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I saw some meme, probably from 4chan, that said that if Kurt Cobain was still alive, he’d have pronouns in his bio and be tweeting about supporting the Ukraine and wearing virus masks.

I wholly reject this analysis.

I reject it with my entire eternal human soul.

I assert that if Kurt was still alive – i.e., if he had not been murdered by Courtney Love (who, by the way, is Jewish), he would be pushing right-wing talking points and would be banned by that cocksucker Elon Musk.

This is pre-incel music. It is right-wing music.

You can’t shoot yourself with a shotgun. This theory that he used his toes is stupid and ridiculous.

If you are American, go see a Remington Model 11, and ask yourself how you could aim that thing at your brain and pull the trigger. It is not possible.

Courtney was the one who claimed he had locked itself in a room with the gun. He probably was on drugs. I mean, he was definitely on drugs. He was a serious drug user. He was passed out and Courtney came in and shot him. That is what happened.

And if he had lived, he would be defending the people. He was a man of the people. He had substances abuse problems, like we all do. (Maybe you don’t, and if so, congrats, but most of us have substance abuse problems.)

He would have figured that shit out, as people do, and he would have become a hero of the people. He would not have become a leftist. That is retarded. He was not a leftist. He was an artist, who defended the people, and made music for the people.

Courtney Love was Jewish. They say she was part Jewish, but look at her face.

She made a lot of money when Kurt died.

I will defend Kurt, always. These people saying he’s a leftist are Jewish, like that bitch that killed him.

RIP Kurt.

He DID NOT commit suicide, he was murdered by a Jew woman, and he will get to sing with the angels on Judgement Day. He will have served his time in purgatory by then.

Here at Stormer Daily, we will always respect Nirvana, unlike many faggots who deserve to die.

I have no respect for these faggots.

I will never forget Heart-Shaped Box, when I was 11, right before he died.

This is what women do: they try to trap you inside of a heart-shaped box.

Kurt would defend incels, if he had not been murdered by the Jews.

Even if the Holocaust happened – and it definitely did not – the death of Kurt Cobain would be six trillion times more important than a bunch of kike pornographers and banking swindlers getting gassed in fake shower rooms.

Finally, we have to include the greatest pop song of the 1990s.

Kurt, my dearest, I will salute you when I see you singing with the angels on Judgement Day.

Justice is coming.

Back on Top Again! No Surrender! Fri, 17 May 2024 11:28:03 +0000
me rn

As the reader is no doubt aware, the site was down for a week.

Actually, it wasn’t down. It just wasn’t updated. This is not because I was dead or ill, but because the back end was down. This was my fault. I won’t go into the details for security reasons, but it was 100% my fault, and not the fault of the staff. Well, it was also the fault of some services, which are not good services.

I am prevented from using good services. I am banned from doing business with every company in every Western country, and basically have to only do business with companies that specialize in internet crime (spam and porn and penis pills and so on), despite the fact that I am not a criminal.

Probably, it’s worth going through and rehashing just how banned I am. It’s totally absurd, and it is what leads to these sorts of things.

Probably, I need to do a big fundraiser. It’s been about six months since the last one, and I said I was going to do this at least twice a year.

Anyway, happy to be back. The first 3 days off I was like “hey, this is peaceful.” Then, after the fourth day, I started to want to die. I cannot survive without my work.

My apologizes to the reader.

We’re back in business, however. Please tell everyone.

Memetic Thursday: We are So Back Thu, 09 May 2024 17:07:20 +0000

Memetic Thursday, on time once again, just like always.

It causes severe psychological stress to be this punctual, and I’m actually on the verge of a complete breakdown, but I do it for the kids.

Let’s have some fun!

Editor’s Pick of the Week:


The Primo Collection:

It Begins: Eldritch Abominations Tell Humans in Rafah to Evacuate, Begin Bombing Houses Mon, 06 May 2024 16:24:35 +0000
Jews be like


It appears to have begun.

Of course, they do not warn you before they attack.

The Jews agreed to evacuate, but they just start bombing and then say “yeah, you should probably evacuate your destroyed house.”

The Guardian:

Thousands of people are evacuating from Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, hours after the Israeli military told residents and displaced people in eastern neighbourhoods to leave in advance of a long-threatened attack on the city and its environs.

Witnesses described frightened families leaving the city on foot, riding donkeys or packed with their belongings into overloaded trucks on Monday. Overnight Israeli airstrikes had reinforced “panic and fear”, prompting more to heed the instructions to move.

“There is extreme tension in all areas of Rafah, including areas west of the city. Many have begun to think about evacuating, and many have already evacuated,” one witness said.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they had dropped leaflets and were broadcasting instructions through “announcements, text messages, phone calls and media broadcasts in Arabic” telling residents to head to an “expanded humanitarian zone” on the coast.

“This is an evacuation plan to get people out of harm’s way,” an Israeli military spokesperson told reporters.

Rafah has been sheltering more than a million people displaced from elsewhere in Gaza during the seven-month war and is a key logistics base for humanitarian operations across the territory. Dense tent encampments surround the city, and have also already crowded al-Mawasi, the coastal zone about 3 miles north-east to which Israel has told people to evacuate.

On Monday, Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defence minister, said Hamas’s apparent refusal of the most recent proposal from mediators in the ongoing ceasefire talks meant “military action in Rafah was required”.

A senior Hamas official described the Israeli order for civilians to evacuate Rafah as a “dangerous escalation that will have consequences”.

The US administration, alongside the occupation, bears responsibility for this terrorism,” Sami Abu Zuhri told the Reuters news agency.

The IDF said the forthcoming operation was of “limited scope” and estimated it would need to move about 100,000 people.

Obviously, there is nowhere left to evacuate to.

In an act of cartoonish evil, the Jews completely shut down the Egypt border crossing over the weekend. (Note: Egypt today said the border was still open for aid. That’s not what was reported, but it is impossible to let more than a million people cross the border anyway.)

This is a second phase of mass slaughter. It’s going to be at least as bad as Gaza City. The Jews are going to bomb the refugee camps and just kill everyone.

I read that people who read online news, even if it is mainstream news, believe Israel is committing a genocide. The only people who don’t believe Israel is committing a genocide are people who only watch CNN and Fox News. But The Guardian and all other legacy media websites refuse to report on what is said in Hebrew.

Look at this top Jew:

“Kill, kill, kill” is the Jewish program.

Good Luck Stopping the Protests

The bill banning criticism of Israel on campuses that passed the House last week is being rushed through the Senate. I didn’t see any updates this morning (and I looked), but Chuck Schumer said he was going to move it to Biden’s desk as fast as possible.

It’s not 100% clear what the law will trigger, but most likely, universities will just be closed to all people in order to prevent the protests, because if they don’t prevent the protests, the federal government will cut their funding. There is no university in America that can be financially viable without federal funding.

There will be a big scene as the cops brutalize more students. But the protests will have to move somewhere. You are not going to be able to stop all protests with everyone looking at a fresh new batch of slaughter videos out of Rafah.

The cops will chase the protesters wherever they go, and keep beating them. The cops will eventually start shooting people.

As the Americans set the whole world on fire, America is unraveling internally.

The Chinese are Not Stupid. In Fact, Your Dad is Stupid. Fri, 03 May 2024 10:11:58 +0000 How obvious is it that Jews control America?

Anyone looking in from the outside can see it.

Why didn’t your dad know?

Why didn’t he tell you?

Is he stupid?

Is there any other explanation?

Seriously, what other explanation is there than that your dad is a frigging retard?

No one outside of America looks at this country and says: “Yep, just a normal country, just a total coincidence that this tiny minority of people from Eastern Europe controls their entire economy, all of academia, the media, and the government. Really big coincidence, actually, but it means nothing.”

No one looks at America and thinks that.

Especially not the Chinese.

Sorry. (I’m not actually sorry.)

Everyone you know is either mentally retarded, or the product of decades’ worth of systemic brainwashing.

This is all very obvious.

The situation is simply ridiculous.

It has never been more obvious than today that Jews totally control America. Just look at the politicians. Look at this law they just passed saying it’s de facto illegal to criticize Jews on a college campus. They rushed it through, after being publicly ordered to do so by Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi literally issued a statement giving a direct order to the US government to shut down the protests. When sending the cops in didn’t work, they sent in Antifa to break things so they could send the cops in again. Then they made it illegal to criticize Jews.

There has never been a situation of a “cryptocracy” before in history. It’s basically a science fiction concept, like in Gor.

This thing we are looking at is not even a cryptocracy. I don’t know what you call it. It’s not a secret that Jews run everything. Any normal person can look at this and see it. It’s simply that your life will be totally destroyed if you say it.

What the Hell Even is This? Seriously?

Imagine if this was the Middle Ages, and there was a king in a castle ruling the land, in total public view, sending out soldiers bearing his coat of arms, but when you asked a normal person who is in charge they said “no one knows.” And if you said “it sure looks like that king over there in the castle is in charge,” the king sent people to ruin your life by calling you an anti-monarchist. And then, imagine all the people denounced you as an evil anti-monarchist for saying the monarch is in charge.

This doesn’t make any sense. It is brutal, pathological nonsense.

Maybe, these people are stupid. It could be that simple.

If we’re to give the masses of people who do not know that Jews control America the benefit of the doubt, they are subconsciously aware of this fact but also aware that people’s lives are destroyed when they say it, and this denial of reality is a self-preservation mechanism.

However, more likely, the issue is that saying “Jews control America” marks you as low status. This is literal star-bellied Sneetches type shit.

(More like Star of David-bellied Sneetches, am I right?)

This is why the protests are so important. The protesters are fashionable. These are university students. The most fashionable people. All of us who grew up near universities knew this instinctively. We all remember being teenagers, wanting to be fashionable, and automatically looking at the university students. They were young and sexy, while also worldly and sophisticated, which is the definition of “high fashion.”

It Doesn’t Matter If the Protesters are Leftists

Everyone talking about how the protesters shouldn’t be supported because they are “leftists” and “anti-white” is just as stupid as some retard who can’t say aloud that the Jews control America. This is directly from Ben Shapiro. He has spammed this everywhere. It’s also being promoted on Breitbart and other places.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter who they are, the protests are pushing for something I consider very important, so of course I support them. That isn’t really complicated. If you can be convinced to deny your own interests because someone you ostensibly don’t like supports them, you’re simply dumb.

