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Joran van der Sloot

The number one way to get huge amounts of pussy is to rape and kill women.

You can go into the psychology, but it’s sort of irrelevant. Who gives a shit why women behave the way they do? I don’t care and think the solution is to beat them.

Regardless of the reasons, however, the single most desirable trait in a man is that he rapes and kills women.

New York Post:

Natalee Holloway killer Joran van der Sloot is having sex with three different women, despite serving a 28-year sentence in a Peruvian prison for murder.

He was approved for conjugal visits,” a spokesperson for Peru’s National Penitentiary Institute tells The Post. “He has the same rights as any other prisoner.”

The news comes as no surprise to people who know the 36-year-old van der Sloot, who last year finally confessed to the brutal 2005 murder of 18-year-old high school senior Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Natalee Holloway

“He’s a player, and has always been a player,” his childhood friend, Cas Arends, told the Post. “Women have always been attracted to him for some reason.”

After escaping authorities investigating Holloway’s death in the Netherlands territory and the US, van der Sloot ended up in Peru, where he was eventually convicted of killing his then-girlfriend, business student Stefany Flores Ramirez, in 2012 and sentenced to 28 years. Chillingly, she died five years to the day of Hollway’s death.

Dude slays pussy.

What do you want?

Under Peruvian law, prisoners are allowed private visits to have sex with partners from the outside.

Visitors are allowed to spend up to two hours in a private setting with inmates at a time and according to authorities, van der Sloot has listed three different women on his most recent application, which was subsequently approved. One of the approved women is his longtime girlfriend, Eva Pacohuanaco.

Over the years and at two different facilities, seven different women have been approved for conjugal visits with van der Sloot, including his ex-wife, Leidy Figueroa, who got pregnant while he was behind bars. Their daughter, Dusha Trudie, was born in 2014.

Dude is not even great looking. He’s actually sort of goofy.

He gets pussy because he kills women.

I don’t know what to tell you about this. It’s just a fact. Women love this. Nothing gets a woman hotter than a man who rapes and kills women.

You can figure it out.

Finnish Study Disproves “Kids Commit Suicide If You Don’t Turn Them Into Trannies” Claim Mon, 26 Feb 2024 07:00:50 +0000

You know the “better a trans daughter than a dead son” argument? Turns out it’s transwallop. Of course we all knew that, but now we have the evidence. And yet, when I posted it, it got eight likes and two retweets. I mean, do we care about this or not?

— Barry Thain 🟥 (@mindsci) February 24, 2024

“Embracing trannyism increases suicide” was the standard understanding in the United States, confirmed by all studies, until around 2021, when they started publishing new politicized studies claiming the opposite.

No honest study is going to show anything other than that the best route for someone claiming to be a tranny is to go through therapy that helps them connect with their sex. What we have now is a situation akin to if a fentanyl addict went into rehab and the professionals told him his problem is he’s not shooting up high enough doses.

Benjamin Ryan writes for the New York Post:

The movement backing gender-transition treatment for children is built on the claim that pediatric medical interventions are not only “medically necessary” – but truly “life saving.”

However, no researchers have ever tried to figure out whether this claim is true.

Until now.

Totally false. I don’t think the author is trying to be dishonest, journalists are just so utterly incompetent that it’s absurd. It’s actually disgusting, and Benjamin Ryan should be fired and blacklisted for such a retarded mistake.

Here’s a 2022 Heritage Foundation study that goes over a lot of the data. But it was also in all of the mainstream literature.

This is from a 2011 Swedish study:

There are many studies, and it was just considered common knowledge in endocrinology until they started shilling this “turn everyone into a tranny so they stop breeding and it changes the weather” agenda.

A major new study out of Finland found that providing cross-sex hormones and gender-transition surgeries to adolescents and young adults didn’t appear to have any significant effect on suicide deaths.

What’s more, gender distress severe enough to send young people to a gender clinic wasn’t independently linked to a higher suicide death rate either.

What was independently tied to a greater chance of suicide in young adults?

A high number of appointments with mental-health specialists; in other words, severe mental health challenges.

You can’t draw that conclusion. A higher number of appointments does not necessarily imply more severe challenges. These appointments are generally recommended by women at schools and by various social workers.

My assumption would be that the “mental health specialists” themselves are likely to drive people to suicide.

And so, the researchers concluded two things:  One, that suicide deaths were higher, but still rare in gender-distressed young people.

And two, that this group’s higher suicide rate was tied to the fact that they had a higher rate of severe psychiatric problems, not to their gender distress.

What these young people need most urgently, the study authors concluded, is comprehensive mental health care – and not necessarily controversial medical interventions.

This study gets to the heart of a fierce debate: Whether trans-identified youths’ high rate of mental health problems is mostly caused by society’s harsh judgment of trans people.

Or whether, as many skeptics argue, at least some young people might identify as trans as a way of dealing with mental health issues that are not driven by gender identity.

It’s pushed by the social workers. They push it on vulnerable people.

The debate is already settled. We have all the data.

