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Don’t tread on my anus.

(Sorry, that’s the best I’ve got right now, guys.)

The Post Millennial:

Police are investigating after drivers left tire marks on a Pride crosswalk in St. Petersburg, Florida in two instances over the last two weeks. The first a car accelerated through the intersection and the second time a driver did donuts on the pride mural.

The St. Petersburg Police Department released a statement about the recent incidents and wrote in a Facebook post, “Over the last week, two different vehicles have left tire marks damaging the Progressive Pride street mural at the 2500 Central Avenue roundabout.”

“The first occurred on May 17th at 9:36 am when a truck accelerated through the mural. The second incident happened on May 22nd at 2:41 am involving a blue two-door vehicle doing doughnuts on the mural. Investigators have no reason to believe the incidents are related,” the statement added. “It’s going to cost the City of St. Petersburg $1100 to restore. The City aims to have the mural repainted in time for Pride month festivities.”

If you’re going to force this anal stuff on people, some people are going to be mad.

But of course, it has to be zero tolerance, you have to crack down on anyone who questions anal, or you’ll end up with an anti-anal uprising.

Based black guy is the voice of reason, as usual

Watch: Dark Figure Unleashes Gunshot Storm with Assault Rifle on Suburban Florida Street Tue, 28 May 2024 10:40:52 +0000

#News: We received notice from concerned residents in Miami Gardens after an individual fired off over 100 rounds from a high power rifle last night. The incident reportedly took place around 8:45 PM near NW 202 ST. No injuries have been reported. | #ONLYinDADE

— ONLY in DADE (@ONLYinDADE) May 26, 2024

The thing you have to know about black people is that they are very dangerous with guns.

They very rarely hit the people they are trying to hit, and very often hit others.

New York Post:

A gunman was caught on camera opening fire on a suburban Florida street in an intense gun battle, terrifying residents as he rained dozens of bullets on houses and cars.

Video footage of the incident obtained by local blog Only in Dade shows what appears to be a man wielding an assault rifle running along a paved surface and ducking for cover as he fires round after round at an off-camera assailant, who can be heard returning fire.

The gunman darts back and forth, exchanging shots with his unseen foe before disappearing from the camera’s view, during which even more intense gunfire can be heard. After the shooting stops the gunman gets into a running car and backs it out of frame.

The local outlet reported more than 100 shots were fired. Windows were shattered, the facades of homes were left pockmarked by the slugs, and vehicles were riddled with bullet holes.

Amazingly, nobody appears to have been injured in the shootout, according to authorities, who have yet to determine a motive for it. Miami Gardens Police did not respond to The Post’s request for comment Monday.

I can’t tell what kind of gun it is.

I’m sure a lot of the readers can.

In Speech to “Donors in New York,” Trump Vows to Deport Pro-Palestine Students to Protect Jews from Criticism Tue, 28 May 2024 05:08:34 +0000

Donald Trump is deporting foreign pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses, the Washington Post reports.

If elected president, Trump wants to exclude foreign students who come to the country with a hateful view of America:
“I will do one thing: any student who protests, I…

— S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y (@Sprinterfactory) May 27, 2024

Jew-sider Trump goes full Jew-side?


New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump blasted the anti-Israel protests erupting across US college campuses as a “radical revolution” and vowed to deport any foreign students involved if he were re-elected, he told donors in New York this month.

“Donors in New York” is my new favorite antisemitic euphemism.

Let’s get that one on the ADL list ASAP, boys.

“One thing I do is [with] any student that protests — I throw them out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign students,” Trump told the group during a May 14 roundtable, according to the Washington Post.

“As soon as they hear that, they’re going to behave,” the defiant 2024 hopeful added.

During the meeting, at least one of the donors reportedly bemoaned the possibility that one of the student protesters could eventually rise to political power in the future.

But Trump, 77, assured the donors he would fight to end the “radical revolution” on college campuses, declaring it “has to be stopped now,” the Washington Post reported.

How about stopping the radical revolution of Jews dominating American institutions that began in the 1950s?

If it wouldn’t have been for that radical revolution, we wouldn’t have foreigners on campuses (the Jews opened the borders), and they wouldn’t need to protest American support for an Israeli genocide (Jewish lobbying is the only reason America supports Israel, a country which is in no way a strategic ally).

Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt blamed President Biden for empowering the protesters in a statement to The Post Monday.

“Joe Biden has sided with radical leftist Democrats like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib and empowered antisemitic protestors destroying our college campuses and threatening to undermine our democracy,” Leavitt said.

President Trump will side with Jewish Americans and American citizens, period, and he will not tolerate terrorist sympathizers on our college campuses.”

You are no doubt remembering recent Stormer articles and asking yourself: “is Leavitt the bikini model Jew spokeswoman or a different Jew spokeswoman?”

See: RNC’s New Spokesman is a 28-Year-Old “Proud Religious Jew” Bikini Model

It’s a different female Jew.

Leavitt is a Trump campaign official, who is also a Jew sex symbol for the boomers.

The bikini model is the Trump-picked RNC spokeswoman, Elizabeth Pipko.

We’ve got a whole lot of Jews up in this bitch. And a lot of them are boomer sex symbols.

“Them Jews is purty as a pair of freshly pulled boot straps.”

You may be asking yourself: “could this shit possibly get any more Jewish?”

A billboard in Tel Aviv.

The answer is: “yup.”

In 2016, Trump campaigned to be leader of America. In 2020, I’m not really sure what was going on.

This time around, he is campaigning to be installed as president by the Jews in a fake election.

In the best case scenario, it doesn’t matter who “wins” the election. In a worse case, Trump makes things much worse.

Either way, an American war with Iran is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

My advice is: don’t vote.

Seriously, it’s just a self-defacement ritual.

The election outcome is not based on votes in the first place, and in the second place, you have two ZOG candidates.

What we should be pushing for is the lowest turnout in American presidential election history. Of course, they will just lie about the number of votes, so even that isn’t really a relevant goal.

Anyway you look at it, American electoral politics are nothing more than a drain on your life essence.

People will say “oh so we just do nothing then?” and the answer is “no, I’ve been telling you what to do for years and years.” Take care of yourself. Move out of these prison multirace cities of terror. If you can, leave the US entirely, but if not, at least get rural. If it adds an hour to your commute, listen to an extra podcast.

New York Democrat Declares Military Recruitment Failure is “Deeply Problematic as a Democracy” Tue, 28 May 2024 03:30:08 +0000

You can die in the military.

It’s not as dangerous as being a logger. But loggers believe in what they’re doing. People need logs.

Who believes in what the US military is doing? Just some freaks on reddit.

Remember when the Ukraine tried to form an ISIS style foreign army on reddit? That was a major failure. Hardly anyone showed up, and then they died quickly. The only one who stuck around was that tranny, and he was made into a spokesman, then they had to cancel him because he kept threatening terrorist attacks against Russian civilians.

It was a massive failure for the US intelligence apparatus to have so few redditors show up to the war. They really thought they could repeat the ISIS model with gay anal replacing Wahhabist Islam. It did not work at all. At this point, I basically agree with the majority Islamic population that ISIS “was not real Islam,” but it was still a powerful force. It was powerful enough to drive young Moslems from around the world to go fly into Syria to fight against the Assad government on behalf of the governments of the US and Israel.

Some CIA analysts looked at that shit and were like “well, reddit trannyism is also a radical ideology – we can form a terrorist army out of these people too.”

It did not work.

It didn’t work for the same reason no one is applying for the US military: even while some people do believe in global forced vax-tranny-globalwarmingism, it’s a very tiny fraction that would be willing to die for it.

And there simply is not an argument to be made that the US military is “protecting America.” No one believes that. The government doesn’t really even try to claim that anymore. If you just listen to the Joe Biden speeches, he says the US exists to enforce “global democracy values.”

The Guardian:

New York Democratic representative Pat Ryan said that having only 1% of Americans serving in the US military is “deeply problematic as a democracy”.

In an interview with CBS’s Face The Nation ahead of Memorial Day, Ryan, who is a veteran of the US army, said: “When you lose touch between those that are fighting our wars and their families and everyone else, that’s something so essential that we have to figure out how to bring folks together, and get more folks serving.”

Ryan, who did two tours in Iraq, said that he is working on recruiting more Americans to serve in the military.

