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– The IDF plans to flood the Hamas tunnels using a seawater pump system they constructed one kilometer north of the Shati refugee camp in mid-November

– 5 pumps can pump thousands of cubic meters of seawater per…

— Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) December 5, 2023

We said from the beginning the only thing they could do to win is flood the tunnels, or spend months or years trying to starve out Hamas.

If flooding the tunnels was always an option, what does it say that they’ve spent months killing random kids?

New York Post:

Israel is considering flooding Hamas’ underground network of tunnels in Gaza with ocean water as part of its plan to completely decimate the terrorist group that rules over the Palestinian territory, according to a report.

The Israel Defense Forces assembled at least five pumps that could be used to draw water from the Mediterranean Sea to then flush out the tunnels within a matter of weeks, US officials told the Wall Street Journal.

The military completed the system, built about one mile north of the Al-Shati refugee camp, around the middle of last month, according to the paper. Each pump has the power to move thousands of cubic meters of water per hour into at least 800 tunnels used by Hamas to move through Gaza without detection.

Israel hasn’t decided on whether to deploy the pumps, which could threaten Gaza’s already scarce water supply and infrastructure, the officials said. It’s also unclear if the Jewish nation would flood the tunnels before the release or rescue of the remaining Israeli hostages who are likely being held in the underground paths.

US officials who spoke to WSJ said they didn’t know how close Israel was to a decision, but noted it hasn’t ruled it out.

Flooding the tunnels would kill all the hostages, of course.

Who knows what that implies. Bibi doesn’t care, and he’s in charge.

YES YES YES: Conor Unveils Plan to Seize Control of Ireland! WAR. Tue, 05 Dec 2023 13:18:21 +0000

I am the Supreme Leader of the Irish race, and I am officially endorsing Conor McGregor for dictator of the field Irish.

This has to happen.

He is absolutely unhinged enough to go completely nuts. The Irish are the only race capable of actually kicking off the breaking of the chains, and Conor is the man to make it happen.

He will pull the trigger.

He is a lunatic, but he’s not a sex weirdo. He has had the same wife since high school. He’s got kids that he cares about and doesn’t want growing up in a cesspit filled with niggers, faggots, and abortion whores.

We are Christians and violent alcoholics.

This is a war for the motherland, and we’re going to win. Hard.


Controversial Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor has fueled speculation that he may announce his candidacy for his country’s presidency ahead of elections in 2025, as he took aim at his potential political opponents on social media weeks after Dublin was hit by anti-immigration protests.

The 35-year-old former two-weight UFC world champion, who has been vocal about Irish immigration issues in recent weeks, is reportedly being investigated by Irish police for a series of social media posts he made before and during the riots in the capital.

In one post, which came soon after protesters assembled in Dublin following a knife attack on three young children and a day care worker outside a school, McGregor suggested that Ireland was “at war.”


We were always at war, my dearest brother. I didn’t even know about this Ireland thing until a couple weeks ago, and I was born at war. War is the natural state of the Irish.

We just need to focus the war on the enemies of our people, instead of on each other.

The alleged suspect in the attack is reportedly an Algerian-born man who had lived in Ireland for two decades.

Writing on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, McGregor assessed his possible presidential rivals: former prime ministers Bertie Ahern and Enda Kenny, as well as ex-Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. They would be candidates, McGregor said, who have “unbreakable ties to their individual parties (sic) politics.”

Don’t “[sic]” Conor.

The man is a soldier, soon to be a monarch; he’s not a fucking typer.

I’m doing the typing for the Irish.

Conor is doing the WAR.

“Or me,” McGregor said. “Young, active, passionate, fresh skin in the game. I listen. I support. I adapt. I have no affiliation/bias/favoritism to any party. They would genuinely be held to account regarding the current sway of public feeling. I’d even put it all to vote.”

He added: “I can fund it. It would not be me in power as President, people of Ireland. It would be me and you.” Neither Ahern, Kenny nor Adams have confirmed their intentions to run, although Ahern didn’t rule it out when asked.

Me and you!

Power to the people!

I think there’s at least an 85% chance Conor will bring me in as an advisor. The chance might even be higher. I know for a fact he knows who I am.

I know how to rally the lads. That is: I know how to help King Conor rally the lads.

When the lads start moving, and they get a taste for the real war, it’s not going to end until it’s over.

I have a plan not only to rid Ireland of the filth, but to invade and liberate the UK, and to annex most of the East Coast of the United States as a part of Greater Ireland.