There is no reason to discuss this anymore. It’s time to start figuring out ways to punish the people who did this.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article. 

Pregnant Mothers Taking Epilepsy Medication are Making Their Babies Retarded Sun, 25 Feb 2024 10:30:17 +0000

Previously: UK: Drug Known to Cause Birth Defects Since the 70s Still Prescribed to Pregnant Women

We simply cannot stress enough that the US government is threatening to regulate AI while Americans are being poisoned from every single direction. Everywhere you look, there is some new poison entering the bodies of Americans.

Pharma cannot be regulated. Big agriculture cannot be regulated. Petrochemical companies cannot be regulated.

Your small business can be regulated into oblivion, however. IRS agents with guns can come kill you because you didn’t pay enough taxes. The government can run small businesses out of business by pushing lunatic minimum wage laws.

The government can censor social media. The government can somehow steal Daily Stormer’s domains, and block them from using any American or European services for anything. The government can kidnap your kids and put them in a homosexual rape house to be turned into trannies.

The government can do coronavirus lockdowns, where cops can beat the shit out of you for refusing to wear a mask.

Property taxes exist, which means you do not actually own property in America. The government will force Christians to bake anal cakes.

There is this insane situation going on where the American government uses both Stalinism and libertarianism, situationally. When it comes to regulating poisons that are going into your body, it’s pure libertarianism. Meanwhile, when it comes to small businesses, freedom of speech, parental rights, private property, or freedom of association, it’s Stalinism.

Do you see this? Do you smell what I’m cooking? It’s a very important insight.

I don’t support libertarianism or Stalinism. However, pure libertarianism, or, in fact, pure Stalinism, would both be a million times better than what we have now.

People are whining I put Stalin in the banner. If you’re whining about that, you’re a baby. Promoting Stalin is funny. Stalin was an awesome criminal and psychopathic power-hungry lunatic who seized control of a superpower using the most brutal mastermind tactics possible, then had all the Jews he climbed over hunted down and killed. Imagine that Trotsky was in Mexico hanging out with goofy and untalented mural painters when the NKVD sunk an ice pick into his brain.

I don’t support Stalinism, however. I would support Russia annexing the Baltics, but Putin doesn’t want to do that, and there’s no real reason to do it, so I don’t support it. However, the claim that “Stalin murdered millions of people” is stupid on its face. Claiming famines are done on purpose is unfalsifiable. Collectivization would have led to famines regardless, so you’d have to argue that collectivization was itself a conspiracy by Stalin to kill his own workforce, and it’s like, “why?”

Stalin did kill a lot of people, for sure, but there were not mass exterminations. People against him (or suspected of being against him) were sent to Siberia and died of exposure. That happened. If we’re talking about millions of people, then let’s see the mass graves.

Point being: I would exchange the Biden Administration for the Stalin Administration without even thinking about it. Stalin executed homosexuals; he didn’t steal kids and give them to homosexuals.

The Guardian:

In 2009, Emma Murphy took a phone call from her sister that changed her life. “At first, I couldn’t make out what she was saying; she was crying so much,” Murphy says. “All I could hear was ‘Epilim’.” This was a brand name for sodium valproate, the medication Murphy had been taking since she was 12 to manage her epilepsy.

Her sister explained that a woman on the local news had claimed that taking the drug during her pregnancies had harmed her children. She was appealing for other women who might have experienced this to come forward.

Murphy found the news segment that evening and watched it. “I was just stunned,” she says. “Watching that, I knew. I knew there and then that my children had been affected.”

Janet Williams and Emma Murphy

At that point, Murphy was a mother to five children, all under six, and married to Joe, a taxi driver in Manchester. “My kids are fabulous, all of them, but I’d known for years that something was wrong,” she says. “They weren’t meeting milestones. There was delayed speech, slowness to crawl, not walking. There was a lot of drooling – that was really apparent. They were poorly, with constant infections. I was always at the doctors with one of them.

I knew there was something wrong and I’d say it to doctors, to friends, to family, but no one was listening. I was told: ‘It’s a phase.’ ‘You’re reading too much into things.’ ‘You’re depressed.’” At times, she had wondered if her medication was to blame. “Everyone knows about thalidomide, but then I’d think: there’s no way. It can’t be. I’ve been told so many times – by midwives, by doctors, by consultants – over so many years that it was safe to keep taking.” By the time Murphy saw the news item, one of her children, Lauren, had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

“It was 10 at night, but I called the news station straight away and asked for this woman’s number,” says Murphy. “I knew I should wait until morning, but I couldn’t. Janet answered the phone and we talked for two hours.” At this point, Murphy wells up and has to pause. Then she says simply: “She saved my life.”

This call between Murphy and Janet Williams was the start of an incredible partnership. It led to the report published this month by England’s patient safety commissioner, Dr Henrietta Hughes, which recommended a compensation scheme for families of children harmed by valproate taken in pregnancy. Hughes has suggested initial payments of £100,000 and described the damage caused by the drug as “a bigger scandal than thalidomide”. It is estimated that 20,000 British children have been exposed to the drug while in the womb.