Remember that when Mike Johnson went to Columbia to threaten the protesters, he said he was against them because Hamas supports them. This is the kind of thinking that appeals to retards. People are far too comfortable with this left-right gibberish. I despise Mike Johnson probably more than anyone else on earth, but I’m not going to start supporting abortion because Mike Johnson is pro-life. I’m not going to go support gun control because Mike Johnson supports the Second Amendment.

Longtime readers will remember that before the media got wise to my ways and just banned any reporting on me at all, I used to endorse various things in order to force companies to denounce me.

(Sometimes I miss those days. But it was kind of a lot of pressure to be on TV and the front page of every news outlet every week.)

Shifting Alliances?

Even if all of the protesters are hardcore tranny-lovers and mass immigrationists, I still support their position against Israel, given that it is going to completely change the way everyone in the society talks about the Jews. It’s also forcing the Jewish overlords to dictate directly and openly. The mask is coming off and we are seeing the iron fist.

This can only be good news. I cannot stress that enough: anyone telling you to oppose these protests is Jewish or paid by Jews or mentally retarded.

However, we should note: we have no idea where this is all going, and it could end up going somewhere no one expected.

Society does not operate on “left” and “right.” As much as people have tried to define these things, they are effectively arbitrary. You can talk about tradition vs. modernism, but how does the American rightist view of “big government” jive with tradition? And why are open borders “modern”? The original definition of left vs. right is from the French Revolution, when the Catholic monarchists sat on the right of the parliament and the revolutionaries sat on the left. So, we could talk about the left as revolutionary and the right as religious, but you can list off a dozen or more major issues where this doesn’t make sense (the most obvious instance now being that the right is supporting Israel at a much higher rate than the left). Religious people, certainly Christians, should be the main people opposing this slaughter. The American right is still a remnant of an anti-communist coalition made up of big business, social conservatives, and the military industrial complex. Big business has totally shifted to the left, and been embraced by the left (AOC lobbies for Amazon), but for whatever reason (habit, presumably), social conservatives continue to defend deregulation as “freedom.” There is no reason that a French Catholic monarchist would support massive corporate food conglomerates being allowed to put poison in the food.

Let me tell you where I’m going with this: things are currently in flux. The old definitions are based on the Cold War. During the “Unipolar Moment” that lasted from the fall of the USSR up until 2017, when the US was the single great power on earth, people were lazy and things just sort of coasted. Now that we are entering a new age, alliances are going to shift.

The thing you need to understand is that all the things you seriously hate are Jewish:

  • Feminism
  • Promotion of homosexuality
  • Race-mixing
  • Mass immigration
  • Endless wars of domination
  • etc.

Claiming that these things will remain in place if Jews are no longer in power in America is like claiming that the government of Rhodesia will remain the same when it is handed over to the blacks. I’m sure there were some blacks in Zimbabwe who actually tried to keep the standards of the Rhodesians in place, but it just wasn’t possible.

That means that insofar as Jews lose influence, the things that Jews are exclusively responsible for are going to wane. What you are going to see in the left as it frees itself from Jewish influence is a shift away from these Jewish programs. That will happen necessarily. The people claiming that leftists will still be around promoting partial birth abortion and endless war against Russia when the Jews are gone understand nothing at all. They are feeble morons. No one was ever promoting these things before the Jews took over, just as no one in southern Africa was running a modern economy before whites took over. If it was not for continued Western backing, Zimbabwe already would have reverted completely to their traditional modes of living. This is not complicated. Anyone claiming that the modern lunatic left would exist without the Jews is stupid or purposefully trying to confuse you.

The left is currently making a hard break with the Jews. That is happening. We don’t know what that means in the long term. Certainly, there are Jews at these protests, and it’s unlikely that the protesters will oppose Jews who are against Israel. So there will still be some Jewish influence. But these universities function on massive donations from Zionist Jews, who are the primary individuals responsible for promoting the leftist “triggered snowflake safe space tranny” thing you all hate.

Maybe even when the left is cleansed of every Jew who supports Israel, they will still have enough Jewish influence to maintain some of these ridiculous views, but fewer Jews means less Jewishness, just as fewer whites means a less functional Zimbabwe.

I’m astonished that “fewer Jews means less Jewishness” is a controversial position. But I see people saying “even without the Jews, these leftists would still support the same issues.” Whenever I see it, I think “hey, thanks for that bright analysis, Mr. Shapiro.”

Shilling is like a bacterial agent on your psyche. A little bit of bacteria, and the body fights it off, but a lot of bacteria, and you get festering ooze and disease.

Some of you people have no idea how hard you’re being shilled against. That’s why I keep writing this same article over and over again. I keep seeing people on the right, who are allegedly aware of the Jewish problem, signal against these protests.

These shills are exploiting your guttural reaction to these protesters as “enemy.”

I don’t even think most of you are getting a clear impression of the protests.

Look at this guy:

Maybe he’s gay. I don’t know, I can’t tell with anyone under 30 at this point. But he seems like a normal white American youth to me. (The perm goes to the above stated point about fashion. These man-perms are high fashion.)

Did you see men like that at BLM? Because I definitely didn’t. BLM was all blacks, white women, trannies – maybe a few white males, but they were all fat soygoys.

Who knows what that kid professes as regards the Ukraine, trannies, mass immigration, feminism, and so on. I assume he probably professes support. But looking at him, do you think those views are unchangeable?

I don’t think so.

I think there are going to be a lot of people coming out of these protests that we can work with in the future. Of course, even if that is not the case, I’m 100% with these protests, regardless.

Memetic Wednesday: On Time, As Always Wed, 01 May 2024 13:33:32 +0000

Niggas be saying, they be saying, “Memetic Wednesday is always late.”

Nigga, here we be on Wednesday morning. This shit ain’t late. You late.

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

The Runner-Up:

And, the primo collection.

If You Want a Picture of the Future, Imagine a Cop Kneeling on a Black Man and a White Woman (Wearing a Covid Mask) Forever Mon, 29 Apr 2024 04:19:43 +0000 This is the picture summarizing this weekend’s protests:

It might seem a difficult image to parse. It’s not, actually. It’s very straightforward. But it’s psychologically difficult.

That is a fat white male cop kneeling on a black man and a white woman (presumably lovers – the negro appears to have been trying to protect her from the cops), who are being smashed together by him, while arresting them for peacefully protesting against the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

The more meaningful dimension of this is probably that we are all sitting here looking at the photo on the internet. Right-wing white men who oppose Israel are not at these protests. It is white women and brown people, with a few soy-goys thrown in, just like the BLM protests.

White men don’t organize politically, beyond voting for Donald Trump (who has no interest in their concerns). White men work and pay taxes to fund Israel and to fund these women and brown people at universities. We also fund the cops sent in to arrest the white women and brown people for protesting against Israel.

Looking at that image, I began to understand why there are right-wingers apparently going along with the Ben Shapiro narrative that whites shouldn’t support these protests.

For me, it’s so obvious that you would always support anyone that is protesting Israel that seeing people say things like “I’m not supporting these people” enraged me, and I just assumed anyone saying it was a Jewish shill. However, after staring at that picture for a bit, I am able to see the thing: this is all incredibly exhausting, and it’s easy to say “whatever.”

It’s understandable to be exhausted. I can sympathize with that, completely. What disgusts me is the attempts to rationalize that exhaustion with bullshit narratives about how you don’t support the protests because they are “anti-white.” The protests are not anti-white, they are anti-Israel, and frankly, anti-Jewish. “Yeah, but they think Jews are white” is just convoluted nonsense designed to deny the reality of what is happening. If you’re exhausted, and the whole absurd scene disgusts you, then just say that. It’s fine. Everyone can understand that. But don’t rationalize it with nonsense.

There is no rational narrative in which massive protests against Israel are not the best thing that has happened in my lifetime. I don’t care who is doing the protesting. No, there aren’t very many white men there. But there aren’t very many white men engaged in society on any level beyond work in the first place. Increasingly, white men are not even allowed to participate in the workforce (and thus we have pieces coming off of commercial airlines in the sky).

White men are beaten and broken. You all know that. It’s sad to say it, but it’s simply true. White men have largely bowed out of society.

We might frame it as a strategic retreat. I’m bullish on white men in the long term, and even in the medium term, but white men are not currently engaged. That’s just a fact.

Probably, some people feel a kind of jealousy towards these protesters, angry that they are not in a position to be involved in this sort of thing. This is not an adult view. It is a hyper-emotional view. The protests must be supported, because this is a path to actually normalizing the discussion of Jewish power in America.

There is no room for babylike emotions here. People need to be on the ball, they need to remember what is actually happening. We are seeing tens of thousands of people in the United States demand that the Jewish stranglehold on America be released.

There is a second argument: that these people are somehow not actually against Jews, but only arguing against the Jewish state in Palestine. This argument is also dumb, because the Jews themselves say that Israel is Jews and Jews are Israel. Every Jew (at least every Jew with any kind of voice in the system) is labeling these protests “antisemitic.” It’s not just Bibi Netanyahu. All American Jews with any kind of power are rallying against these protesters and claiming they are a threat to all Jewish Americans. They claim that saying you want Jews to stop occupying Palestine is indistinguishable from a call to murder all Jews.

Someone who claims that undermining Israel is somehow not undermining Jews in America lacks a basic understanding of the relationship between American Jewry and Israel. The Israeli project which took place after World War II happened at the same time Jews were beginning to solidify their control over the United States. Israel is not an independent state, nor do Israeli Jews control America. Israel is a project of American Jews, and this project is at the heart of international Jewish power.

Ultimately, there is not going to be a leftist overthrow of Jewish power, for the obvious reason that leftists support all of these Jewish programs – mass immigration, feminism, normalized homosexuality, international finance, global warming gibberish, forced diversity, and everything else. However, Israel is the cudgel with which the Jews beat right-wing Americans. You see this very clearly with all of these Republicans calling for the National Guard to be sent in to murder the protesters. They tell you it’s because this is like BLM. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Baltimore I want to sell you.