This is not insane. It is simply ambitious. If we simply eject the immigrant filth from the Eire and then maybe like, annex Wales, we’re going to be winning. The goal should be full annexation of the entire UK and New England, as well as Australia and Northern France. But that is a long term agenda.

In the immediate term, we need to just get these niggers out. We can put them on boats, or we can just toss them in the sea and let the fuckers swim back to wherever the hell they’re from, but we need them off of our island now.

Look at this:

Responding to reports of McGregor’s presidential ambitions, Paul Murphy, a member of parliament with the People Before Profit party, asked on X if the combat sports athlete was familiar with the process required to run for the Irish presidency. “Who is going to break the news about the nomination procedure for President to Conor McGregor?”

Shut up, you faggot race traitor.

Conor doesn’t need to run for office. He can march on Dublin with a million men whenever he decides to do so. The government will surrender. They are sissy faggots, nigger lovers, pussy-sniffers, immigrants, and atheists.

We are already at war. We have always been at war.

And Conor is coming.

He’s bringing the lads.

This is happening NOW.

It was foretold to me during the Illness that the Irish would rise again, and lead the charge to change the face of the West.

It’s all happening.

All hell can’t stop us now.

Denmark: After Someone Spray-Painted a Rock in Protest of Baby-Killing, Military Deployed to Protect Jew Baby Killers Tue, 05 Dec 2023 10:47:56 +0000
The only things the pro-Palestine side in Denmark has done so far are graffiti and a few protests, and that’s all it took to bring in the military

This is some straight up Mr. Burns type “release the hounds” shit.

I mean – the military?

For graffiti?

Just remember what you’re allowed to do to white people. For that matter, remember the Denmark state-sponsored Koran burnings.

But Palestinian flag graffiti, in response to Jews murdering hundreds of babies per day, and they send in the tanks.

Who the fuck runs Denmark? That is to say: why do Jews run Denmark?

Because of the Holocaust?

What even is this? No one supports these Jews. No one wants them. We want them to leave our countries, to leave us alone, to let us run our own societies and governments.

This has become like slapstick comedy. It’s like “National Lampoon’s Zionist Occupation of Europe.”

The Jerusalem Post:

Denmark’s government has deployed its military to help police protect Jewish and Israeli sites as antisemitism surges there and around the world, it was announced on Saturday.

I’m so Zen, bro.

But this stuff recently, seeing the dead babies – the endless dead babies – combined with this “we must protect the Jews” and the Jews out whining talking about how they’re victims… eventually, I am going to punch a hole in the wall.

It’s just inevitable.

Soldiers will stand guard over Israel’s embassy as well as Copenhagen’s synagogue, said Denmark’s defense ministry on Saturday. “The terrorist threat against Denmark is serious,” said Peter Hummelgaard, the country’s Justice Minister. “And the conflict in the Middle East has led to a completely unacceptable rise in anti-Semitism [sic] and more uncertainty among Jews in Denmark.”


This is what they are victims of:

Someone wrote on a rock.

Send in the military.

Are the soldiers going to be burning Korans as part of their special mission to protect Jews?

How is this reality?

The need comes as police resources are stretched thin, according to Bloomberg News, due to large protests over the war in Gaza as well as events at which participants have been burning the Quran, a phenomenon seen across Scandinavia.

“I am happy,” said Hummelgaard, “that the Armed Forces are resuming support for the police’s guarding of locations in Copenhagen. It will free up more hands for other important police tasks.”

The military support is expected to begin on Wednesday, December 6. The support will be continuously evaluated, the government said.

Fuck you, Hummelgaard.

This is Hummelgaard:

He’s visibly not Jewish, and also visibly a homosexual who presumably molests kids on video.

That is how Jews do this. This is why the Justice Minister in Denmark is not doing the obvious thing, which would be to start making lists of Jews, start sanctioning them, start stripping their citizenship, in response to what is obviously a global Jewish conspiracy to hurt every non-Jew on the earth.

I think the “child sex blackmail video” thing is going to be worthless pretty soon, and maybe already is, because of AI. But these homos are still going to be in power, and will still be serving the Jews. Homos don’t have morality. They only care about young boy anus.

Here’s what Breitbart posted:

The “conservative” media being activated in support of the Jews is so insane.

Why would anyone who is conservative support the Christ-killers who push child trannies in their campaign to slaughter innocent children?

It’s lunacy.

This is all just nuts.