Williams and Murphy have campaigned relentlessly to reach this point. It is by no means the endpoint – even now, an estimated three babies are born each month having been exposed to the drug. Together, the women formed In-Fact (the Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust) to find and support families like theirs. They were instrumental in the creation of an all-party parliamentary group to raise awareness in government. They went to Geneva to get foetal valproate spectrum disorder (FVSD) included in the latest version of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases.

Perhaps most crucially, they uncovered papers from the early 1970s that revealed the key decisions that informed how the drug would be prescribed. They found notes from the manufacturer, Sanofi, that stated that valproate could be teratogenic – harmful to foetuses. They also found the response from the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), then the main decision-making body on new medicines, which concluded that the risk was low and that patients should not be informed, in order to avoid “fruitless anxiety”.

All this has taken 15 years, but Williams has been battling for a lot longer. “Both my boys are now in their 30s,” she says. “We realised what had happened when our youngest was just 12 months.”

Williams, who lives in Pilling, Lancashire, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 16 and prescribed valproate. She had gone on to marry Steve, a bus driver, and have two sons, Lee and Philip. Both spent time in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). “Within 12 hours of being born, Lee was very jittery, shaky, refusing his feeds, and they rushed him off to NICU,” she says. “They explained that it was withdrawal from the valproate. He was there for seven days, but they said absolutely nothing about how it would affect him in later life. I gave birth to his brother, Philip, 16 months later and went through exactly the same thing.”

For the next year, many problems worried her. The boys were slow to reach for toys, roll over, crawl or attempt to talk or walk. When they were two and one respectively, they were given an appointment with a geneticist at St Mary’s hospital in Manchester. “The whole family went,” says Williams. “The geneticist told me both boys had been diagnosed with FVSD within 24 hours of being born. She said she’d looked at the research papers and couldn’t find any reason for the problems they were having other than valproate. At first, I was speechless. ‘So the medications caused this?’ was my first question. She said: ‘I’m afraid so.’ There was so little research; there wasn’t much she could tell us about what to expect. “I’d harmed my children. That’s how I felt. The guilt is enormous and it never leaves you.”

Murphy learned that symptoms of FVSD vary, which was why her children had been affected in such different ways. Neurodevelopmental disorders are the most common. Between 30% and 40% of children exposed to valproate during pregnancy have delays in development, lower intellectual abilities, poor language skills and memory problems. Children with a history of valproate exposure in pregnancy have a threefold risk of autistic spectrum disorder compared with the general population. There is also an 11% risk of congenital malformations, including heart and kidney defects, spina bifida, cleft palate and limb defects.

The government won’t do anything.

Maybe they will change the chemicals causing this to similar chemicals that do the same thing.

But these people do not care. This is a democracy, meaning that all government officials function on one principle only: who will pay them the most money.

Pharma has a lot of money.

More campaigning mothers.

Mississippi: Black Female Cop Arrested for Shoplifting Shoes While on Duty Sun, 25 Feb 2024 08:21:26 +0000

Robin Conner

What do you call a black person who made it through police school and was given a badge by the American state?

New York Post:

A Mississippi cop was arrested by her colleagues for allegedly shoplifting sneakers while on duty and in uniform — getting taken into custody in her own squad car.

Now-fired Columbus Officer Robin Conner, 33, was busted Wednesday at a Dick’s Sporting Goods when an employee stopped her walking out in a $140 pair of tennis shoes, her police chief, Joseph Daughtry, told the Columbus Dispatch.

“We’re putting her in jail,” said the chief, who was among those who responded to arrest his own uniform-clad officer.

It’s embarrassing for the department, but we’re going to treat her like we would anybody else.”

I’m more supportive now of Venezuelans than I am of the blacks, because the Venezuelans do better, funnier, and in some ways more destructive crimes.

However, we must give blacks their due.

These niggers do some funny shit.

VICE Media Lays Off Most Staff, Stops Publishing Sat, 24 Feb 2024 05:00:05 +0000

Meanwhile, at the Daily Stormer, CEO Andrew Anglin is preparing to steadily consume a bottle of Maker’s Mark and listen to a fully remastered version of the Grateful Dead live at Roosevelt Stadium in 1976. It’s four hours long.

The extraordinarily successful media mogul will not be firing anyone, though he may fire his gun into the air during “Sugar Magnolia.”

In fact, in 2024, Daily Stormer CEO Andrew Anglin gave his entire staff extremely generous Christmas bonuses, and most of them got raises.

New York Times:

Executives at Vice Media are planning to lay off several hundred of its more than 900 employees over the next week, eliminating staff from its digital publishing division, according to a company memo sent to staff on Thursday from Bruce Dixon, the chief executive.

The cuts will be the latest in a series of severe cutbacks that the company has endured in recent years, winnowing the globe-spanning digital colossus to a husk of its former self. Over the past half-decade, Vice has had near annual layoffs and mounting losses, and has filed for bankruptcy, making it the poster child for the battered digital-media industry.