Speaking alongside Florida’s Republican representative and army veteran Mike Waltz, Ryan said: “A lot of the work we did … on the defense bill is recruiting. Every service has been challenged on recruiting numbers and we’ve been pushing a bunch of directions to say that is not acceptable to the department of defense. And we’re starting to see the numbers come up.”

I doubt the numbers are coming up through anything other than recruitment of illegal immigrants. They are not publishing any of these details.

One idea that I’ve put out there, which I think is worth considering (which is different than an idea I put out there which I think is a fact), is that there must be some people arguing that Donald Trump would be much better at recruiting for the military than Joe Biden.

Trump has basically abandoned all of his pro-American, pro-Christian positions. He spent months going around promoting abortion. He’s saying now that Israel comes before America. He’s doing gay anal rallies. He’s maybe talking about immigration or whatever, I don’t really know. Mostly I see him still whining about being persecuted.

On that point: I understand whining about being persecuted. In 2017, when I became the most banned man ever in history, I whined about it quite a bit. But then two separate men who I respect came to me and were like “bro, you gotta quit whining about your rights and just move forward,” and I did that. To this day, I am a bit shy to tell the story of just how brutally banned I am (for example, I’m never allowed to have any form of bank account for the rest of my life) because I know that there is a limit to what people want to hear about how oppressed you are.

Anyway, no one is telling Trump to back off that shit, or he’s not listening, because at least 90% of the material I see from him is him talking about how unfair everything is to him. Of the other 10%, I’ve not heard anything I care about very much.

That said, there are a fair number of people who have a permanent idea of Trump as the 2016 ultimate patriot. There is a 100% chance he would massively drive up military recruitment numbers, particularly if there was some kind of false flag bullshit to back it up.

I’m not really ready to bet on Trump v. Biden. Frankly, I did think Biden would be switched out with Gavin Newsom. But the US establishment, and the global Western/Jewish establishment at large, is now so obsessed with wars, it seems like “ability to pump up support for wars” is going to be the defining issue in the appointment of the next president.

If Biden is reappointed, he’s going to have to do a draft.

Watch: Airbus Plane Engine Catches Fire at O’Hare! Fire on the Dance Floor! Fire at the Taco Bell! Tue, 28 May 2024 02:39:14 +0000

A United flight to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport aborted takeoff from Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Monday after an engine caught fire, the FAA says.

The airline said the plane, an Airbus A320, was towed to the gate. No one was injured.

— ABC News (@ABC) May 28, 2024

Oh, so now Airbus has a problem.

You are so screwed.

You are going to get killed by a nigger on the streets or a nigger mechanic is going to kill by causing your plane to crash.

This is only if Elon Musk doesn’t get a chance to kill you with his stupid shitty plastic toy cars that don’t work.

New York Post:

A United Airlines flight had to abort takeoff at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when one of the plane’s engines caught fire Monday — sending smoke gushing out from one of the wings as seen in a dramatic video from the tarmac.

Dem smoke been gushing out the mf.

United Flight 2091 was set to fly to Seattle at around 2 p.m. when its engine burst into flames on the taxiway and forced 148 passengers and five crew members to evacuate after the Airbus 320 was towed back to a gate, the Federal Aviation Administration and United Airlines said in separate statements.

Footage shot by a passenger from inside the plane showed thick smoke coming from one of the wings as the aircraft drove on the tarmac.

The passenger who took the video, Ivan Paloalto, told Storyful he heard an explosion as the plane was nearing takeoff.

“I felt the impact on my window. As I looked, the engine was on fire and smoke was coming out,” he said.

This is not normal.

If Airbus is going full Boeing, it is because the Euros have gone full-nigger.

Did Airbus go full-nigger?

Jamie, pull that up.

Damn, boy.

They got cripples and everything.

It be like that?

Everyone is going to have to switch to Chinese planes serviced by Chinamen.

US and Europe Considering Mass Vaccination of Chickens and Dairy Workers Against Bird Flu Mon, 27 May 2024 20:10:25 +0000

Oh, so I guess we’re already doing this, huh?

New York Post:

The United States and Europe are taking steps to acquire or manufacture H5N1 bird flu vaccines that could be used to protect at-risk poultry and dairy workers, veterinarians and lab technicians, government officials said, moves influenza experts say could curb the threat of a pandemic.