Germany Seeing Massive Increase in Bankruptcies, More Than in 2008 Financial Crisis Tue, 05 Dec 2023 10:17:09 +0000

Remember when Anglin said that Germany was going to be “deindustrialized” by the American war on Russia? Remember people said it was totally exaggerated and it wouldn’t even be a big deal?


You’re on the path to deindustrialization now. You can’t just shut down an industrial economy’s entire energy industry – even outside of the total slowdown of exports due to the US forming an Iron Curtain. (Also outside of the insane plan of the US fed to print massive amounts of money to pass out to blacks, immigrants, and poor people – and then just literally pay everyone not to work – because of a fake virus, and then act surprised by inflation, then declare inflation a crisis.)

This is all retarded. It’s retarded and insane and it is only possible because baby boomers thought it was a good idea to put Jews in charge of everything because they felt bad about the Holocaust – which, by the way, did not even happen.

This thing with the Jews – it just has to stop. It’s out of control.


Germany’s economy continues its downward spiral as bankruptcies soar in 2023, according to a report from credit agency Creditreform.

The data shows that there were 18,100 bankruptcy cases, representing a 23.5 percent increase over last year.

“More and more companies are collapsing under the constant burden of high energy prices and the interest rate turnaround,” said Patrik-Ludwig Hantzsch, head of economic research at Creditreform.


I know.

Creditreform reports that the economic damage from defaults amounts to €34 billion for creditors, which means that 205,000 jobs are at risk or already have been lost, 30,000 more than last year.

Looks like Germany is going to need a fentanyl industry, huh???

Porno isn’t enough to deal with that kind of unemployment!

The German economy has been facing major headwinds since the Covid-19 crisis, but the Ukraine war, high interest rates, and the green energy transition have saddled many consumers and businesses with enormous costs.

There is also little hope on the horizon, with German media outlet Tagesspiegel writing, “There is no improvement in the situation in sight.”

Yeah, that’s what’s so fucked – there is literally no plan to fix any of it, on any timescale.

These faggots cannot even say “well, it should be better in 2060,” because the stated plan of the Jews running this shit is “eternal war against Russia and shut down all electricity sources and replace them with useless windmills that are going to poison the entire earth with rare earth minerals that are going to be dumped everywhere.”

Video from a year ago

This is simply not reasonable.

It is out of control, on every conceivable level. Every aspect of everything that is happening everywhere in the Jewish-controlled West is nonsensical and purposefully self-destructive.

The newspaper notes that the number of bankruptcies was far higher than during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009; however, Hantzsch from Creditreform warns that unlike then, this time around no recovery phase is on the horizon. Due to “the many problems faced by companies — burdens such as the costs of the ‘green’ transformation, a lack of digitalization, a lack of employees and high interest rates — there is no sign of any improvement.”

Oh, is that every single fucking thing Anglin said – during the virus hoax?

How did he know it and these people didn’t?

How is that possible?

He might be smart, but he’s not Jesus. He’s not a wizard.

These people knew this shit – this is on purpose.

Creditreform reports that construction had the most bankruptcies of any industry, where there was a 20.8 percent increase. However, other sectors saw an even larger jump, even if the overall number of bankruptcies was still lower. In the service sector, bankruptcies rose 22.5 percent, trades saw a 26 percent increase, and manufacturing was hit with an increase of 30.2 percent.

Germany is currently experiencing a recession, but the crisis has been building over the years for many companies, said Hantzsch.

“Many companies that are now insolvent have been battling multiple crises such as coronavirus, inflation and a shortage of skilled workers for years,” he said. “As a lagging indicator, the figures now reflect the close succession of crises in recent years.”

No one battled “the coronavirus.”

The coronavirus did not exist. They renamed the flu.

What people battled was insane “anti-virus” policies driven by the American government, which is run by the Jews.

Jews are doing this on purpose, and what no one is able to grasp is that it doesn’t actually even benefit them. They are doing it because they are in league with demons.

The reason the Jew issue is so difficult for people to grasp is that they think “yeah but why?” There is no reason why, other than that they are literally a satanic cult attempting to just totally destroy everything on purpose.

Almost All of Russia’s Richest Billionaires Have Gotten Richer This Year Tue, 05 Dec 2023 05:17:13 +0000
Vladimir Potanin is the richest man in Russia, for now

The Russian economy is doing great by any measure, and if you compare it to what is happening in the West, it is like the ultimate dragon from the best manga farting on a crippled raccoon.

The media doesn’t report it.

This Iron Curtain the West has erected has been a massive gift for Russia, as the entire world, outside of the Jew West, rallies around them, circling the wagons because they don’t want to be next.

