s.” It delivers on its premise.

I expected to be unimpressed, but in fact, while I was certainly unimpressed, the music led me to something much darker and weirder, which is the thesis of this article: I believe that Blink-182’s One More Time was entirely written by AI.

To be clear: I am arguing that both the lyrics and the music were entirely written by AI. I assume that the band recorded the album after the AI spat it out for them. You could go through and examine the lyrics of this album, and compare it to their previous albums, and find that the themes and patterns are exactly the same.

It cannot be proved that this album was written by AI. What can be proved, I believe, is that if the album had been written entirely by AI, it would not be any different than what it is. If you put all the Blink albums into AI, then added some of the other stuff from the genre (the hit singles from Sum 41 and Good Charlotte, for example), and told it to create 17 new songs based on these songs, it would give you this album.

The fact that it could have been written by AI doesn’t mean it was. However, my assertion there is that if it had been written by humans, there would have been something different or original about it. Even if humans didn’t intend to do so, they would add some kind of humanity to it, because humans are humans.

I cannot and will not believe that this was produced by human beings.

A Society of AI Suspicion

The larger point here, of course, is that we are now in a place where we can’t know if anything is produced by human beings.

The inability to tell the difference has already begun, and for me, listening to this Blink album was a big revelation, because even if someone wanted to defend this album, they could not possibly point to any single aspect of it that could not have been done by AI.

I’ve written some (and will surely write more) about the fact that videos on Telegram or Twitter showing supposedly real life events will be entirely faked in the near future. This is going to get to the point where you will not be able to tell if anything you see on video is real. The government is going to declare that they are the only ones that can tell you what is real, and they are in fact building an entire industry for this on these “fact checkers” they have assembled in the media.

Many people will not believe the government, and will accept that there is simply no way to know what is real and what isn’t. This is going to create widespread paranoia and confusion throughout the society. No one really understands what that will lead to. It’s impossible to predict. But in some very real sense, audio and video will have become totally useless, and we, the humans, will be forced to look to one another again, in the real world, or be swallowed up by a machine world of delusion, confusion, and paranoia.

I cannot stress how close we are to this new world. In fact, we are more or less already here. I’ve been seeing pictures on the internet recently, and been unable to tell if they are real. Fake audio has also gotten much better.

Where this gets even weirder is when you consider the fact that you will not be able to tell who in your real life is real, if you don’t speak to them directly, in person. An old friend can call you, and speak with all of his normal speech patterns. You can find out later that he’s a robot. Or, your real friend can call you, and you can spend time wondering if he was a robot.

Moreover, it should be noted, history will be rewritten with “newly discovered” information about history (frauds produced by AI) replacing current understandings of history, and history itself eventually having no meaning at all.

Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion

A “hermeneutic” is a method of interpretation of literature, history, art, or something else. The term in its normal form is most usually used in reference to a method of understanding the meaning of the Bible. The person doing the hermeneutics is called the exegete.

Probably, the most interesting form of scriptural hermeneutics was St. Augustine’s method of interpreting scripture through faith and reason, with the two forming a loop, where faith helps you understand reason and reason helps you understand faith.

Martin Heidegger also had some kind of circular hermeneutics method for interpreting art, but I do not understand it. After the illness, I went and looked it up again, and still could not understand it. (Full disclosure: I don’t think I actually understand anything Heidegger said, beyond the basic critiques of reason and materialism, which were not original. I guess maybe I would like to spend more time on it if I had more time. However, I may prefer to play video games.)

I do, however, understand superficially the expansion on Heidegger’s concept of hermeneutics by Frenchman Paul Ricœur, who said that the only relevance of a text is the ability of the reader (exegete, in this case) to relate it to their own experience. He said that all attempts to understand are an attempt to understand yourself by understanding others. That gets a bit modern for me, but I sort of like it regardless.

While going down that pit, Ricœur also argued that you have to either approach a work with faith, i.e., the belief that it is what it says it is, or suspicion, i.e., an analysis of the hidden purpose that the author of the work had in creating it. Ricœur called his system “the hermeneutics of suspicion.” Obviously, there is some overlap with critical theory, but the latter has an explicit goal of deconstructing established systems, which is a political agenda, whereas the hermeneutics of suspicion relate more plainly to furthering personal understanding.

I am coining this term “The Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion” to refer to the ways in which humans will try to determine whether things in their environment are the result of human work or machine work. It applies to the entire process of trying to figure out whether or not something in the environment is a product of AI.

When I listened to the Blink-182 album, and considered that if it had been made by humans, it would have some trace of a soul that it does not have, some influence from the last 20 years since the albums it was based on were recorded, and concluded that only an AI could make something that exists so far outside of time and space as a monument to the turn of the millennium.

It would also be the hermeneutics of AI suspicion to attempt to figure out whether or not it is your friend talking to you on the phone, or an AI. You will analyze his voice, analyze his inflection, analyze the content of what he is saying, and attempt to understand whether he is truly your friend or a robot.