What we need is a large public conversation about the relationship between Jews and White America. This is a very abusive relationship. We are told we are evil, constantly, and then we are constantly called on to defend the Jews. We need this all out in the open. We need everyone to be discussing what is going on with these Jews, and what exactly the relationship is. It’s not particularly confusing. As I’ve spent more than a decade documenting on this site, more or less everything bad that happens in this country can be traced back to the Jews. The Jews are the problem and the reason Jews are able to get away with all of this is that the discussion has been shut down. You can’t talk about it.

We’re now entering into a new age, when we will be able to talk about it. The slaughters in Palestine have effectively nullified the Holocaust narrative, and these protests are putting a very fine point on that. Israel has existed for 80 years, and Americans have never been in the streets protesting against it. Now they are.

We are in the throes of a transformation, which must take place. America is not going to be the timid Holocaust-respecting society it once was in the last century. White sluts and their negro boyfriends are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for America to make. They are now going into a counter-semitic mode and white sluts and their negro boyfriends will be resented because of their leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, America will not survive.

The protesters themselves, as individuals, are completely irrelevant. That has nothing to do with anything, and if you’re focusing on that, you’re just an emotional little baby. What we want, as white men opposed to the Jewish control of our country, is to maximize the chaos and noise around this issue. These white women and their negro boyfriends, the immigrants and whoever else is involved in these (some soy-goys who actually are white men are involved too – we can save them, right?)

There are also polite Asian women.

(I’d like to drop a two ton bomb on her hospital, if you catch my drift.)

These protests are simply a means to an end. The end – which is what everyone needs to focus on – is the whole thing reaching a tipping point, where the fear of discussing the overwhelming dominance of the Jews in America is no longer taboo.

The fact that the Jews are responding to these protests with maximum force is somewhat inexplicable, but also very predictable. AIPAC is telling the Republicans to send in the National Guard, to just kill them.

How can anyone explain this, within the paradigm we’ve been sold?

How can anyone explain why these people have little to no interest in the border, and yet call for the military to attack Americans whose politics they disagree with?

We have to be able to talk about this issue, without fear of financial, social, and legal consequences. These protests are a battering ram, smashing against the Jewish wall of silence. The individuals don’t understand the weight of what they’re doing. They feel sad about the scenes of absolute hell we are seeing in Gaza (as any human with a soul does, frankly). I’m sure that 90% of them support the rest of the Jewish policies in America. But that is simply irrelevant, and it is a non sequitur. The only thing that matters is that they are breaking through the silence. I would add that the cops are also doing us a great service by attacking these protesters in these bizarre scenes of brutality.

No one can even explain how it is legal to arrest people who are peacefully protesting at public universities. The private universities can claim trespassing, but public universities are public land. This appears to be the mask coming off of the idea that we have rights in this country, with the government not even needing to offer an explanation as to how they are doing this in a country where we have an explicit right to peacefully organize in public spaces. (This appears to be an upping of the ante of abject tyranny, which is a topic that needs to be addressed at greater length, as I believe this new standard of “we can use police force without even a pretext of legal validity” is sure to be applied across the board going forward.)

Anyone can see that this is, aesthetically, very similar to BLM, save for the fact that the protesters are not violent.

Where were the Republicans during the BLM riots?

Well, Mike Johnson, who last week went to Columbia to threaten to send the military to kill pro-Palestine protesters, was on television talking about the abuses of blacks.

He called for “transformative solutions for systematic change” in response to the BLM protests.

Nikki Haley, the Indian Republican who is possibly the most deranged and fanatical Israel Firster in American politics, told whites that they needed to “feel personal pain” over George Floyd.

This staggering dichotomy between the responses to two protest movements is an astonishing realization for anyone, whether left or right. It’s certainly a point from which we can begin one of many discussions about just what the hell is going on in this country.

No one can deny that America is controlled by the Jews, and that these Jews have a very hostile agenda against the American people. No one could deny it before this, really, not if they were willing to engage the facts. But they were not willing to engage the facts. People would just shut down. We’ve all seen it. We were all shocked when we first encountered it. Believe it or not, I experienced this way back when. I couldn’t just go to the Daily Stormer and find the facts about the Jews. I had to figure this all out manually (I will always credit the hacker 4chan as a big helper here, but it was still a lot of work). I found the facts of the matter, and started sharing them with people around me, and it was like something out of the Twilight Zone, the way people would either completely shut off or start attacking me. No one was interested in any of the facts, which I could very easily prove. You’ve all seen this. This is the core problem, and the protests (and the way the participants are being brutalized) is a massive step towards overcoming this problem, and opening up the issue for discussion.

The discussion is all that we need. Once the discussion is had, absolutely no one in America (who isn’t Jewish) will consent to this relationship. Right-wingers will be against the entire thing, and while leftists will say we should still have gays and feminism and global warming gibberish, they will say black people should be in charge of it. (If blacks are in charge of it, they will not do a very good job of pushing the Jewish agenda.)

If Jews are subjected to any form of scrutiny whatsoever, the entire Jewish project will collapse. The idea that black people and white women could keep this going without the Jews puppeteering the whole thing is absurd, and anyone who says this is ridiculous. They are stupid or lying. This is no different than expecting the blacks of Rhodesia to keep the white system going after removing whites from power. (Think long on that analogy.)

It’s unclear where the protests will go. The best case scenario is that the National Guard is sent in and kills college kids, and this leads to a nationwide student strike, with walkouts in universities and high schools, along with nationwide demonstrations in places outside of the schooling system. What is clear is that it is not simply going to go away. The government is now focused on using deadly force, and this is really the best path for what I want to see. (They should have just ignored it. Put a media blackout on it. That would have been the logical thing. But these Jews are extremely emotional.)

Finally, I want to say: it is evil that the Jews have empowered women. It’s evil that they told the blacks to go buckwild. It’s evil that they’ve brought all of these immigrants into our countries. But God turns the plans of the wicked to good.

That’s what’s happening with the organization of the former BLM people into an anti-Israel army: God has turned something evil into something good. It’s a straightforward matter, for anyone willing to look at it.

My message to you, my dear friend, is simple: be an adult. Don’t get emotional. Focus on the end goal, which is the ultimate end to the Jewish domination of America and the Western world as a whole.

This can happen.

You will live to see a better future.

Chin up.

Sleazy Jew NYU Professor Says Students Protesting Israel are Incels Sun, 28 Apr 2024 08:23:48 +0000

The full 8 minute conversation is worth listening to. Imho- this calls for “cancelation”

Part 2 of 4👇

— Children of Darkness🇵🇸🇿🇦 (@brokenmirror33) April 27, 2024

In comes the sleazy, ratlike Jew pervert to use sickening Freudian gibberish to accuse everyone who is against the mass slaughter of infants of being incels.

Never mind the fact that the two biggest groups involved in the project are Arab men and white women, who are obviously going home (or into a public bathroom stall more likely) and having sex with each other after the protests.

This is an attempt to denigrate the current protesters, but also an attempt to preempt the involvement of large numbers of white men in these protests (which is obviously going to happen as the fire rises).

New York Post:

NYU professor Scott Galloway said that college campuses were increasingly becoming reminiscent of Nazi Germany — and attributed the reason partly to young people not having enough sex.

“We need to enjoy sex,” Galloway offered to some initial confusion during an appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher Friday.

I think part of the problem is young people aren’t having enough sex so they go on the hunt for fake threats and the most popular threat through history is [antisemitism].”

“It’s easy to poke fun at these kids, but history has a way of repeating itself, and this is how it starts. In ’30s Germany, a progressive community, a thriving gay community, excellent academic institutions. And how it started, was it was fashionable to wear a brown shirt and mock students at the University of Vienna,’ Galloway said.

“And quite frankly, I’m really disappointed more Jews aren’t speaking out.”

These Jews always turn everything into some kind of sexually perverse gibberish. The Jews are a filthy group. They are obsessed with sex and poop. That’s why you have such abominations as Seth Rogan being promoted as pillars of entertainment culture. (The only Jew who made this material funny was Woody Allen, and then largely copying Allen, Larry David did the same bit and was also funny. Most of it is just puerile and abominable.)

It is in many ways a benign observation that young men – really all men under the age of forty – spend much too much time thinking about sex. We already understand this.

However, that does not somehow imply that everything men do is sexual in nature, and it certainly does not imply that men expend energy on things that are not likely to lead to sex because they are “sexually frustrated.” This concept of “sexual frustration” is a Jewish spook.

You could talk much more meaningfully about “sexual distraction,” and point to the oft-observed reality that men don’t achieve their great heights until after the sexual emotions calm down.

But if we were going to talk about the Palestine protests, we would instead be compelled to talk about the co-belligerent of young male sexuality, which is romanticism. Romanticism, which leads to idealism and a seeking of justice, is perhaps fueled by the sex hormone testosterone, and it can overlap with sexuality (in the obvious case of romantic sexual infatuation), but is distinct from sexuality.

Furthermore, the claim by the Jew in question asserts that the male protesters are unsuccessful sexually, and this leads them to want to stop the Jews from slaughtering children as a way of sublimation of the sexual impulse. In reality, the sexual impulse of the young man is fundamentally insatiable. This is to say that if you are a young, horny male, there is no amount of sex which can satisfy you. This goes back to the concept of “sexual frustration.” If sexual frustration were real, it would apply just as much to men getting no sex as it would to men having a lot of sex, given that there is always a desire among young men for more sex. The man getting a lot of sex does not have a lower sexual impulse than the man getting no sex at all.

It is unfortunate that we are forced to think in such vulgar terms, due to the Jews inserting these ideas into the public space, but there are ideas worthy of consideration here, even though none of them relate to the student protests in any way whatsoever.

Four-Eyed Faggot Mike Johnson Goes to Columbia, Threatens to Send in the National Guard Sat, 27 Apr 2024 16:08:07 +0000
Every American understands what sending the National Guard against student protesters implies

Commenting on the university protests in support of Palestine, I commented that this is what led to the end of the Vietnam war. At least, it led to an end of US troops fighting in the country.