Imagine if the right-wing had done that when Andrew Anglin got banned? Would things have happened differently?

When the Jews target and victimize someone, you have to circle the wagons, or they are going to pick you off one by one and eat you alive.

That is the number one thing I can tell you about Jew attacks: ALWAYS. CIRCLE. THE. WAGONS.

New York Post:

Russia’s richest oligarchs expanded their wealth in 2023, despite heavy sanctions on their homeland related to its invasion of Ukraine, according to figures from the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

The total fortunes of Russian nationals who made the exclusive list ballooned by $38.6 billion since January 1, according to the data.

Economic sanctions following Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine have failed to hobble their fortunes — and in some cases may have helped fatten them further.

All told, six Russians are among the world’s top 100 billionaires, according to the Bloomberg roster.

A total of 25 Russians are among the 500 richest people around the globe, most of them involved in mining, oil and gas or dealing in precious metals.

Nickel baron Potanin’s wealth jumped by $1.9 billion to $30.5 billion year to date, according to the outlet.

But the tycoon’s coffers could soon take a hit as a result of an ongoing divorce war with his estranged wife, Natalia Potanin, which is unfolding in England.


No matter how good the economy is, you can’t blunt the cunt.

This bitch divorced him almost a decade ago, but she still wants more money

You have to implement Taliban-type laws against women if you want freedom and prosperity.

Otherwise, these cunts will bury you alive.

Putin is trying to ban abortion right now, and the liberals are pushing back. But the fact that he’s doing it means he knows what needs to be done to actually fix the damage that the collapse of the USSR did to Russia.

Natural gas magnate Mikhelson saw his $27.2 billion fortune jump by $2.5 billion this year thus far, the numbers show.

Alekperov, founder of oil and gas juggernaut Lukoil, increased his wealth by $8.8 billion to $24.2 billion this year.

However, all three men had faced various sanctions from Western nations after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine.

According to reports, wealthy businessmen close to the Russian strongman have profited from the conflict through their support of ramped-up weapons production.

Yeah, well. That’s a part of it.

But if weapons production alone helped the economy, you could just make a bunch of weapons and leave them lying around. You wouldn’t need a war.

Part of it, of course, is that China and others are buying weapons from Russia because everyone thinks the US is going to start invading more countries – because Biden and all these other people keep saying they’re planning to start all these new wars.

Sanctions didn’t work.


Russia’s economy is going to grow this year more than that of most countries that sanctioned it

Israeli Settlers Kill Palestinian Man in West Bank Mon, 04 Dec 2023 15:46:21 +0000

Let me introduce you to a few so called “soldiers”. These Israeli conscripts congregate a few hundred meters away as young children arrive home from school. They shoot teargas directly at the kids and have murdered numerous here at Aida refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.…

— Robert Martin 🇵🇸 (@Robert_Martin72) December 3, 2023

The West Bank has been popping off this whole time.

The media isn’t really reporting on it much, because the narrative of this war is very tightly controlled to not allow the people of the West to understand that we could at any point be 48 hours away from a total global war involving every major power.

But yeah, there’s an ongoing chance of total intifada in the West Bank.

It’s probably surprising that that hasn’t happened yet.

The Guardian:

Israeli settlers attacked two Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank late on Saturday, killing one man and torching a car, Palestinian authorities said.

The Palestinian ambulance service said a 38-year-old man in the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan, in the northern West Bank, was shot in the chest and died as residents confronted settlers and Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli military said soldiers arrived at the scene and used live fire to break up the confrontation between residents and settlers. It said Palestinians shot fireworks in response and an Israeli and four Palestinians were injured. The incident was being examined and had been handed over to police, it said.

In a separate incident, Wajih Al-Qat, the head of the local council of the village of Madama near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, said a group of about 15 settlers had burned a car and broke the windows of a house with stones.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military on the incident.

The attacks are the latest in a series of similar incidents involving settlers that have drawn condemnation from world leaders including the US president, Joe Biden, whose administration is expected to impose visa bans on extremist settlers.

The Israel military works with the settlers to do these attacks on Palestinians. This has been going on this whole time.

Israel Announces Expansion of Ground Operation to All of Gaza, Bombs Refugee Camp Mon, 04 Dec 2023 07:34:23 +0000

Footage capturing the Zionist raids on Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip today.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) December 3, 2023

I said they would do this, but don’t give me too much credit, because it was very obvious.