It’s a battered child, alright.

It’s like a retarded boy somebody locked in a basement.

When Vice emerged from bankruptcy last year, some observers hoped its new owners — a consortium led by the private-equity firm Fortress Investment Group — would reinvest to return the company to growth.

Instead, Fortress has decided to make sweeping cuts, as part of an attempt to stem the endless tide of red ink. The company is planning to inform employees of its new business strategy in the next week.

Mr. Dixon also said in the memo, which was seen by The New York Times, that the company would no longer publish on

“As we navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, we need to adapt and best align our strategies to be more competitive in the long-term,” he wrote. He also said Vice was in advanced talks to sell Refinery29, the company’s women-focused publishing division.

Totally shutting down publishing on, trying to dump Refinery29 on some poor saps.

I win again.

Like always.

These people spent years trying to bury me.

These faggots were doing documentaries about me.

It was a lot of effort for a lot of nothing.

Last year saw the most traffic on the Daily Stormer of any year since the 2017 shutdown. I’m a cannonball through a house on fire.

Now, they are out of work and totally unemployable. Saying “learn to code” would be ridiculous at this point – the AI is doing the coding now. The best advice I can give is to learn to shoot and go join the Ukraine military.

The fall of VICE is a Total Aryan Victory, Total Anglin Victory.

Which of my enemies are even still online? I think most of them are dead.

A lot of people are starting to learn they shouldn’t fuck with me.

When you punish a person for dreaming his dreams, don’t expect him to thank or forgive you. The Best Ever News Site on the internet will in time both outpace and outlive you.

I’m going to live to piss on all of your graves.

There’s only one way any of this ends.

Spain: Country Hits Lowest Level of Births Since Records Began Sat, 24 Feb 2024 04:00:20 +0000

This is not sustainable, but it cannot be changed without removing feminism from the society.


Spain’s birth rate has dropped to its lowest level since records started in 1941, provisional data from its National Statistics Institute (INE) showed on Wednesday, with just 322,075 babies adding to the country’s population of 48.6 million in 2023.

In 1941, Spain had over half a million births, from a population of just 26 million.

Last year’s Spanish birth rate was down 2% compared with 2022, adding to a drop of almost 25% in a decade. This decline has left Spain with the second lowest fertility rate in the European Union, Eurostat data from 2021 shows, lagging Malta.

Eurostat’s data showed the rate in Spain at 1.19 live births per woman compared to the EU average of 1.53, both far short of the 2.1 at which existing population levels would be maintained.

The more you look, the worse it gets

Demographers and economists have urged Europe to rethink attempts to boost its flagging birth rate and some Spanish regions have introduced financial measures and tax deductions to encourage people to start families.

“It is true that childbearing is no longer a generalised life aspiration. Women want to have a career, people want to do certain things before they start a family,” Marta Seiz, a Madrid-based university professor specialised in family sociology, demography and inequality, told Reuters.

INE said the decline in births was linked to a delay in the age of childbearing, with the number of women over 40 giving birth rising by 19.3% in the last decade. This age group now give birth to around 10.7% of all children, versus 6.8% in 2013.

Mothers aged under 25 fell by 26% in the same period, representing just 9.4% of the total.

If women refuse to have kids, they have to be raped. There is no other option.

Women are stupid animals, and they can’t be allowed to “decide” to cause the entire race to be exterminated because they want to have some fake career blowing the doors off Boeing jets.

It’s just an obvious reality that the solution to feminism is rape.

These women want to talk about how empowered they are – we’ll see how much power they have when their faces are being held against the ground and a man is ripping their clothes off.

This doesn’t help, I’m sure

Poland: Parliament Approves Morning After Pill for Women Over 15 Fri, 23 Feb 2024 05:00:49 +0000

And it’s only gonna get worse from here

So much for “based Poland.”

This country has devolved faster than Ireland.

A few years ago, it was “gay free zones,” now the whole country is a hetero free zone, and sluts are running buckwild.

Their abortion ban is going to be over soon. Even under their abortion law, there are already more abortions per capita in Poland than there are in Russia.

You simply cannot serve two masters: God and America (Satan). You have to choose one.

Poland chose Satan, and now they’re dealing with the consequences of that decision.


Poland’s lawmakers voted on Thursday to approve over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill for ages 15 and above in a step to liberalize Poland’s strict reproductive law inherited from the previous nationalist conservative government.

The vote in the lower house was the first step in the plans of the new pro-European Union government to loosen the anti-abortion and anti-contraception law, which is among Europe’s toughest.

The lawmakers voted 224-196 in the Sejm with one abstention to liberalize access to the hormonal contraceptive, called ellaOne.

The new contraception regulations still need approval from the Senate, which is expected to grant it, and from Duda.

It’s so over.

These bitches got what they wanted


I haven’t lost hope.

I think there are a lot of young Poles who hate faggots and women and do not have this fixation with Russia as the big bad daddy.