At Kent State, in May of 1970, the National Guard was sent in, and they opened fire on the kids, killing four students. This, in turn, led to massive student protests both against the war and against the US government more generally.

It makes very little sense that the government would want to repeat this in the name of their war in Gaza, but apparently, that is exactly what they want to do. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson on Thursday made a surprise appearance on the Columbia campus to denounce the protesters and threaten to send in the National Guard.

“There is a time for the National Guard,” said he. This is effectively saying “if you don’t stop protesting the Jews, we will send the military to kill you.” We all know about the Kent State event. We know what the National Guard does to student protesters. They kill them.

It’s very unclear why a Congressman from Louisiana would be appearing on a university campus at all, let alone making the appearance for the purpose of threatening peaceful protesters with military force. Under normal circumstances, I would say this is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen, but these are not normal circumstances (I have seen child trannies).

This cocksucker did an interview on the campus claiming that “Hamas cooked babies in ovens.” He then again threatened to send in the National Guard.

He claimed repeatedly that “Jews feel scared” because the protesters’ speech is a form of violence. That is of course the exact same line that has been used for years against right-wingers on campus: “Speech is violence because it hurts people’s feelings and makes them feel scared.”

All of these faggot Republicans talked about “triggered libs” and “snowflakes who need a safe space,” now they’re demanding safe spaces for triggered snowflake Jews. The difference is, the right-wingers who were run off campuses were Americans. These Jews are not Americans, and they have a safe space called “Israel” which they can flee to if Americans expressing their protected speech rights are hurting their feelings.

A Plan Unfolding

Mike Johnson is a moron and a total shill of the Jews and the intelligence establishment. This threat of the National Guard is obviously not something he thought of himself. Someone told him that this was the plan.

Many people have noted the conspicuous absence of Antifa from any of these pro-Palestine protests. If I was a leftist, that would really be a head-scratcher for me. These violent drug addicts are unleashed in support of every leftist cause, except for Palestine.

It’s obvious to me, of course, that Antifa is simply a tool of the FBI, which is released for social engineering purposes.

Right now, these campus protests are peaceful. The only violence is from the sickening cops who are showing up and just beating the shit out of anyone who doesn’t love the Jews enough. It would be very easy, however, for the government to send in Antifa to agitate and attack the cops, at which point they could justify sending in the military to kill protesters.

Bibi Netanyahu has already issued demands and threats regarding these protests, ordering the United States to shut them down. As we’ve seen for many years, the US Congress will do whatever the Israelis tell them to do. Bibi issued his demands, and all of a sudden the Speaker of the House was at Columbia threatening to use the military to murder protesters.

The US government will do whatever they can to silence these protesters, and it’s become obvious that they think killing a few of them will shut them down. Mike Johnson is obviously a moron, and does not have the background to understand what killing peaceful protesters actually does to a protest movement (it makes it much, much bigger).

Insofar as the people behind Mike Johnson’s statements on the National Guard – that is, the intelligence agencies – understand the social dynamics of using the military against protesters, they think they can send in Antifa to attack the cops, and that this will then justify a crackdown.

Right now, these protests are spreading like wildfire across virtually every US state, and they are only going to gain momentum. The US government is not able to offer any explanation at all as to why the US government is obsessed with supporting the Israeli genocide machine. Mike Johnson is bringing up totally debunked hoaxes about babies in ovens. The only thing they can do, ultimately, is kill you for complaining about it.

This is going to get hot, hot, hot.

I stand with the protesters without reservation, and denounce every right-wing shill who is claiming that these protests are somehow similar to BLM. If you are having a hard time understanding how they are different from BLM because you are too simple to look at the geopolitics of the situation, then you can very easily compare the government responses to the two political movements. The Speaker of the House did not go to Minnesota and threaten to send in the military to kill BLM protesters. In fact, the entire government showed solidarity with violent blacks and Antifa, and defended their right not only to protest, but to commit egregious acts of violence.

Anyone against these protests should be condemned as an Israeli shill who has zero interest in what is best for the United States. There is no explanation for why the US supports Israel. No one will explain it.

Judea Declares War on Tucker Carlson Fri, 26 Apr 2024 10:00:52 +0000

After passing the Ukraine aid bill this week, arch warmonger Mitch McConnell, a man with a 6% approval rating whose entire existence surrounds servicing the Jews, claimed that the entire reason it took so long to get the bill passed was because Tucker Carlson disagreed with it.

He was asked why it took so long, and he replied: “I think you know the answer … Tucker Carlson.”

This amounts to the largest praise Tucker Carlson could possibly receive. It is career-defining praise. It is truly incredible that a talk news host could singlehandedly stop a major bill like this from being passed. To be clear, I think McConnell is probably right: most, if not all, opposition to the funding of the Ukraine war came from Tucker. It was truly bizarre to turn on Fox News and watch Tucker give all the facts and then have Sean Hannity come on and say that the CIA should assassinate Putin.

Apparently, now that Tucker is off of Fox News, he is no longer a problem for McConnell and his warmongers. This certainly makes it clear why he was fired (if that somehow was not already clear). With his Internet show, Tucker has many more views now than he ever got on Fox News, but the boomers probably are not watching him. We forget that there are people in this country who do not use the internet for anything other than Facebook, and actually still turn on a TV to watch the news.

Mitch McConnell is a servant of Jews, and this very bizarre public attack on Tucker comes after a blitzkrieg of attacks from the Jews.

First, Let Me Say: My Views on Tucker Have Changed

In the past, I’ve taken issue with Tucker Carlson, and asserted that he must be some kind of CIA shill. However, I no longer believe that. Now, he is defending Russia and calling out the sickening Jews, and I support him implicitly.

In the past, around the end of his tenure on Fox and shortly after, Tucker began promoting various things that were wrong, and it seemed impossible to me that he was unaware that he was promoting lies. Notably, he promoted the “Chinese Spy Balloon” hoax. That one was particularly egregious, because it was so very ridiculous. He parroted the Biden government’s line about this wayward weather balloon, apparently unaware that satellites exist. (China has hundreds of satellites that can record everything happening in America from space, so the idea that they would send a balloon to spy is nonsensical.)

Further, when he was fired from Fox News, he started doing a bunch of podcasts, and I thought a lot of the things he said were retarded and malicious. For example, he not only promoted UFOs, but claimed that the angels of the Bible were actually aliens. Or, so I thought. Now, he seems to have changed his position on the matter (or maybe I just didn’t understand what the hell he was talking about last time). Listening to his recent interview with Joe Rogan, he said the reverse of what I thought he said, saying that UFOs are actually angels (or maybe demons, or something). That’s fair enough, I guess, if you want to believe that. It’s stupid, but it’s not blasphemy.

After having followed him over the last few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is just not very smart. He often sounds like a teenage girl when he is speaking without a script. A huge portion of what he says sounds simply dumb. This is shocking to me personally, as I don’t expect successful people to be stupid. It seems to me that it is very simple to understand that China is not acting aggressively towards the US, it’s very simple to understand that all of the information about supposed “UFOs” comes from the US government and former government employees (and that the US government is therefore actively promoting a belief in UFOs for nefarious purposes). But, I must accept, some people simply do not have the intelligence to work through basic information, and will instead come up with retarded ideas.

Recently, I’ve been reading through the bibliography of John Mearsheimer. He has a rather sophisticated explanation for being against China. I don’t agree with it, and I wish I could debate either him or Tucker on the issue. Of course, I’m totally locked out of the public conversation. (Allegedly, it’s because I made edgy jokes and if you make edgy jokes you’re banned from the public conversation forever. It seems more likely that I was shut out because powerful people don’t want the public to hear what I have to say.) Anyway, I was always saying that Tucker should talk to Colonel MacGregor about China to get the real story, but it’s more likely he’s listening to Mearsheimer, who claims that we can somehow convince Russia to help us undermine China before they become a peer competitor with the United States. Mearsheimer, however, does not talk about domestic politics at all, so he doesn’t need to explain why you would defend the United States, a country with child trannies, against any country that does not have child trannies.

I do not think Mearsheimer would have believed in the spy balloon. But general Sinophobia is possibly something that an honest person can harbor. The promotion of UFOs seems more sinister than that, but again, after the Rogan interview, I find this less offensive. Also in the Rogan interview, you can see that Tucker is dumb. A person who is dumb cannot be held to the same standards as an intelligent person.

The Rogan interview is interesting, however. I agreed with a lot of what Tucker said about various things. And I think you can see that he’s genuine. (Just slow.) Along with being slow, he appears to have very limited access to information. The New York Times reported that he was reading this website, then it turned out it was just the writers. Though he obviously used a lot of my material on his show, I don’t think he is familiar with all of my arguments on potentially controversial topics such as China.

Ultimately, regardless of any other details, Tucker Carlson gave a impartial interview to Vladimir Putin, which proves he’s not a shill. It was really gay when he told Putin to release that Jew spy, who should be executed or worse, but overall, the interview was very good, and was the first time a lot of Americans were able to see that Putin is not some kind of power-mad lunatic, and is in fact a really cool guy.

Now, Tucker has taken things a step further, and has questioned the Jews. He did several segments about the US relationship to Israel, stating obvious, uncontroversial facts such as “Israel provides no advantage of the United States.”

But the Jews really began to go ape when he interviewed a Palestinian priest to talk about how the Jews are killing Christians.

Judea Declares War

The interview with Pastor Munther Isaac, which he published on Twitter on April 9th, caused the floodgates to open. Judea declared war on Tucker Carlson. Throughout the Jewish media, there are now constant attacks on him by “conservative” outlets which are, invariably, Jewish.

The fat Jewish-Zionist slut Bari Weiss owns an outlet called “The Free Press.” I was unfamiliar with the publication, but it is apparently successful, as it is capable of funding her ice cream habit, which likely costs hundreds of dollars per day.

Shortly after Carlson interviewed the priest, the tub of kosher love Weiss published an article by fat Jew Eli Lake attacking Tucker.