U.S officials last week said they were moving bulk vaccine from CSL Seqirus that closely matches the current virus into finished shots that could provide 4.8 million doses of vaccine. European health officials told Reuters they were in talks to acquire CSL’s prepandemic vaccine.

Sounds safe.

And effective.

Canadian health officials said they have met with GSK, maker of Canada’s seasonal flu shots, to discuss acquiring and manufacturing a prepandemic bird flu vaccine once its seasonal flu production capacity is freed up.

Other countries, including the UK, are discussing how to proceed on prepandemic vaccines, scientists said.

The actions follow the explosive spread of a new strain of bird flu that emerged in late 2020 and has caused unprecedented numbers of deaths among wild birds and domestic poultry and has begun infecting many mammal species.

In March, U.S. officials reported the first outbreak of the virus in dairy cattle, which has infected dozens of herds in nine states and two dairy workers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has estimated that 20% of the U.S. milk supply shows signs of the virus, indicating a wider spread is likely.

Human exposures to the virus in poultry and dairy operations could increase the risk that the virus will mutate and gain the ability to spread easily in people.

All of our efforts need to be focused on preventing those events from happening,” said Matthew Miller, co-director of the Canadian Pandemic Preparedness Hub at McMaster University. “Once we have widespread infections of humans, we’re in big trouble.”

Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan, said she has been in discussions with U.S. and Canadian officials about using vaccines to protect workers following the virus’ spread into new mammal species.

Dawn O’Connell of the U.S. Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response said the government is “looking closely” at the possibility of vaccinating farm workers and others in close contact with the virus.

Here’s the question: would you rather have a dead bird flu or a living poultry worker?

You need this treatment, or you’ll die from a flu that doesn’t exist yet.

Your poultry worker will kill himself because he wanted to be a bird flu.

Maybe the Bear Wouldn’t Have Been Messing with the Kid If He Didn’t Look Like Such a Pussy? Mon, 27 May 2024 13:29:04 +0000

Bro, if you go around looking like you should be messed with, bears are going to start messing with you.

How about man up, pussy?

New York Post:

A black bear waltzed into an Arizona cabin Thursday and mauled a 15-year-old boy watching TV before the teen’s brave family chased the bruin off.

Brigham Hawkins, who suffers from a rare neurological disorder, was watching television after a long day of fishing in Alpine when the bear walked through the open front door of his cabin.

The black bear took several swipes at Hawkins, sparking a furious effort by his loved ones, who were in a nearby cabin, to fend off the beast after they heard the boy screaming, according to reports.

“He hadn’t realized it because it came in from behind, and it reached over and like swiped at his face twice. Got him on the nose and the cheek and then went ahead and got his forehead and the top of his head,” his mother Carol Hawkins told AZ Family.

Brigham’s older brother, Parker, heard the commotion and rushed to his sibling. At first, he thought it was a giant dog, but quickly realized it was a bear when it started pursuing him, his mother told 12 News.

“Parker ran up on the porch and went into the other cabin to get away from the bear,” she recalled.

“And the bear just paced back and forth on our porch.”

Just stunting on niggas.


Meanwhile, Brigham’s father sprinted to help his son in the cabin as he suffered injuries from the brazen attack, Carol Hawkins said. He made it safely and called 911.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying.

This is why bears are getting all the pussy while white men are going extinct.

Look at this little bitch:

Bro looks like he couldn’t lift a glass of water.

Bears are drilling pussy like oil rigs drilling for black gold while the white man don’t even lift.

Virginia: Tech Company Fined for Wanting to Hire Only Whites Mon, 27 May 2024 12:33:54 +0000

Why would anyone hire someone who isn’t white?

What are you supposed to hire? Niggers?

What is even being suggested here?

CBS News:

A Virginia company’s job listing inviting only White people and the U.S.-born to apply for a position didn’t just raise eyebrows online — it also caught the attention of the U.S. government.

Arthur Grand Technologies’ job advertisement last year restricted eligible candidates to “only US Born Citizens [white]” and those living within 60 miles of Dallas, Texas, noted the U.S. Department of Justice, which determined that the Ashburn, Va.-based company’s discriminatory listing violated the Immigration and Nationality Act.