At some point, they are going to be far enough removed from Stalin that it’s just not going to matter that much to anyone. Further, Stalin never made anyone take it up the ass.

The thing that’s going to have to be sacrificed is the idea that Poland should be an empire. That just isn’t the way the modern world works, firstly, and besides, you can’t build an empire by taking free money from Germany and America. Empires have to be built on something: culture or war, generally. You can’t build an empire with handouts. It’s moronic and actually insane that this is the thinking of so many in the Polish government and intelligentsia.

But I know a lot of young Poles who understand that Russia is not the enemy. If anything, Russia would almost certainly be willing to give Galicia to Poland. I don’t see any reason why, if Poland agreed to come out of NATO and sign a neutrality pact, Russia wouldn’t support them grabbing that territory. If Poland doesn’t take it over, it’s just going to become a terrorist base anyway, and have to be decimated by Russia at some point.

Family of Tranny Prostitute Says Church Knew Funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Would be Blasphemous Fri, 23 Feb 2024 02:54:32 +0000

Last week, St. Patrick’s Cathedral said it was tricked into holding a funeral service for transgender activist & atheist, Cecilia Gentili.

Why wasn’t anything done to stop the blasphemous rhetoric & appalling behavior?!

This is just sickening.

— ℒ𝒶𝓊𝓇𝒶ꨄ (@TALKGlRL) February 20, 2024

Previously: NYC Archdiocese Condemns Tranny Whore Funeral at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

The war inside the Catholic Church is getting hot.

The trannies could be lying, but it’s certainly not impossible that someone approved this without other clergy being aware.

New York Post:

The family of a trans activist and former sex worker whose funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral was abruptly cut short have denied that the church was duped into holding the ceremony — with some loved ones calling for an apology from the archdiocese.

St. Patrick’s officials have said they had no idea about Cecilia Gentili’s background before agreeing to hold a funeral Mass for her on Feb. 15, when she was eulogized as the “mother of all whores” and was pictured with a halo over her head surrounded by the words “transvestite” and “whore.”

But in a statement, Gentili’s family members denied that they ever deceived the church about the activist’s background.

They said, “The only deception present at St. Patrick’s Cathedral is that it claims to be a welcoming place for all,” according to the New York Times.

Some activists are even calling for the Catholic church to apologize for cutting the joyous ceremony short, saying Gentili was denied her equal rights to a funeral.

It is believed that Gentili’s ceremony was the first-ever funeral service for a trans person at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

You can’t have tranny sex parades in the Church. This has gotten completely out of control. It is beyond the pale.

Catholicism is now an anal religion, in its official capacity. Obviously, the majority of parishioners don’t support that, but the majority of Americans don’t support anything the US government does either. It doesn’t matter. When an institution has corrupt, gay leadership, it can do whatever it wants, and the people just have to take it.

The only solution is a schism. That is the only way to protect the faith. If there is no schism, then the non-anal Catholics are simply going to get absorbed into the anal system, which is now objectively and admittedly the official system of the Vatican.

The clergy that accepts this is complicit in the analization of the Church.

The good news is, there is big resistance, and schism is now inevitable.

There is no such thing as “anal Christianity.”

Cecilia Gentili

Canada: School Gives Teen Boys Condoms, Wooden Dicks, Injun Gay Porn Book Thu, 22 Feb 2024 07:49:29 +0000

Sticking things up your ass is a bad idea.

Sticking things made out of wood up your ass is a bad idea on steroids.

And that, kids, is all the sex ed you’ll ever need.


A mother in Manitoba, Canada, has revealed that teenage students at her son’s school were being provided with wooden phalluses, condoms, and a cartoon flip book featuring gay sex art as part of their “sex education.”

On February 19, Janine Stephanie Penner took to Facebook to express outrage that her teenage son had been provided a number of inappropriate “sex education” aides. In the post, Penner claimed that her son, who is currently in grade 10, had been provided with a “gay porn graphic flip book at school as a method of learning how to use condoms and in addition, received 15 condoms and a wooden pecker for practice.” Penner’s son attends the Virden Collegiate Institute.

The wooden phallus provided to the student is a condom demonstration aide manufactured by Lifestyles.

The flip-book Penner’s son was given is titled “Who’s Got The Condom?” and a digital copy of the book reveals it is 53-pages long and was created in collaboration with CATIE — Canada’s leading HIV and Hepatitis C information charity — as well as Youth2O and “2-Spirited People of the First Nations.”

On the front of the book, a young, slim man can be seen perched over the hips of an older, larger man in what appears to be an Indigenous-style tent. On both the front cover and a page photographed by Penner, the older man is wearing a condom, with the younger man in the process of engaging in sexual activity with him.

While the book is purported to be an educational resource for condoms, there is no text, instructions, or any other information from pages 2 to 51 of the book. The illustrations simply show a series of progressive actions featuring the younger man masturbating the older man before a bright-pink condom is introduced.

The younger man then climbs on top of the older man and the two engage in intercourse. The final pages of the book, when flipped rapidly, animate the two men thrusting against each other.