The same will be true watching videos of war or of events on the street. You will, necessarily, if even against your will, approach anything you see with this sense of suspicion. That is the new reality we live in. It’s not ideal, but it is what it is, and it is going to define the rest of your life whether you like it or not.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious. But I know some people will have more gravity when considering the seriousness of this full collapse of reality, this entrance into a new realm where there is no ability to determine what is real.

Presumably, part of the reason I am able to take this in such a light-hearted way is that I have a brain tumor.

“Shhh. No. Shhhh.”
Memetic Monday: Total Meltdown: “Dawn of the Fleecing” Mon, 20 Nov 2023 14:53:05 +0000

Hello my dear personal friends, each of whom I have a meaningful parasocial relationship with.

Good day to you all.

There was some misunderstanding about dates, which was probably my fault, though may in fact have been someone else’s fault. It was a bit of a bungling. You see, in fact, last week was the “Special AI Week Preview,” and, as it happens, this week is the “AI Week Blitz.”

If you enjoyed the preview (and I’m sure you did!), then you’re going to love the thing itself.

This week also marks “The Great Fleecing.” This is the week in which your humble host fleeces the readership through an aggressive, irate, emotionally abusive pattern of intensive e-begging.

As I’ve said, I am very concerned about the privacy of the reader. I am legitimately concerned, because you are all personal friends of mine, but also, if you’re looking for some selfish motive (some people always want to find that), it wouldn’t exactly look good or make me feel good if my readers were getting harassed for sending me crypto. So, I switched to Monero and no one (well, very few people comparatively) sent any. So, now, as the site has been losing money for years, I’m doing a thing where you send me an email and I reply with a unique Bitcoin address.

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Big Wall Street Journal Piece Says “Elon has Gone Too Far,” Doesn’t Say How Sun, 19 Nov 2023 09:35:04 +0000

The Wall Street Journal, a pro-war Jewish publication that used to be good, on Saturday accused Elon Musk of “going too far.”

The article, penned by Wall Street Jew-lover Tim Higgins, did not say where Elon went “too far.” It simply listed off some various comments he’s made, including the now infamous tweet from Wednesday where he said that Jewish groups push mass immigration and anti-white hatred and then cry out for help from whites when they are under attack by Arabs.

What no one is going to do is break down how it is factually incorrect that Jews do this. If Jews are not actually doing this, then Elon’s claims would be false, and these news outlets could simply explain how actually, the claims are factually incorrect.

None of them do that. I’ve read at least 50 news items about the Elon situation since the tweet. Not one of them has attempted to disprove Elon’s assertion, and in fact, none of them have even claimed it was “false.” They have called it a “conspiracy theory,” but none has said that it is “factually incorrect.”

That is because no one wants to say that it is untrue that Jews are doing this, because it is so easy to prove that they are.

If you just type “Jewish groups refugees” into a search engine, you’re going to see HAIS, a Jewish immigrationist group, and then thousands of news articles about that group and dozens or hundreds of other Jewish groups engaged in mass immigration advocacy and support.

Their directly political groups are even worse. Anyone can go on the website of the ADL or the SPLC, two of the most prominent Jewish anti-white hate groups in the United States, and find them pushing bizarre and extreme anti-white hatred, alongside demands for further mass nonwhite immigration.

In a documentary called “Alt-Right: Age of Rage,” SPLC official Mark Potok was interviewed at his office, and he had a chart on his wall tracking the displacement of white people.

This is their actual goal – to remove white people from their own countries.

It’s a hate agenda.

This agenda against whites and the Western world goes far beyond immigration and an anti-white hate agenda. Just think of any issue you are against, and you will find that Jews have dozens of groups designed to push for it.

Type “Jewish groups abortion.”

Type “Jewish groups gun control.”

It’s everything.

These people have an agenda.

Obviously, it’s not every single Jew, but we say “Italian mafia” or “British colonialists” because the character of those respective parties is Italian and British, respectively. It’s the same thing with the “Jewish anti-white and anti-Christian agenda.” We don’t say “every Jew is involved.” No one is saying that. No one would think we were saying that if the Jews weren’t constantly implying that.

I will say, however, when you see the backlash from the Jews, it sure does feel like just about every Jew is on more or less the same page, even if they are not all actively involved in the agenda. Certainly, when we see that at least 80% of Jews support more aggressive war in Gaza, we have to begin to wonder if there is something deeply wrong with the character of the Jews, as a group.

If you’re a Christian, it’s not hard to explain what is wrong with the group character of the Jews: these people killed Christ, and willingly brought down a curse on themselves and their children. As a Christian, that is enough of an explanation for their behavior for me.

If you’re not a Christian, explaining it is not too much more difficult, but requires you to look into the way they have operated for two thousand years, and the way they have bred selectively in order to create certain kinds of people. We know that they are genetically unique – the Jews themselves brag about this.