A recruiter working for an Arthur Grand subsidiary in India posted the ad on job site Indeed in March and April of 2023 for a business analyst position with the company’s sales and insurance claims team. The ad was widely circulated on social media and generated multiple news stories.

“It is shameful that in the 21st century, we continue to see employers using ‘whites only’ and ‘only US born’ job postings to lock out otherwise eligible job candidates of color,” Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general with the department’s civil rights division, said in a statement. “I share the public’s outrage at Arthur Grand’s appalling and discriminatory ban on job candidates based on citizenship status, national origin, color and race.”

The company will pay a civil penalty of $7,500 under the agreement to resolve the matter. It also agreed to pay $31,000 to compensate those who filed complaints with the Department of Labor.

Remember that thing from Bloomberg last year, where they showed almost all major companies basically stopped hiring white people?

I wonder if anyone ever got fined for that.

Responding to Polish Retard, Medvedev Says Fatmerican Plan to Attack Russian Targets Would Trigger World War Mon, 27 May 2024 08:00:37 +0000
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski: would you buy insurance from this dweeb? Would you trust him to lead the Frieza Force?

Fatmericans are not even aware that their government is attempting to start a world war.

Fatmericans are thinking about the cost of groceries. They have no idea what is even going on.

If an American is aware of what’s happening, they have a comic book view of things – that Russia is like Doctor Doom trying to bring misery out of sheer nastiness.

The Russian public is really tapped in. They’re reading all this stuff about what’s happening, and reading it from a realist perspective.


Any US attack on Russian targets in Ukraine would automatically trigger a world war, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned.

The official, who currently serves as Deputy Chair of Russia’s Security Council, made the remarks after Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski claimed Washington had threatened to conduct such a strike should Russia use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, Medvedev suggested that Sikorski “apparently, has decided to scare his masters.” He noted that Washington, unlike Warsaw, has so far refrained from making any such threats publicly “because they are more cautious” than the Poles.

“Americans hitting our targets means starting a world war, and a Foreign Minister, even of a country like Poland, should understand that,” Medvedev added.

“Even of a country like Poland” is an ultra-lol diss.

The former Russian president also cited remarks made by Polish President Andrzej Duda last month, when he said his country would be willing to host US nuclear weapons if offered such an opportunity under NATO’s sharing mechanism. Medvedev warned that in case of a nuclear confrontation “Warsaw won’t be left out, and will surely get its share of radioactive ash,” asking if this is the outcome the Polish leadership really wants.

On Saturday, in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Sikorski expressed skepticism regarding a hypothetical Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine.

“The Americans have told the Russians that if you explode a nuke, even if it doesn’t kill anybody, we will hit all your targets [positions] in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we’ll destroy all of them,” he claimed, describing the presumed warning as a “credible threat.” The Polish diplomat alleged that China and India have also warned Russia against a nuclear escalation.

The minister also suggested that Ukraine’s Western backers should allow Kiev to use their weapons to strike military targets on Russian territory as “apart from not using nuclear weapons, [Moscow] does not limit itself much.”

According to Sikorski, the EU should not be afraid to escalate the situation, and should not impose limits on itself regarding the Ukraine conflict, so that Moscow is left guessing what the next step will be.

Why is Europe at war with Russia again?

I mean, I get that Poland is really into it, but why would America and Europe put Poland behind the driver’s seat in pushing for a world war with Russia?

I can’t figure it out.

I mean: spreading democracy? Really?

Does that explanation make sense to anyone?

Is it because of the Jews?

Dershowitz Says Students Protesting for Gaza are Like Hitler’s Youth Mon, 27 May 2024 06:15:35 +0000

Alan Dershowitz

A lot of people call Dershowitz “The Dersh.”

He is a total and absolute genius. That’s why he’s so intelligent in his intellectual commentaries.

New York Post:

Former Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz likened the antisemitism and anti-Israel protests on college campuses to the early days of Nazi Germany in the 1930s — and he’s worried that these “Hitler Youth” students could become America’s future leaders.

This is much like what happened in Germany in the early 1930s, when Nazi students blocked Jews from entering universities. This is a lot like the lead up to what happened in the 1940s,” Dershowitz said Sunday on the 77 WABC’s “Cats Roundtable” radio show.

“[During] Harvard graduation the other day, students walked out. Students wore Hamas-supportive garb. Students were on Hamas’s side. They are our future leaders,” he told host John Catsimatidis.