On CATIE’s website, the book is described as “graphically [modeling] condom use between two men.” While the book is just over 50 pages on the CATIE website, Penner stated her son was given a version of it that was approximately “120 pages of this graphic stuff.”

The condoms, wooden phallus, and flip-book were reportedly provided to every boy in grades 9 and 10 at the Virden Collegiate Institute, with Penner reporting her older son, who also attends the school, informing her that only condoms had been given out the year prior.

Out of all the “teaching gay sex to kids” news stories I’ve seen since 2016, this one is my favorite.

Imagine: a wooden dildo for Indian-style gay sex.

That is so funny.

Here’s a video from CATIE, the organization that sells that book. “Guys who have sex with guys” is up-and-coming newspeak for “faggots.”

Greek Fascists Whine After Netflix Docudrama Shows Alexander the Great to be a Faggot Thu, 22 Feb 2024 01:35:06 +0000

Everyone knew that any Netflix documentary about Alexander the Great was going to be a gay porno.

This is despite the fact that there is no actual evidence Alexander was gay. It’s just a big scam, like everything else.


Greek Cultural Minister Lina Mendoni is outraged by U.S. streaming service Netflix’s take on Alexander the Great with its new show “Birth of a God.” The Greek minister of culture is upset that Alexander the Great — one of the most prominent figures in ancient history — is portrayed as homosexual, along with his main friend in the show.

An opinion piece in the Greek daily Eleftheros Typos had already been published earlier, saying that this was a “distortion of the truth.” In the article, Oliver Stone’s 2004 film Alexander was blamed for “launching a propaganda campaign about Alexander the Great’s homosexuality.”

That’s true.

I like Oliver Stone, actually, but he’s a communist Jew.

There is only one good media portrayal of Alexander.

They really need to release a BluRay, frankly. That shit was so cash.

Dimitris Natsios, the president of the right-wing Niki party, called the series “deplorable, unacceptable and unhistorical” and said the film aims to subliminally convey the idea — without any basis — that homosexuality was acceptable in ancient times.

Natsis also asked Mendoni what he thought about all this. The culture minister said the series was full of historical inaccuracies, which “shows the negligence of the director and the lack of quality of the script.”

Netflix? Poor quality script?

Say it ain’t so!

“There is no mention in the sources that this friendship goes beyond the boundaries of friendship as defined by Aristotle,” said Mendoni.

Asked by Nathosios whether the Greek government would take action against Netflix over this, Mendoni said that “such a move would be unconstitutional. Greece’s constitution has protected artistic freedom since the early 19th century.”

“The Ministry of Culture does not censor, prosecute, ban, manipulate, restrict or control the dissemination of information and ideas in a preventive, punitive or repressive way,” added Mendoni, according to The Guardian.

This isn’t exactly true.

The show is arguably homosexual pornography, which is not protected by Greece’s constitution.

Netflix could argue that this is “artistic expression,” and maybe they would win, but there is no reason for the Greeks not to take them to court and attempt to get the show banned from the country.

Even if they lost, it would prove a point.

Russian Church Condemns Pope’s Agenda to Shove Things Into Anuses of Men and Boys Wed, 21 Feb 2024 06:25:13 +0000
Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

I’ve said from the beginning: the good guys and bad guys can be determined solely on whether they support men shoving their penises and fists into other men’s anuses.

There are no good guys who support this, and there are no bad guys who don’t.

The Pope supports shoving anything into the anus of a boy or a man.

The Russian Church does not.

That’s it.

Full stop.


The Vatican’s recent decision to permit the blessings of same-sex couples is a deviation from the Christian faith, the Russian Orthodox Church has said.

According to a statement published on the church’s website, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow asked the Synodal Biblical and Theological Commission to “analyze” the document adopted by the Vatican in December 2023.

The commission met on Tuesday and “unanimously agreed that this novelty represents a drastic departure from Christian moral teachings,” the statement read.


It literally destroys the Catholic Church.

Kirill said in the past that the Russian Orthodox Church would “never” endorse same-sex marriage and has condemned “the dangerous and destructive LGBT ideology.” The church’s views are consistent with the position of the Russian authorities, which in December 2022 vastly expanded the existing ban on “LGBT propaganda.”

The Vatican’s declaration titled ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ was authored by two top officials at the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith – Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez and Father Armando Matteo. The document examines “the possibility of blessing couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples without officially validating their status or changing in any way the Church’s perennial teaching on marriage.”

According to the declaration, Catholic priests can bless same-sex couples. However, “this blessing should never be imparted in concurrence with the ceremonies of a civil union… nor can it be performed with any clothing, gestures, or words that are proper to a wedding.” 

The authors argued that the text was based on “the pastoral vision” of Pope Francis, who has been described as more friendly toward same-sex couples and members of the LGBTQ community than his predecessors.

It’s intolerable, and it’s everything I said would happen.

I told all you people the Pope was going to go full anal, and I was insulted and attacked by Popists.