Lake does a lot of nitpicking, claiming that Tucker is doing interviews that Fox News would have banned which involve “conspiracy theories.” Then he gets to his real issue:

But what was most appalling was Tucker’s descent into moral relativism, his muddying of the line between good and evil. For Tucker, America is not exceptional; it is no better than its enemies. And this is particularly corrosive, because he is persuading a large segment of the American right to abandon its rightful contempt for foreign tyrants, terrorists, and cranks.

First came Moscow. He told us he was dazzled by the city’s gleaming subways and orderly fast-food restaurants. Then he interviewed Russian despot and world-champion liar Vladimir Putin, allowing him to deliver a slanted history of his country’s dominion over western Ukraine. Never once did Tucker ask him about Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader who died ten days after the interview in one of Putin’s Arctic dungeons.

(Tucker’s fawning chat with the Russian tyrant stood in sharp contrast to his coverage of Ukraine’s elected leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. In one of his first shows on X, Tucker called Zelensky “sweaty and rat-like, a comedian turned oligarch, a persecutor of Christians.”)

Tucker has even adopted some of the same progressive talking points he once used to ridicule. For example, in February, Tucker said he despised former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley because of her hawkish foreign policy against Iran, claiming that her real agenda was to resurrect the military draft. “I’ve got four draft-age children,” he told comedian Russell Brand. “So if you’re playing recklessly, fast, and loose with their lives, then I have a right to despise you.”

This nonsense is an echo of the bloggy fringes of the 2000s-era left. In those years it was the progressive netroots that indulged the dark fantasy that a draft would be reinstated because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had overstrained our military. Now it’s people like Tucker who claim to oppose wars because politicians secretly want to conscript young citizens to fight them.

But, even after all that, it’s Tucker’s interview last week with Munther Isaac, a self-described evangelical Christian pastor who lives in Bethlehem, that most alarmed me. 

Why would that alarm you so much, Eli?

Is it because you’re Jewish? Is that the reason? 

After an extended attack on Christians and a defense of Israel, Lake closes with this:

The skepticism that served him well in the Trump years when much of the fourth estate behaved like an opposition political party has led him all the way around the horseshoe. His opposition to the people he hates—liberals and neocons—has turned him into Noam Chomsky in a bow tie.

Tucker was correct when he punctured the relentless speculation and anonymous reporting that led so many journalists to believe President Trump was a Russian agent. He was right when he said the real story was the Democratic Party colluding with the FBI to smear the Trump campaign. But he is wrong when he asserts that Israel and America are no better than their enemies. Once Tucker was too smart to allow his ideological rivals to determine his opinions. Now he proudly apologizes for evil and calls it the truth.

I look forward to his next dispatch, praising the gleaming shopping malls of Tehran.

“Noam Chomsky in a bowtie” is apparently supposed to be an “own,” but if we go back and look at the foreign policies of Chomsky versus those of the neocons, Chomsky comes out looking pretty lovely. This is similar to talking about the “bloggy fringes.” All of this is a convoluted way to claim that “Tucker is not a true conservative” because he won’t endorse the neocon Jew war agenda.

It’s interesting that the chubby Jewess Weiss wouldn’t write this article herself. But she tweeted it.

The Eli Lake article is indicative of the larger attack on Tucker over the last two weeks. There are dozens of these articles, and the Jews are all over Twitter attacking him.

It was only a matter of time until America’s “King of the Jews” Ben Shapiro got involved. Shapiro is too clever by half, so wanted to avoid the optics of attacking Tucker directly over his views on Israel. Instead, he waited for a more strategic point of attack. He found that in the Rogan interview, when Tucker said that he thinks the US nuking Japan was evil.

Shapiro jumped all over this, and has launched a “debate” claiming that Tucker Carlson is saying “there is something deeply wrong with the United States.” This view, apparently, is in contrast to a view that there is nothing deeply wrong with the United States, which seems to me something only an insane person would think. The Jews claim there is something deeply wrong with the United States, and in fact, Jews claim that there is something wrong with all “goyim.” I personally believe there are several things deeply wrong with the United States.

But I assume Shapiro is very keen on collecting data about what “mainstream conservatives” believe, and so apparently, they are against the idea that there is something deeply wrong with the United States. I don’t think anyone really has very strong opinions on nuking Japan. It’s too long ago for anyone to think much about. But that was Shapiro’s line of attack.

Shapiro’s partner at Daily Wire, the disgusting traitor (who should be in prison or worse) Jeremy Boreing came out and claimed that Tucker “hates America.”

This is the new line they’re all using: “this is traditionally a leftist point of view.” He says, “this isn’t actually America First – this is something else.” That’s the Jewish line. He’s a leftist conspiracy theorist who has infiltrated the right-wing with his peace-mongering.

We’ll see how far they get with that. It’s hard to measure.

Jews Never Surrender – They Attack Until You’re Dead

The next move is obviously to figure out a way to get Tucker banned from Twitter, which is presumably possible, because Elon Musk was born without a spine.

It’s very interesting that Mitch McConnell is celebrating that he was able to get his war bill passed because Tucker is not on Fox. Old people who watch Fox News started supporting the Ukraine again when Tucker was removed. This would mean, logically, that if the young people did not have him to watch on Twitter, they would go back to supporting Israel. This means, definitely, that people like Shapiro and Weiss are trying to have him removed from Twitter.

Elon is apparently very close to Ben Shapiro, so I’m sure he’s hearing about how Tucker needs to go. However, Elon is still telling a bunch of retards who don’t know any better that Twitter has freedom of speech. Twitter does not have free speech. In fact, an entire category of people, including me, are banned for having various views that apparently fall outside of the bounds of “freedom of speech.”

When I was on Elon’s new Twitter, I didn’t even talk about the Jews. He said he wasn’t going to ban me, then I was banned randomly, for no reason other than that Jews don’t like me. I had a not insignificant number of followers and interactions, but I am obviously not Tucker Carlson. Banning him would be something very different.

What I think is likely is that Tucker will do some other interview with a Palestinian or someone pro-Palestine, and Bibi Netanyahu will come out and demand Tucker be banned from Twitter. Then there will be some back and forth, and Elon will claim he has no choice but to ban him, because of blah blah blah.

Although I’ve insulted his intelligence in some detail here, Tucker is smart enough to refer people to rather than his Twitter feed, obviously aware that Elon is not an honest broker. But if he thinks he can keep his website, he needs to look further into my case. He knows something about my case, because he talked about it several times on his show, but he needs to understand that there is no reason they can’t steal his .com website, and consider getting a Russian domain.

With the Jews as mad as they are, and with Tucker showing no signs of backing down, he needs to be prepared for anything.

This is exactly what they do not want: Jews do not want conservatives turning on Israel. Most of the mainstream left (save talk show hosts and politicians) have already turned on Israel. If the mainstream right turns on Israel, this whole charade is going to become a lot more difficult to uphold.

At some point, the policies of the government are going to be so divorced from popular opinion, and so totally destructive, that America will become ungovernable. High level universities are already shutting down because they have no way to deal with students protesting against Israel. The logical move for the Jews is to pivot to Republicans, and claim that America supports Israel because of the Republicans. (This is why I think there is a good chance Donald Trump will “win” the election in November.) But if you end up with right-wingers and left-wingers coming together to say they don’t support the Jewish war machine, it becomes obvious to everyone that this government is illegitimate.

I Want to Say

I had a right to criticize Tucker Carlson for promoting Biden hoaxes. But maybe I was too hard on him.

He’s a very brave man and America is lucky to have him.

These Student Protests Against Israel are the Most Important Political Movement of Our Lifetime Tue, 23 Apr 2024 09:06:52 +0000

Columbia University Jewish Professor Shai Davidai just had his card deactivated so he couldn’t enter the “Liberated Zone.”

This is all happening because he’s pro-Israel.

Columbia has now officially taken a pro-Hamas position.

— Paul A. Szypula 🇺🇸 (@Bubblebathgirl) April 22, 2024

Things are really ramping up with the student protests at these various universities.

Columbia, where it all started, is ground zero.

The Independent:

Columbia University faculty members are staging a demonstration in support of student pro-Palestine protestors as a rabbi warns Jewish students to leave campus.

Students at Columbia ramped up pro-Palestinian protests and encampments last week after school officials testified before Congress about potential antisemitism on their campus.

A rabbi affiliated with the school has also told a group of nearly 300 Jewish students to go home — meanwhile, Columbia/Barnard Hillel said they do not believe Jewish students should leave campus. The messages came ahead of Passover, which began Monday.

The New York Police Department arrested some 100 students last week after the university’s president requested they respond. Police Chief John Chell later noted that the students who were arrested “were peaceful,” per the Columbia Spectator. Now, faculty have staged a walkout protesting the arrest of student protesters.

The school moved classes online on Monday.

The weight of that last sentence is not really being acknowledged in the mainstream media. They moved the classes online because they shut down the university, effectively declaring a state of emergency.

They banned a Jewish faculty member because they said they didn’t have the resources to ensure his safety.

New York Post:

A Jewish Columbia University professor who has been a vocal critic of the administration’s response to the ongoing anti-Israel student protests on Monday said he was barred from its main campus.

Israel-born Shai Davidai, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School and an outspoken supporter of the Jewish state, said that when he swiped his key card at the school’s Morningside Heights campus, it read “deactivated.”

He said administrators told him they banned him for campus because they could not ensure his safety.

Shai Davidai

Many of the demonstrators who arrived to show solidarity with Columbia’s Jewish community were also turned away at the gates of the Ivy Leave school — though some with active Columbia IDs were allowed in.

Davidai’s rejection from the campus of his own university prompted a crowd of pro-Israel protesters to shout, “Let him in!” and “Shame!”

They are not letting me on main campus,” he told a crowd of pro-Israel rallies at the school’s gate.

There is no reason to believe this is going to slow down any time soon.

It’s starting now because the weather broke. I don’t see any reason it would stop until either it gets cold again, or Israel stops their wars. Neither of those things is going to happen soon.

So are these universities all just going to lock down because they can’t respond to the demands of the students?

Or will the cops get way more aggressive, and go full Kent State on the kids?

At Kent State, a college in Ohio, the National Guard was sent in in 1970 to put down a protest against the Vietnam war.

The brave soldiers (heroes, really) opened fire on the kids, killing four and injuring nine.