What worries me is 10, 15 years from now, these Hitler Youth will be members of Congress, will be on the editorial board of the New York Times, will be owning media stations … and substitute their own radical progressive anti-American craziness for the stability that our Constitution calls for,” he continued.

Dershowitz, a constitutional and civil rights lawyer who has been a vocal critic of the anti-Israel college protests, said he intends to start a group called “Hurt a Jew, we sue you.”

People have been worried about radical college students taking over everything since like, 2016, when we started seeing how unhinged college students had become. In fact, these people have already been influencing government policy in a serious way. The Biden Administration has adopted all of these millennial leftist social policies relating to abnormal sexuality and racial issues.

Now they have one good idea – to destroy Israel – and all of a sudden it’s a crisis.

Tranny Stabs 4 Girls in Massachusetts AMC Theater, 2 at McDonald’s Sun, 26 May 2024 15:06:59 +0000

Customers leaving AMC in Braintree.. after a reported stabbing in one of the theaters. Witnesses tell us they saw 4 young females brought out on gurneys, they were alert and talking to EMTs. Police continue to search the area for the their alleged attacker. #WCVB

— Mary Saladna (@MaryWCVB) May 26, 2024

I was told that “you will never be a woman” was a transphobic statement.

If they are women, then why are they obsessed with killing real women?

New York Post:

A knife-wielding madman, connected to a murder investigation, attacked four girls inside a movie theater before injuring two others at a McDonald’s during his stabbing spree on Saturday.

The unprovoked attacks began around 6 p.m. inside the AMC Braintree 10 when the armed suspect walked into the complex, past the ticket booth and entered one of the theaters without paying.

The suspect stabbed the four girls, whose ages ranged from 9 to 17, without saying a word, Braintree police said Saturday night.

It was aimed at women.

The girls were rushed to Boston-area hospitals and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

An AMC employee working concessions at the time of the initial stabbings described the man as wearing “an oversized trench coat, sunglasses, and a long blonde wig,” according to CBS Boston.

After fleeing from the multiplex in a black SUV, the man drove over 30 miles to Plymouth, MA., where he is believed to have been involved in another “similar assault” at a McDonald’s.

At around 7:09 p.m. Massachusetts State Troopers responded to the McDonald’s at the Rt. 3 Park and Ride in Plymouth, MA. where they discovered a 21-year-old female and a 29-year-old male suffering from apparent stab wounds.

They were also treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

It’s exactly what you would expect:

I’m surprised that fat cop in his retard hat even bothered to arrest the dude.

He looks like the type of dickhead who would be like “nah, we can’t be transphobic – just let the stabbing rampage continue.”

NYC: Dark Figure Sets Straphanger on Fire Sun, 26 May 2024 13:11:23 +0000

Whites be doing all this shit. They be doing racism and shit. Be looking at niggas.

Sometimes you gotta light them big titty white boys up.

New York Post:

A maniac on a downtown Manhattan subway ignited a cup of flammable liquid Saturday afternoon, then threw it at a stranger, causing the man’s shirt to ignite and burning his chest and neck, cops said.

When the doors opened, the attacker ran from the train but stopped to scoop up a phone that a female on the platform had dropped.

Quick-thinking police officers talked to her and tracked the phone. They arrested the firebug nearby, cops said.

Experts claim that the nigga was jealous of the white boy’s tits.

So he lit his ass up.

I know the opening joke is not supposed to be the same as the closing joke.

I know that.


I know that.

Brandon Tells West Point Graduates They Have to Go to War Against Moslems, Russians, And the Chinese Sun, 26 May 2024 05:45:53 +0000

America is strongest when we lead not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.

To the West Point Class of 2024, congratulations. You make our entire nation proud.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) May 25, 2024

Listen up, maggots.

I’ve got a lot of wars on my plate and I’m planning on starting several more.

This is a democracy, maggots, and what don’t we tolerate?

“Heterosexual sex, sir!”

That’s right, maggots. We do it in the ass and we do it with men, and we’re not going to stand by while any damn haji, Ivan, or chink is sticking his penis in a vagina.