They used to say “don’t call him the Anal Pope,” “don’t call him Pope Anus,” “don’t call him the Poop.”

Then the guy comes out and says “it’s time to really start ramming ass.”

You were all wrong.

I was right.


Anglin was right, once again, to the shock only of the sickening masses of fat, gay retards.

To Catholics: don’t abandon your church, unless your priest has gone full anal.

This is going to be messy, but there is going to be a schism. And if your priest is not a faggot, he’ll be on the right side of the schism.

So, just stay cool.

Do the right thing.

The non-analist Catholic Church is going to resume communion with the Russian Church, as Russia takes their rightful position as the inheritors of Christendom, and everything is going to be okay.

God wills it.

Just don’t let anyone stick anything up your ass, brother.

Oklahoma: “Non-Binary” Girl Beaten to Death in the School Bathroom Wed, 21 Feb 2024 05:18:06 +0000
Pretty girl, really. I mean. Passable. She coulda been somebody’s wife.

Protip: if you don’t act like a freak, no one is going to beat you to death in the school bathroom.

It’s an important life lesson.

Another cool lifehack is that if you’re gonna try some shit like this, don’t do it in Oklahoma. They are a lot less likely to take kindly.

New York Post:

An Oklahoma teen died earlier this month after she and another student were severely beaten inside a school bathroom, according to reports.

Sophomore Dagny Benedict, 16, was involved at a fight at Owasso High School in suburban Tulsa on February 7, according to 2 News.

A school staffer finally broke up the melee after Benedict, a straight A student, and a classmate were battered for an extended period — reportedly by three older female students.

While her family’s obituary used female pronouns, mother Sue Benedict told The Independent the teen was non-binary and used the name “Nex.”

The heartbroken parent said the other victim was also non-binary.

“Hi, my name’s Nex. I’m not a girl, I’m non-binary.”


You were asking for it.

No one cares about your attention whoring, and some people are going to get really mad about it.

The mom said Benedict was often bullied at school, and had fallen and hit her head during the bathroom fight.

Benedict suffered bruising and cuts across her face as a result of the attack.

“I didn’t know how bad it had gotten,” her mom told the outlet.

Yeah, well – this is your fault.

Why would you let your daughter do this?


I know it was to punish her father. Everyone knows that.

2 News quoted the parent of the other victim, who said her daughter saw Benedict being attacked and the assailants “beating her head across the floor.”

Benedict, according to reports, was unable to reach the nurse’s office because of the injuries she sustained.

The parent of the witness said school staffers failed to call police or an ambulance, and Benedict’s relatives rushed the bruised teen to the hospital after school.

Benedict’s stunned relatives called police from the hospital to inform them of the fight.

Benedict was released from the hospital that same day, but was readmitted the next day, Feb. 8, where she tragically died.

The doctors must have also wanted her to die, which is why they didn’t manage the brain bleed.

Sue Benedict told The Independent her child collapsed at home on the way to an appointment the day of her death.

Local police said they are still determining a cause of death, but the mother of Benedict’s friend believes the teen suffered severe trauma in the fight.

“I think complications from brain trauma, head trauma, is what caused it,” the mother of the other victim told 2 News.

The cause of the confrontation remains under investigation.

Police said they are awaiting toxicology reports to determine if there was another possible underlying medical condition which may have caused Benedict’s tragic passing.

Nah. If you get your head smashed to the point of brain bleed and the doctors don’t drill a hole to release the pressure, you will die in a couple of days.

The Owasso Public School District has declined to comment on the case citing the ongoing investigation.

It remained unclear Tuesday if Benedict’s attackers would face charges.

No, don’t charge them.

You shouldn’t beat people to death in the bathroom, but doing that is a lot better than being “non-binary.”

The school has some kind of “pride” sign out in front of it.

(American schools sure do look like abstract art prisons, huh?)

So I’m sure every normal kid at the school had really had enough of this shit being shoved down their throats.

If you’re gonna charge anyone, charge the school administrators who were forcing this weirdo shit on the kids, and thereby drove them to violence.

Maxed-out mitigating circumstances.


I know the reader is wondering about the race of the attackers. The answer is almost certainly “black.” We don’t really see other races doing things like this, really ever.

Tulsa is nearly 20% black for reasons I don’t understand. It’s also over 5% Indian, and they are no doubt fed up with the gay shit too, but I doubt they would beat some bitch to death in the bathroom.

These Tulsa race numbers are from 2010. “Non-Hispanic white” is probably at 40% now, roflmao. We are so fucked.

What the story doesn’t even say is if it was a boys’ or a girls’ bathroom. Under Joe Biden, basically every city in the country is just allowing people to choose their bathroom, so she could have been in a boys’ bathroom with black boys and just gotten totally wrecked. Although, in that case, there would probably also be “sexual assault” allegations. Even if they didn’t rape her, they’d rip her clothes off.

So, I’m thinking: black girls.