The situation was very similar, or nearly identical, to what is going on now at Columbia and elsewhere. (The shootings were in May, after students had organized when the weather broke around popular sentiment against the war.) If there’s any notable difference, it’s that the US government is a lot more devoted to war in Israel than they were to war in Southeast Asia.

The Kent State Massacre was one of the events people point at as having led to the end of the Vietnam war. Students at universities and high schools across America staged a massive strike, walking out of schools all over the country. Four million students participated (that was a much bigger number back then).

It’s obvious that the US government is making this comparison to Kent State when they see these student protests rising now. But what ability do they have to stop it? The fact that they started with arrests shows that they have no idea how to stop it. They should have known that the arrests would just make it worse, but apparently they didn’t know that.

It’s very good. This is very, very good. Things are escalating.

Ultimately, we need to see massive student strikes, like in the 1970s. That’s where this must head.

I am not so silly as to believe that anything is going to change the US government’s devotion to the Jews. That will not happen. But we can certainly force the government to say “we don’t care what you think, we are going to keep supporting Israel no matter what.”

That’s what the goal has to be: pulling off this veil and showing that at its heart, the US government is a Jewish occupation of the United States that in no way represents the American people.

Before the Jewish assault on Gaza, we were nowhere close to massive organized protests against Israel. Now, here we are. Things can happen fast. History can happen in front of you.

The Jews are not invincible. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. We stand on the precipice of Americans demanding an end to the Jewish occupation not just of Palestine, but of the United States as well. It is only the Jewish occupation of the United States that allows for the Jewish occupation of Palestine, and at some point, this is going to become obvious to these protesters.

Understand the Weight of This

The movement against Israel is a lot more important than anything we’ve ever seen in this country in my lifetime.

This is bigger than MAGA. It’s clear that MAGA is number two, but this is much bigger.

MAGA was undoubtedly about attacking symptoms of this Jewish occupation of the United States, but with these anti-Israel protests, we are approaching a strike on the black heart of the beast.

It’s maybe difficult for right-wingers to grasp, because this is primarily a leftist movement. But that is really irrelevant. What matters is the direction a thing is going in and the potential directions it is going to lead.

We all remember the old quote:

Many of you had leftist views in your younger days, and most of you probably changed these views rather quickly, over a matter of months or even weeks.

The core idea of these protests is that what the Jews are doing in Palestine is unacceptable, and must be stopped at any cost. However, the real cost of stopping what is happening in Palestine is stopping what is happening in America. The relevance of political affiliation here is minimal. People’s political ideas change all the time. The path is here for these people to very quickly change their ideas about the nature of the American state.

It’s worth noting that a lot of the people who joined Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP in the 1930s were former communists.

What’s more, when these protests really start rolling, right-wingers are obviously going to be involved. I’ve instructed all of my readers to go to these protests and not to make any trouble with the leftists. When the school walkouts start, and the groups start to form in city encampments, there will be as many right-wingers as there are leftists participating in certain places. The leftists will not kick you out as long as you don’t make trouble and make a point that your main focus is on dismantling the state of Israel and the American state that empowers and enables it.

In terms of turning leftists into right-wingers: that doesn’t even have to happen in those terms. We can formulate a new political order. I don’t really care about free healthcare, abolishing student loan debt, or really any of the other socialist issues that don’t involve social issues. Further, if we’re removing the Jews, many of these social problems will just start to fade and disappear. Feminism and homosexual normalcy are products of the Jewish occupation. They’re not something that developed naturally, but rather were forced on us, and continue to be forced on us every day. When you remove the people forcing these issues, some people will still support them, but that support will wane over time when you no longer have a massive public-private apparatus telling people they need to believe in this specific set of values.

This is the most important thing: anyone telling you not to support these university protests because they are leftists is a Jewish shill. Anyone who is against Israel is your ally. Period. There are no caveats on that. I don’t care what their race is, or if they’re a tranny, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is organizing the people – all people – against the Jews.

Memetic Monday: It Smells Like Spring Out Here! Mon, 22 Apr 2024 15:59:05 +0000

Chin up, lad.

The weather is warm and it’s time to be jolly.

Go for a walk, look at the birds, see the dogs running about, maybe say something vulgar to a woman, and smell the freshness of spring.

(I seriously can’t tell if that’s AI or not. We passed the point of being able to easily distinguish AI from reality maybe about a month ago.)

Also, I found this:

Cool to see someone is still holding down the fort over there and defending these pro-Palestine college kids against an army of Jew chatbots saying you should support Israel because the college kids are lefties. Lefty college kids support Palestine, so you have to support Israel. These Jewbots have six million different ways to tell you this.

Here’s my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

The primo collection is a bit light this week. I sort of blew my load on Wednesday of last week.

The US Cries Out in Pain as It Threatens You and Accuses You of Being “Evil” Sun, 21 Apr 2024 14:52:31 +0000
Why does this Jew always look so nervous? If we were going to make a failed Jew rock singer Secretary of State, we should have picked David Lee Roth.

Don’t forget that China is the real aggressor.

Let’s just keep saying that, while top US officials issue nigh daily threats against the Chinese.

Jew Blinken’s latest threats come just two days after four-eyed closeted faggot Mike Johnson called Chinese people “evil” and declared he was sending money to support a war in Taiwan.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken intends to warn Chinese officials of consequences for exporting materials to Russia with potential military applications, when he travels to Beijing on Wednesday.

Blinken, who is scheduled to make stops in Beijing and Shanghai during a three-day trip to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), plans to meet with Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He will “reiterate deep concerns regarding the PRC’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base,” a US State Department spokesman told reporters.

At issue are China’s exports of machine tools, microelectronics, optics, and other products that could be used to make weapons amid the conflict in Ukraine. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a similar warning when she visited China earlier this month.

Yeah, that old Jew was in a hallway issuing threats just a couple weeks ago.

All these people do is threaten.

China doesn’t come to Washington and threaten the US to stop funding the Ukraine war, or to stop the genocide in Palestine.

People who issue endless threats are not serious people. Serious people just do things.

The concern there is that through Chinese support, Russia has largely reconstituted its defense industrial base, which has an impact not just on the battlefield in Ukraine, but poses a larger threat, we believe, to broader European security,” the State Department spokesman said. “So that’s deeply concerning to us. We’ll express those concerns to China, and we will express our intent to have China curtail that support.”

What’s “deeply concerning” is how nervous you look, Jew.

Why are you so nervous?

The State Department has warned that it will take “further steps as necessary” to deter China from aiding Russia’s defense industry. “We’re committed to taking the steps necessary to defend our national interests, and we’re prepared to take steps when we believe necessary against firms that are taking steps in contravention to our interests and in ways that – as we’ve indicated here – severely undermine security in both Ukraine and Europe,” the spokesman said.

Blinken raised the issue when he met with G7 leaders earlier this week in Italy. He will not specify the potential punishments during talks in Beijing, but new sanctions could target Chinese financial institutions, the Financial Times reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

The US is being “very direct” about its concerns and will “hold China accountable” for its actions in providing dual-use technologies to Russia while trying to strengthen its ties with Europe, Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said. “What we’ve tried to underscore with European and Chinese interlocutors is that these dual objectives are inconsistent, and that we want China to think very carefully about the way forward.”

It’s not inconsistent, Kurt, you fat wanker.

What China believes is what everyone who isn’t delusional believes: the US is on the way out as a global superpower. It’s really already over. China knows that when the US falls, Europe will still be there, and still be interested in buying high quality products at reasonable prices. Just so, the Chinese will be interested in buying high tech from German masterminds. They will be interested in Swiss watches, French wine, Italian designer brands, and so on.

No Europeans believe that Russia is planning to invade and conquer Western Europe. Every normal person knows this claim is insane. The US just goes around with this “global poker face” and says things they know everyone knows are lies. The only people who believe any of this goofy bullshit from the US-Jewish war machine are Fatmerican slobs who can barely manage to move their massively fat bodies from the sofa to the refrigerator.

PICTURED: “Russian Threat” believers. [STOCK PHOTO]
No one else is buying this tripe.

The US is fully aware no one buys it. They know that the impending Russian march on Paris is viewed globally as drooling idiotic gibberish.

Imagine the nerve it takes to go around the world spewing this nonsense, knowing that everyone you are talking to knows that you are lying, and knows that you know they know you are lying.

Most of us have trouble telling small lies to people who are basically retarded. We get asked “were you looking at that girl’s ass?” and we’re like “what? no, what? Why would you think that? Haha, no, I wasn’t, no. Of course not.”

Anthony Blinken will go look a 130 IQ Chinaman directly in his small eyes and say “we’re very concerned that Russia is planning to invade Sweden at any moment and we think it’s your fault.” The Chinaman will hear the translation and sit there with his jaw hanging open, absolutely thunderstruck by the nerve of this Jew. The Jew will remain unfazed, and then say: “We also think you’re going to invade Taiwan soon, because you’re evil.”

China is Just Trying to Ignore US War Plans and Keep Building Their Global Economic Empire

It’s not just China that is building relations with Europe – Europe is building relations with China. There is an old saying “it takes two to tango.” That saying isn’t actually true, as you can tango alone. I’ve done it. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone tango solo.

Regardless of the factuality of that idiom, China can’t strengthen ties with Europe if Europe doesn’t want to strengthen ties. What this means is that Europeans are preparing, like the Chinese are preparing, for an end to US hegemony.

The US is telling Europe to stop strengthening relations with the Chinese, and Europe is still doing it. That gnarly cunt Ursula – a US shill – is going around demanding everyone obey mommy and stop strengthening relations with China, and no one is listening. The bitch was so bold as to try to change the term “decoupling” to “de-risking.”

German men were like “mein trollop, it sounds to me like you are talking about de-moneying.”

Men want to make money. That’s what men want to do. You know the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”?

Well, that song is true. The reverse is that “Men Just Want to Make Money.”

Obviously, there is more to life than making money, but the part of your life that is not about making money is not your professional life. Your professional life is primarily about money. (Unless you’re me, but that’s very specific and complicated. My personal and professional life are both about revenge.)