President Joe Biden emphasized the critical role of U.S. support to allies around the world including Israel, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific in a speech on Saturday at the commencement for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

The speech before 1,036 graduating U.S. Army cadets is part of a push by Biden to highlight the administration’s efforts to support active and retired military personnel. These include a bipartisan law he signed two years ago to help veterans who have been exposed to burn pits or other poisons obtain easier access to healthcare.

Biden’s son was killed by a burn pit. He also died in Iraq, Vietnam, and the Civil War.

Biden described American soldiers as “working around the clock” to support Ukraine in its effort to repel a two-year long Russian invasion, but repeated his commitment to keeping them off the front lines.

We are standing strong with Ukraine and we will stand with them,” Biden told the crowd to a round of applause.

He also highlighted the U.S. role in repelling Iranian missile attacks against Israel and support for allies in the Indo-Pacific against increasing Chinese militarism in the region.

“Thanks to the U.S. Armed Forces, we’re doing what only America can do as the indispensable nation, the world’s only superpower,” Biden said.

Holy shit he did the meme.

The president is scheduled to participate in Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Monday. A week later, he will travel to Normandy, France, to participate in ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

Biden is expected to give a major speech about the heroism of Allied forces in World War Two and the continuing threats to democracy today.

Yeah, it’s all about “threats to democracy.”

Somehow, the US government did the Indiana Jones thing with “protection of the homeland.”

It used to be that a military’s only purpose was to protect a nation, now it’s to spread an ideology. There is obviously no threat to America from Moslem nations, Russia, or China, but they don’t believe in the American ideology that revolves around anal sex (with men).

Donald Trump obviously pushed the idea that the military’s purpose is to protect America, but it doesn’t really seem like that idea ever got through as a complete thought in the minds of most Americans. There are right-wingers against the Ukraine and left-wingers against Israel, but both support anti-China aggression.

Effectively, all Americans (beyond the 10% that are either Stormer types or far-left Glenn Greenwald types) are comfortable with the idea that America’s military might should be used to spread ideology.

California: Almost Half of UCLA Med School Students Fail Basic Tests Sun, 26 May 2024 04:00:26 +0000

We’ve been doing the affirmative action thing really aggressively for over a decade now. It’s gotten way more extreme since the Summer of Floyd, which is now four years ago.

At this point, a black can just walk into a university and be like “nigga gibs me dem job gettin dem green, I be botta make my ass a biljinhair,” and the staff are like “wow, just wow, we will immediately enroll you in any of the most serious professions ever.”

Then the black is like: “Bitch, Ima botta make dinosaur, like in Jurgastic Park. Get me on that shit,” and then the enrollment office just checks “med school.”

The Publica:

Nearly half of all students at UCLA’s medical school, known as one of the best in the world, fail basic tests of medical competence, a new report has revealed. Many are attributing the school’s fall from grace to its aggressive acceptance of less-qualified minority candidates.

What are the others attributing it to?

What is the list of other possible causes?

The report, released today by the Washington Free Beacon, stated that the rates of failure on “shelf” exams (standardized tests that cover a number of issues including emergency medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, and other specializations), have increased tenfold at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine since 2022.

In some of the cohorts admitted since then, more than 50% of students have failed some of the shelf exams. This is despite the fact that nationally, only 5% of students fail.

A number of professors, members of staff, and members of the admissions committee, spoke anonymously with the Free Beacon. One professor told the outlet that a student failed to identify a major artery, and then shouted at them for even asking them the question to begin with.

“Bitch ass, I ain’t know that shit, get da fugg up off my ass, racist bitch ass!”

Another claimed that students at the end of their medical rotation couldn’t even comprehend basic lab tests, or present patients.

“I don’t know how some of these students are going to be junior doctors,” the professor said. “Faculty are seeing a shocking decline in knowledge of medical students.”

It’s fine.

All they have to do is inject people with gene therapies to solve every disease.

They are doing vaccines for cancer now.

Pretty soon, they will have vaccines for broken bones and tummy aches and shit too.

The only skill a doctor needs is to know how to do an injection, and probably at least half of blacks can learn that after 8 years in medical school.

The blame for the failures has been attributed to the arrival of Jennifer Lucero as the Dean of Admissions in 2020. Lucero allegedly prioritized the admission Black and Latino admissions over white and Asian applicants, rather than basing acceptance on competency. This practice has been occurring even though California has explicitly banned public schools from considering race on admissions since 1996.