I’m also thinking no one is going to get charged, because none of the blacks will rat. They’ll all just say they don’t know what happened, they weren’t there, she probably fell down, etc.

Watch: Female Brute Enters NYC Pet Store, Kicks Puppies, Slaps White Woman Wed, 21 Feb 2024 04:35:06 +0000

Bitch, don’t kick those puppies.



So exhausting.

New York Post:

A deranged woman ferociously slapped a tourist inside a New York City pet store over the weekend after she was told to leave for kicking puppy kennels, according to shocking footage and cops.

The “unprovoked” attack on Saturday afternoon in Citipups in Chelsea left the victim, a woman visiting from Texas, with a bloody nose, the store manager told The Post as authorities were still seeking the suspect Tuesday.

Video captured by store manager Emilio Ortiz shows the disputative woman walking toward the exit before briefly turning to the tourist and smacking her on the side of the face. She then appeared to spit in the direction of the victim, the video shows.

As she’s walking out, she slaps the s–t out of this lady,” Ortiz told The Post Tuesday. “Like, she slaps her really freaking hard.”

She was bleeding, she had a nosebleed, she was like really distraught because it was her first time in New York,” Ortiz said of the victim.

“So she was a tourist, and it’s, like, imagine being your first day in New York, you’re just walking around all of sudden some crazy person just assaults you.”

It’s really surreal that the media can report all of these stories about black people and somehow not mention “ONLY BLACK PEOPLE DO THIS.”

We’ve got all these issues now with the New Americans, but no matter what they do, they’re never going to reach the level of the blacks.

Only black people do things like this.

Feminist Triumph: New Zealand’s Fertility Rate Drops to Record Low Wed, 21 Feb 2024 03:00:14 +0000

Imagine being a 35-year-old woman and realizing you’re never going to have children, and that no men of any quality are willing to have sex with you anymore.

What are you supposed to do with the remaining 40-odd years of your life?

For most of these women, the answer is “hurt as many other people as possible, as revenge against society.”

One thing is for certain: they are dead weight, which will contribute nothing to society.

The things women are capable of contributing are sex and children, and after a certain age, they can’t contribute those things, and they are simply a drain on the system.

Logically, they should be euthanized.

The Guardian:

New Zealand’s fertility rate slumped to a record low in 2023, official data shows, as the total number of births also dropped.

The fertility rate tracks the average number of births women will have in their lifetime. New Zealand, along with many countries around the world, has seen this number drop as factors like education, participation in the workforce, and access to contraception contribute to women having fewer children.

Telling a woman she’ll be happier working and having sex with strange men than having children is like telling an autistic boy he’ll be happier if he cuts his dick off.

We know these things are false. We have a whole lot of data. But the government/media just lies.

Statistics NZ data released on Monday found there were 1,932 fewer babies born in the year ending December 2023 than in the year before, the lowest number of registered births in 20 years. The drop was despite a 3% increase in the number of women between 15 and 49 years old, the ages at which most children are born.

Children are born to 49-year-old women?


The combination of fewer births and more women in the population led to the fertility rate hitting a record low of 1.56 births per woman. In 2022, the rate was 1.66, and it remains far below the 2.1 needed to replace population numbers in the long term.

It’s infinity nigger time, baby.

“The latest decline reflects a continued trend of smaller average family-sizes and increased rates of childlessness, although the total fertility rate is also affected by changes in the age of giving birth,” said Rebekah Hennessey, Stats NZ’s population insights analyst.

New Zealand’s declining fertility rates reflect international trends, particularly in the west. Sinking birthrates have prompted fears over ageing populations, workforce shortages and ‘ghost towns’, but the benefits of population decreases have also been noted, particularly by those worried about the effects of overpopulation on the environment.

They say that.

Then they say that the birthrate collapse is a crisis, and therefore we must have infinity immigration.

They say both things, constantly, and never comment on the fact that they are saying both things.

Watch: Basketball Game Ends with Big Brawl Wed, 21 Feb 2024 00:10:03 +0000

The Full Incarnate Word vs Texas A&M-Commerce postgame FIGHT. Probably the worst we’ve seen this year

— NCAA Buzzer Beaters & Game Winners (@NCAABuzzerBters) February 20, 2024


At least the blacks have fun, you know?

This is way cooler than laying on the sidewalk strung-out on fentanyl like most white people.

New York Post:

A chaotic scene marred what had been an exciting basketball game between Texas A&M Commerce and Incarnate Word.

Punches were thrown and a wild brawl broke out after Texas A&M Commerce defeated Incarnate Word 76-72 in overtime on Monday night.

The fisticuffs appeared to break out during the handshake line when the game was over.

It’s unclear what sparked the fight, which lasted roughly two minutes as the coaches for both teams attempted to gain control of the situation.

Several Incarnate World players looked as though they had started to make their way to the locker room when they bolted back toward the bench area as the scene began to unfold.

It’s amazing the way blacks just love violence, and when it starts, they all just immediately get involved.

“All hell nah, them niggas finna be wiling,” the negro says, before jumping into the melee.