Of course, women end up gobbling up most of the money men make, which is why women are not concerned about making money, and are instead able to focus on “fun.” In fact, what women define as “fun” primarily involves systematically extracting money from men.

There’s another 1980s pop song that was sung by a woman but written by a man about that.

(Madonna was obviously much better than Cyndi Lauper, but these are both defining cultural songs, and they are both true.)

Men’s drive to make money is not actually about mass wealth, but rather, it is simply what you do. There is nothing else to do. If you’re going to work, you might as well be making a lot of money.

But I digress.

No, wait. I haven’t digressed. This was my actual point: the people who actually keep society running are focused on money, and the Chinese are offering money. The US, meanwhile, is offering endless war and gay sex.

I wrote a piece yesterday about how the only countries that celebrate gay sex are aligned with the US, and all countries that don’t celebrate gay sex are lining up on the other side of this new global order. The reaction to gay sex, and in particular the US-Jewish agenda to push gay sex on children, is so visceral that it is maybe even more influential than money for a lot of countries. You can imagine it on the personal level: how much money would you pay for your son not to be gay? The answer for most men is “all of it.”

However, it has become clear that the US has zero interest in anyone making any money. Obviously, they enrich a small international cartel. The Jews always make money (I would actually say they “take money” – they don’t actually make anything), and they will throw some scraps to the corrupt democracy leaders they install in various countries, but in terms of “becoming a wealthy nation,” this is not on the table anymore if you’re aligned with the US.

Germany is facing deindustrialization because the US has forced them into this nonsensical and fully sadistic war with Russia. The US literally blew up their gas pipes in the biggest act of industrial terrorism in history. But along with screwing over rich people who own factories and so on, the US is the one pushing for the end of European agriculture. Everyone in Europe understands that all of this global warming gibberish from the UN is actually from the US. It’s common sense. Why would the Netherlands want to destroy their own agricultural sector? Who does it benefit?

The US-Jewish empire is telling all of the people in Europe – beyond a small cartel of people in Brussels and London – that they have to sacrifice all of their wealth in order to fight endless ideological wars to force everyone on earth to engage in man-on-man anal.

Meanwhile, China is like “we are just trying to make money.” Europe may ask: “Yeah? And what else?” and the Chinese reply: “No, it’s just the one thing. Just money.”

Chinese culture is very alien to white people, and it’s therefore easy to portray them as somehow suspicious in media designed for landless Fatmerican plebs. But when we’re talking about serious adult men, everyone understands “we just want to make money.”

When it comes down to it, the only thing the US can do in response to this situation is call people evil and then threaten to kill them. But can they kill everyone?

This is what recently happened in Niger:

  • The Niger people said they want to be free of Western-anal influence and align themselves with Russia and China to make money
  • The US spent months saying they were going to organize a war against Niger to “enforce democracy” (i.e., force the people back into a system of Western domination)
  • The Niger people said “quit talking and make a move, nigga”
  • The US surrendered and agreed to withdraw their military forces from the country

It might sound bizarre, but Niger should be a model for Europe. This is what you have to do if you don’t want to be poor and gay. You have to tell the Americans “if you’re going to kill us, then come kill us – we’re not doing this shit anymore.”

Back in My Day, Preschools Didn’t Teach Man-on-Man Anal to 4-Year-Olds Sat, 20 Apr 2024 10:36:57 +0000

The NGO that makes these programs, LGBT Youth UK, is entirely staffed by women, homosexuals, and trannies.

Adult homosexuals are preying on little kids in government schools and no one is doing anything to stop it. Instead, Scottish right-wingers are making endless YouTube videos decrying wokeness in the latest Star Trek show.

GB News:

Scottish primary schools have started appointing children as “LGBT Champions”.

Pupils north of the border are also being urged to ask pupils as young as four if they are gay, lesbian or trans.

Documents discovered by The Telegraph found schools are setting up LGBT clubs and “gender and sexual orientation alliance groups” under the scheme set up by LGBT Youth Scotland.

LGBT Youth Scotland received nearly £1million of taxpayers’ cash last year and is even urging head teachers to install gender neutral lavatories.

The report comes shortly after the release of the Cass Review into NHS gender identity services last week.

It found evidence for allowing children to change gender was often built on weak foundations.

However, revelations north of the border, which come after Humza Yousaf rolled out Scotland’s controversial hate crimes law, brought renewed criticism on LGBT issues.

Carolyn Brown, an educational psychologist, said: “Children of primary school age are very suggestible and are still at a very early stage of their psychological and emotional development.

“What we are seeing here is the product placement of gender ideology in schools which is potentially very harmful.

“Kids in primary school cannot possibly know if they are LGBT because biologically, psychologically and emotionally they will not yet have the capacity.”

LGBT Youth Scotland claims more than 200 Scottish secondaries and over 40 primaries have joined its charter for education.

The fee to join the charter ranges from £850 to £2,000.

Schools opting into the scheme must appoint at least two pupils and two members of staff as “LGBT Champions”.

A few years ago, people wouldn’t believe that the government would be bragging about teaching anal pounding, rimming, fisting, and even double-fisting to 4-year-olds.

Is this now a “back in my day” thing for me, I wonder? I don’t really think it is, because I’m pushing 40, and I’m pretty sure when I turned 30, if you heard “Scottish preschools are appointing 4-year-olds as champions of man-on-man anal,” you would think it was a distasteful joke. If someone said it was real, you wouldn’t believe it at all.

Now, you see this headline, and it’s just like “yeah, of course they are.”

People don’t seem to be consciously aware of just how fast these various changes have taken place. In particular, the idea of “anal toddlers,” which is very extreme, has been developed over a period of less than a decade.

And before someone is thinking “oh but they’re saying ‘LGBT,’ not ‘anal'” – what the hell is LGBT? What does it mean? It means a man masturbating into another man’s anus, ejaculating into his anus, and then eating his own semen mixed with poop out of the man’s anus. That’s what it means. It’s not esoteric. It’s not some big secret.

This clip from the 1990s documentary “The Gift” shows what “LGBT” means:

(Here’s the full documentary, which you really should watch – it doesn’t show anything graphic, but it lets you walk away understanding what “LGBT” actually means.)

Everyone knew this ten years ago. Everyone knew that if you were talking about an “LGBT” 4-year-old, you were talking about a little boy being fucked up the ass by an adult man.

Forgive the language. People get mad about these descriptions. But it’s important. In previous times, I wouldn’t need to describe these things, because everyone had an idea what “LGBT” meant. Now they want to cover it up, to change the meaning of this concept of homosexuality in people’s minds. They want you to think that “LGBT” just means “a guy who acts a bit feminine.” That’s not what it means. These men have orgies weekly or multiple times per week where 50 men ram their penises into their anuses.

Maybe that’s really what’s changed. They’ve used some kind of sorcery to change the implications of the terms. It was actually inevitable after the legalization of gay marriage, when everyone was saying “it’s okay to be gay.” If it’s okay, then why would you not have gay children?

You have heterosexual children, right? When a little boy has a crush on a little girl, and says “I want to marry her when I grow up,” you don’t say out loud “he’s saying he’s going to put his penis in her vagina,” but everyone understands the implication. Right? We have social taboos about saying things aloud, but everyone understands that heterosexuals engage in heterosexual sex.

Remember Disney movies in the 1990s? Remember The Little Mermaid, where Ariel needs to change the fish half of her body into a human form? She needs to do that so she can engage in vaginal intercourse with the prince.

The scene where she gets her new legs is rather erotic, actually. It shows her naked ass and is a bit foot fetishy. (Maybe kind of inappropriate for kids, looking back.)

When Aladdin “falls in love” with Princess Jasmine and wants to marry her, what does that mean?

It means she is sexually attractive and he wants to have penetrative sexual relations with her.

Everyone understands that heterosexual “romantic love,” which is socially appropriate to talk about publicly and in front of children, implies sexual penetration (penis in vagina). The latter is taboo to talk about in front of children, because they are not old enough to be sexually active in that way, but they are still being “sexualized” by society by learning about romantic love.

Through the normalization of adult homosexuality, the homosexuals have now normalized child homosexuality.

The difference is, homosexuality is only about anal. With heterosexuals, there is a relationship based around family and children. So a little boy can say “I’m going to marry her and we’ll have kids together” without knowing what sex involves. Gay is only about anal. There is no “family.” Now they try to claim gays have families, but gay marriage is not monogamous. These are just two gay guys who live together and go to orgies together. Further, gays only “adopt” (state-assisted kidnapping) little boys in order to molest and sodomize them.

What’s more, they are actually teaching anal to preschoolers. It’s not just about some “identity” gibberish. The Planned Parenthood website, for example, has “resources” on how to teach sex to preschoolers.

Here’s a video about teaching 3-year-olds to be trannies:

Planned Parenthood is directly involved in formulating school curriculums, so this is what they are teaching in schools. They have two separate federal funding programs, and they work with many states to directly formulate the sex education school program.

In both the US and UK, they are training little boys to be sodomized. These programs, started in those two countries, are now being aggressively implemented anywhere the Anal Empire has influence. Remember that in the liberated Donbass, Russian soldiers found tranny materials in the elementary schools.

The Bigger Picture

The first thing the US does when it gets its claws into a country is go after the children and try to turn them into homosexuals. It’s obvious that Western authorities want as many homosexuals as possible in their own countries and all over the world.

Why is that?

Well, firstly, these people all believe in population reduction. Some of them definitely believe in the global warming hoax, but even those who understand that global warming is fake science (designed to justify government action) support population control, as they believe there are limited resources which must be sustained for thousands of years. So, homosexuality goes along with the liberation of women as a means to reduce the population.

On an even more dastardly level, however, these people in control understand that normalized homosexuality is not compatible with any traditional human culture, religion, or value system. If you have normalized homosexuality, you can’t have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other of the world’s traditional religious/social orders. (It’s also worth noting that Communism, which was designed as an imitation of a traditional society, also did not tolerate homosexuals.) Normalized homosexuality means a clean break with all tradition, and puts human societies in a place where they are ready to accept whatever the media tells them to accept.