According to at least six members of staff that spoke to the Free Beacon, Lucero attacked anyone who questioned the qualifications or grades of minority candidates, and claimed that anyone doing so was racist.

“Your suggestion that blacks are less intelligent because they have lower scores on every test is extremely problematic. The reason they test lower is because of slavery hundreds of years ago.”

In a notable incident in 2021, Lucero exploded at an admissions officer who voiced concern over the qualifications of a Black applicant.

“Did you not know African-American women are dying at a higher rate than everybody else?” she reportedly snapped. “We need people like this in the medical school.”

What kind of people? Dead black women?

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One Native American applicant was rejected in 2021, the sources claimed, which then resulted in a two hour lecture by Lucero’s own sister to the admissions board, instead of vetting any more potential candidates.

According to two sources present at a February 2022 meeting, Lucero argued that a highly qualified white man should be bumped down multiple spots on the admission list because “we have too many of his kind,” in favor of a Hispanic applicant who had “performed poorly” on her anesthesiology rotation in medical school.

In 2020, the entire university condensed its preclinical curriculum from two years to one, in order to “add more time for research and community service,” according to the report, a decision that allegedly compounded the already problematic admissions issues. First year students must now spend between three to four hours every two weeks studying “Structural Racism and Health Equity,” covering topics such as “fatphobia,” along with seven hours a week in another class that includes units on “interpersonal communication skills.”

The biggest proof of a lack of black excellence is the fact that they don’t take advantage of this Affirmative Action shit at a higher rate.

It’s effectively impossible to get rejected from any school or from any job as a black person. You can pretty much just walk in, pants sagging, jaw-gaping, reeking of crack smoke and say “bitch, Ima be da CEO out this muffaggah” and any company will make you the CEO.

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NY Legislators Want to Stop Classifying Middle Easterners and North Africans as White Sun, 26 May 2024 00:26:06 +0000

I represent Astoria and the status quo makes the needs of our Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) communities invisible.

MENA NYers don’t benefit from whiteness but they’re excluded from various resources bc they’re data isn’t disaggregated. Let’s pass A6219B & #CountMENAIn!

— Jessica González-Rojas (@votejgr) May 21, 2024

I don’t think these people should be classified as white.

But the reason the government wants to stop classifying them as white is that when you are classified as white, you are systematically punished and sanctioned.

New York Post:

A controversial bill being pushed by lefty legislators in Albany is trying to make the Empire State less “white,” critics say.

The legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas (D-Queens) and Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens), would mandate state agencies and other entities use separate categories for Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) New Yorkers when collecting demographics data – rather than relying on the US Census, which classifies them under one “white” umbrella.

The state Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to pass it, but González-Rojas’ version of the bill is still facing pushback in the Assembly.

Both pols argue “MENA” individuals don’t benefit from so-called “white privilege” – and instead face discrimination daily by falsely being associated with the 9/11 terror attacks.

They and other supporters also insist the current system shuts MENA individuals out of qualifying for minority-owned business grants, language programs and other critical government aid and services by labeling them white.

“This bill isn’t anti-white – it’s pro-MENA,” González-Rojas told The Post. “Data is power. It will give elected representatives and state agencies and institutions the tools to better understand the unique and diverse needs of all New Yorkers.”

Jessica González-Rojas

The bill covers people of Egyptian, Moroccan, Libyan and other North African descent, as well as those of Iranian, Palestinian, Israeli, Lebanese and other Middle Eastern descent.

New York City is home to some of the largest Middle Eastern and North African communities in the nation, including the “Little Egypt” enclave in Astoria, which Gianaris and González-Rojas represent.

Their legislation is gaining steam in Albany while the Biden administration is in the process of adding a “Middle Eastern or North African” identifier to official documents like the US Census, picking up a plan first proposed by former President Barack Obama but tabled by his successor Donald Trump.

González-Rojas said the state can’t wait for the next Census in 2030 for MENA individuals to be fairly counted.

It’s so funny that the media is able to keep talking about “white privilege” while all companies have stopped hiring white men and Arabs are trying to remove the title of “white” from their classification because it restricts their ability to do basically anything.

Mayor Adams with a bunch of “white” people.