It’s not really very complicated.

The problem is that our society is totally dominated by Jews, and everything in the society is geared towards preventing people from thinking about Jews like this.

Hitler was Right and You Filthy Rats Know Me and My Friends Would All Say It to Your Weasel Faces Fri, 17 Nov 2023 08:10:16 +0000
Silence, Jew! We’ve heard enough of your whining!

Previously: HOT: Elon Bites Jew, Draws Blood, Tucker Interviews Candace About Rat Shapiro Attack!

The Jews released a video of a white man in his fifties lecturing his teenage son about how saying “Hitler was right” is hatred.

Sickeningly, the goal of the video is to attack white people for not supporting their racial exterminationist “anti-Amelekism” program in Gaza.

In the dramatic – oh, so dramatic – scene, the father confronts the lad about posting “Hitler was right,” and says “I didn’t raise you like that, to be a hater.” It is then revealed that they are in front of a synagogue and the father says “get out and say it to their faces.”

The video implies that “Jews are just humans like us.”

Firstly, Jews are not human.

Secondly, no man is going to make a big emotional scene with their son like that, even if they think their son is wrong. The video would have made sense if it was a nagging single mother.

If I caught my son posting anti-Hitler material, I would not take him to the local Nazi offices and tell him to go tell the Nazis he hates Hitler. Instead, I would slap the shit out of him and force him to watch internet documentaries about how Hitler was good.

Thirdly, Hitler was right. What was he wrong about, exactly? Where did he lie?

Of course, the whole thing is supposed to be a reference to the “Holocaust.” In fact, the Holocaust is a hoax and did not happen. If it did, I would understand the motivations for it, and some people might say that it should have happened, but it didn’t happen. Where are the mass graves, Jews??? Explain the census numbers, Jews??? If six million people died, why were they still alive after the war??

A cage with an eagle and a bear?? The wall of eyes??? Poop diamonds?? Rollercoasters of death?? Electric floors??

If I found out my son teenage believed in that nonsense, I would gut punch him, then force him to drink White Monster energy drinks and stay up for 72 hours watching revisionist documentaries.

But I’m not going into that right now.

What I want to go into is the claim that me and the boys would not be outside synagogues yelling “Hitler was right” if we could. I would be doing that every day, if I could, and I would be encouraging others to do that.

The issue is not “oh it’s so sad to say these things because Jew blood-drinking child murderers are really nice people.” Jews mass murder children. They are not good people. No one feels bad for them, and many would like to see them gassed in fake shower rooms as a just response to all of these crimes they’ve committed.

The reason there are not mass protests outside of synagogues is that Jews control everything in America, including the government, and they will destroy your life. I’m a person who did stand up to the Jews, and you can go see what they did to me. I can’t even have a personal checking account. I literally can’t buy things on the internet, and have to pay rent in cash. Because I made fun of the Jews on the internet.

These filthy monsters will also go after your family, and they will accuse you of being a sexual deviant. They will make it so you can never have a job, never make any money. They will try to put you in prison. They will attack you on every level if you simply question them. Everything you can think of and more. They control the FBI and the CIA. They will send intelligence operatives to threaten you. Everything will come at you at once.

That’s why people say “Hitler was right” anonymously on the internet, instead of saying it to your rat faces.

It’s not because they’re emotional, it’s not because they would see you and feel bad that you’re a human. It’s because you demons used lies, corruption, blackmail, brutal tribal nepotism, and blasphemous witchcraft to take over all of the institutions in the Western world. Everyone posting anonymously has enough examples of people who were crucified for doing so that they would be foolish not to guard their privacy.

Here’s the Thing, Jews: The Day is Coming Soon

This situation isn’t going to last forever, Jews. People are not always going to be afraid to sign their names on “Hitler was right.”

The facade is already cracking, Jews.

Elon Musk just called you out.

You literally tried to do “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THIS???”

The entire world is up in arms.

Netanyahu is saying the fight has just begun. He’s planning on using American blood and treasure to totally reshape the Middle East.

“People hate me for no reason because I murder children” is not going to fly, Jews.

The jig is up.

It’s not simply edgy teenagers that are going to be saying “Hitler was right.” After what you’ve done, every single thinking person on the planet is asking themselves: “Why exactly was it that Hitler was mad at these people? Did they do something like this?”

Jews: everyone recognizes that what you are doing is different than what anyone else on earth would do. No one would spend 40 days killing kids like this. No one would launch an assault against a hospital full of refugees.

People recognize that you are unique, Jews. They recognize that you are a people different from all others.

They also recognize that you control the media and the government, and use it for your agenda.

Everything that you’ve spent who knows how many millions of dollars trying to prevent me from saying, you are demonstrating to the world yourselves.

Soon, people won’t have their lives ruined for saying “Hitler was right.” Then, you can believe that they are going to be saying it to your faces.