Note: I am specifying “normalized homosexuality,” because even in a very traditional society, you don’t necessarily need to kill homosexuals. You can just suppress homosexuality publicly and teach that it is a moral abomination. But you don’t have to necessarily hunt down the homosexuals. You can just ignore it when you see two unmarried men living together, as long as they play along and say “oh, you know, it’s just that neither of us ever found a woman, and it is nice to have company.” For example, the USSR was a surveillance state, and highly anti-homosexual, but even though they could identify homosexuals, they didn’t necessarily arrest them and send them to gulags if they were keeping their dirty deeds private. The same is true in modern China.

What the US Empire aims to do is destroy all traditional societies and turn all people on earth into indistinguishable consumer units with no roots, no identity, no connection to their family or their ancestors. The promotion and normalization of homosexuality is the quickest and dirtiest way to do this. Even if you don’t engage in homosexuality, if you accept it as normal, you can’t be a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist. By accepting this as normal, you are denying your traditional culture, completely. Your identity is then entirely formed by electronic media, all either coming directly from the Jewnited Snakes or derived from American entertainment products.

Of course, on the ground level, there are groups like LGBT Youth UK and Planned Parenthood who are run by homosexuals who are obsessed with little kids. But that is not different than staffing the CIA’s black-ops units with people who would otherwise be serial killers – you just hire the people best for the job. The state-backing for child homosexuality is not necessarily due to the fact that the state is run by homosexuals. Central Washington, DC, is indeed the gayest place on earth, per capita, but this is related to the fact that homosexuals make very good operatives in democracies, given that they can’t ever have moral qualms about anything, and do not care about the future or the world we are creating because they do not have children.

The agenda is much bigger than homosexuals simply wanting access to children. This is about creating an entirely new world. That is why the rainbow flag is the defining variable in which side of the global divide a country falls on. Russia is a Christian country, Iran is a Moslem country, China is a socialist/Confucian/mixed-Buddhist country*, but they are all aligned against the US, and none flies the rainbow flag.

Here is a world map showing “anal countries” in pink:

As you can see, it’s more or less a 1-to-1 map of the allies of the United States.

There are outliers, such as Saudi Arabia, but they are exceptions that prove the rule. (Furthermore, it’s not clear that Saudi will forever be an ally of the US. Things are changing fast, and alliances are shifting.) Then there are some countries which are still deciding where they fall, such as Thailand, where certain forces are attempting to normalize anal and others are pushing against it. Thailand is a good example of a country that tried to ride the fence between Western and Chinese investment, and is now being forced to choose. India is another example of an in-between country; I like Modi a lot as a national leader, even if I don’t agree with him on everything. He is a traditionalist, and a nationalist, but he’s caught up by strong Indian opposition to China, which keeps India nominally aligned with the US, which currently keeps the anal flag flying. Poland is having a similar struggle, as there are still a lot of traditional Catholics there, but so many are obsessed with the “Russian threat” that they remain entangled in an alliance with the US.

There are other outliers, but all of those outliers are going to have to make a choice: do you want to be an anal state?

If a country does not want to be an anal state, that means they can’t be an ally of the US, long term. The US has even pushed social reforms in Saudi Arabia, including women’s rights (which is always the precursor to homosexuality). If India and Poland don’t want to go anal, they will need to come to some kind of agreement with China and Russia, respectively.


*Chinese traditional cultural values are an interesting subject, which is very large and opaque. Even before the Cultural Revolution, China did not have a unified religious framework, per se. However, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, “folk religion”/”ancestor worship,” and even Chinese Christianity all have a shared Chinese identity. Confucianism isn’t really even exactly a religion, and it can sort of overlap with other religions. The early Communist regime in China was against religion, but this isn’t a thing anymore.

There is a comparison here to traditional American culture, where you had every sect of Christianity, but it was a “Christian country” where everyone more or less agreed on first principles. The same is true in India, where “Hinduism” is not really a traditional unified religious system, but rather a system of various overlapping cults which share similar principles.

The point is to say: China is a “traditionalist country,” in the same way historical Christian America and Hindu India were “traditionalist countries.” This means they are against normalizing anal sex with men, which in turn means that no long term alliance with the US is possible, because the US demands all allies engage in absolute obedience to their programs.

Netanyahu Tells West Israel Will Decide How to “Defend” Itself (i.e., Israel Will Decide If the West Goes to War) Thu, 18 Apr 2024 09:06:51 +0000

Netanyahu: “We will make our own decisions”

— Eretz Israel (@EretzIsrael) April 17, 2024

This means “Israel will decide how to deploy the US military.”

The US is locked into a suicide pact with Israel, which means that if Israel starts a war, the US has to join.

Everyone knows this.

What Netanyahu is saying here is just gibberish. He’s not deciding for Israel. Israel would be barely involved in a war with Iran (yes, they have a bunch of high-tech missile stuff – all gifted by the American taxpayer – but their military is small and they don’t have a bunch of ships like the US). He is deciding for Americans if we will have a war with Iran.

This is evil Nazi propaganda. It’s also an accurate portrayal of the way the world works. But if you notice it, you’re evil.

It’s just absurd that this discussion is even possible. Or rather, it is absurd that the real discussion surrounding Israel, and the Jewish stranglehold on America, is impossible.


Israel will make its own decisions about how to defend itself, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, as Western countries pleaded for restraint in responding to a volley of attacks from Iran.

The United States, European Union and G7 group of industrialised nations all announced plans to consider tighter sanctions on Iran, seen as aimed at mollifying Israel and persuading it to rein in its retaliation for the first ever direct Iranian strikes after decades of confrontation by proxy.

Netanyahu met the German and British foreign ministers, who both travelled to Israel as part of a coordinated push to keep confrontation between Israel and Iran from escalating into a regional conflict fueled by the Gaza war.

Netanyahu’s office said he thanked David Cameron and Annalena Baerbock for their support, while telling them: “I want to make it clear – we will make our own decisions, and the State of Israel will do everything necessary to defend itself.”

Earlier, Cameron said it was now apparent Israel planned to retaliate for the Iranian missile and drone strikes, which Tehran launched on Saturday in response to a presumed Israeli airstrike that killed military officers at its embassy in Syria.

Baerbock said escalation “would serve no one, not Israel’s security, not the many dozens of hostages still in the hands of Hamas, not the suffering population of Gaza, not the many people in Iran who are themselves suffering under the regime, and not the third countries in the region who simply want to live in peace.”

Britain and Germany are also in this suicide pact with the Jews, because they are both subsidiaries of Washington, Inc.

No one wants the Jews to start this war.

But they are going to start this war.

As I’ve said six million times: there is no reason they would have allowed Hamas to attack in the first place if they weren’t planning on maximally escalating.

The Israelis are aware that both:

  • US support for Israel is failing
  • The US itself is failing

They are running out of time to clear out all their enemies, and their biggest enemy is Iran. In fact, that’s the enemy that fuels all their other enemies, including Hamas (even though Hamas is a Sunni group, it’s primarily funded by Shias, because Shias are the only ones in the region who will actually do anything about these Jews).

The hilarious thing is that all of these people who are begging Bibi to stop are obsessed with the Ukraine war, and if this Middle East mania pops off, there won’t be any Ukraine war. There is no possible way the West can keep up two major wars at once.

Never mind their plans for starting a war in the Pacific by using the Filipinos as sharkbait.

The next big war the West gets dragged into will be its last war. All three of its enemies are capable of either:

  • Winning, or
  • Making sure the West does not win

And it’s the same thing.

If the West does not win, they lose, because they are going to have to keep pouring resources into a bottomless pit, looking like lunatics in front of the rest of the world, while the Chinese stand by shaking their heads and making ultra-money.

People are sick of these wars, and everyone knows that Washington is causing all of them. No one else in the world wants them. Israel wouldn’t exist without Washington, nor would the Ukraine, and the Filipinos would be begging the Chinese for investment money rather than threatening them with a war.

The same is even true of smaller conflicts with little global relevance, such as in Armenia or Kosovo (Serbia, actually). The Washington Jews are now telling Thailand to invade Cambodia. They are backing the terrorists in Bangladesh.

No one else wants all of these wars. People are sick of it.

Everyone in the world is cheering Hamas, they are cheering Iran, they are cheering Russia. Meanwhile, they’re all trying to get rich with the Chinese.

We stand at the precipice.

A new world order is coming into view.

There is This One Thing I’ve Been Thinking About Though…

It’s not made any sense to me how these people were creating all this chaos and obviously destroying America, which is their only hope for world domination.

Then I read the books from the show Silo.

I didn’t really like the show (too blacked), but I found the mysterious cliffhanger ending super annoying, so I got these books and read them. In the books, you find out that the people who built the Silos – underground fallout bunkers designed to last for hundreds of years – purposefully started a nuclear war to eliminate all life on the surface.

I started thinking “well, that is actually possibly the plan of people in Washington…” It’s the only thing that would make any sense.

Then, I watched the new Fallout series – it’s the same plot. This was not in the games, but in the shows, the people who built the fallout shelters – Vault-Tec – purposefully started a nuclear war so they could wipe the surface of the Earth clean and then repopulate it.

The basic explanation, in both cases, is that elites in America decided to end all war and save natural resources by totally killing everyone on Earth save for a small group of people.

I’m not saying this is what is going on. But it’s very interesting that there are two popular shows with this same plot.

Remember when Channel Four made a show about the government faking a flu virus so they could distribute a vaccine that would reduce the population?

See: So, I Watched the First Season of Utopia (2013)

Remember when the X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen featured the government flying planes into the World Trade Center to blame it on Moslems and start an “international war on terrorism”?

This stuff shows up in TV shows, for whatever reason. (The reason why is a whole other thing. I don’t think it’s a satanic ritual, as many people who point out this phenomenon of shows predicting reality will claim. It probably has more to do with the CIA and just Jews in general being involved in Hollywood, and people having a bit too much to drink.)

The idea that Silo and Fallout are showing a real apocalypse agenda is really just a wild theory. There is no reason to believe it’s true. It just seems plausible, if you think about it. Most likely, the people in Washington are as insane as they look. But I did find it intriguing.

It’s worth looking on 4chan for posts about a secret system of underground fallout shelters designed to sustain a population for hundreds of years.