The reason they agreed to the ceasefire in the first place is that the war was a disaster. Eventually, they would be able to conquer Gaza City, because they have unlimited resources, but how long would it take?

This is the map:

They admit that map is basically meaningless, as Hamas can pop up from tunnels anywhere in the blue zones. The moronic Jews bombed like half the buildings in the city, so they can’t ever really find and close the tunnels. If the tunnels were just in the basements of houses, they could close them, but when they’re buried in rubble, they can’t be found. Hamas dudes are just jumping up out of rubble and blasting and ducking.

It’s going much worse than the Second Battle of Fallujah, which only took six weeks.

So now they’re just going back to killing people randomly with no military objective.

They released this grid:

They’re announcing where they’re bombing through a cellphone app and telling people to run back and forth across the grid.

It’s like that game “Battleship.”

It’s sort of hilarious.

Like it’s Squid Game or something. But there’s no prize.

It’s just… it’s wild that they’ve invented a death game, turning bombing civilians into like a Nickelodeon game show.

The funniest thing would be if sometimes instead of dropping a bomb they dropped Gak.

But sometimes the bomb drops and it’s just Gak and the Palestinian toddlers are like “oh good, it’s just Gak” – and then the Jews follow it up with real bombs.

They should have speakers that blast “SIKE OUT!”

Seriously, if this is a game show of death now, people should be able to place bets. Give the toddlers jerseys with numbers and let us bet on how many times they will avoid getting bombed by jumping from place to place on the grid.

The Guardian:

Israel continued with its intense bombing campaign across the north and south of Gaza for a third day since the end of the truce with Hamas, killing hundreds of Palestinians in a 24-hour period, according to local officials.

On Sunday night, the Israeli military also said it has expanded its ground operation to all of Gaza. “The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] continues to extend its ground operation against Hamas centres in all of the Gaza Strip,” spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters in Tel Aviv. “The forces are coming face-to-face with terrorists and killing them.”

Earlier the Jabaliya refugee camp in the north was hit, with initial reports saying tens of people were killed and at least one residential block destroyed. Video footage showed people searching for bodies under the rubble.

About 300 people were reported to be sheltering in the vicinity of the latest strike, in a camp area that has been targeted repeatedly by Israel over the past month. It was not possible to verify exact casualty numbers.

Heavy bombing was also reported in the southern city of Khan Younis, increasingly the focus of Israeli attacks, while its military demanded further evacuation of civilians from areas of the city, telling them to head south to Rafah or to the west. On Sunday night there were reports of clashes between Hamas and Israeli troops a mile from the city.

Ismael al-Thawabteh, the director general of the government media office in Gaza, told Al Jazeera that more than 700 Palestinians had been killed in a 24-hour period to noon. The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said later that 15,523 Palestinians had been killed since the start of the war, including 316 dead and 664 wounded “in the past hours”.

An estimated 1.8 million people are internally displaced, up from a previous figure of 1.7 million, according to UN’s OCHA humanitarian agency. Images showed Palestinians trying to leave parts of Khan Younis in line with Israeli demands to evacuate.

Filippo Grandi, the UN high commissioner for refugees, told the BBC that Palestinians in Gaza were being “pushed more and more towards a narrow corner of what is already a very narrow territory” by Israeli’s renewed offensive.

UNRWA, the UN’s relief agency for Palestinian refugees, said Palestinians in Gaza were at risk of death from infectious diseases as sanitation comes under pressure. There was a hepatitis A outbreak at a school run by the agency, said Thomas White, its director in Gaza.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, speaking at a press conference in Dubai, said he believed Israel risked unleashing a decade-long war.

What is the total destruction of Hamas, and does anyone think it’s possible? If it is, the war will last 10 years,” Macron said on Saturday. “I think we’re at a point where the Israeli authorities are going to have to define their objective and desired end state more precisely.”

Yeah. See? How obvious. Everyone knew this. Hamas has tunnels.

Ten years is an exaggeration, obviously. Because the US controls the global economy, the Jews have unlimited resources. Hamas does not. So, eventually, Israel would necessarily win. But it could take well over a year.

I don’t think it’s a goal anymore. Now they’re just trying to kill as many people as possible in the hopes that the survivors will leave the country as soon as they get the chance. They’re going to move them to white countries, of course. I think we need a map of conservative Zionism supporters so we can put the Palestinian refugees next to them. They’re the ones making this possible.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article. 

Jews Say They’re the Best at Avoiding Civilian Deaths! Mon, 04 Dec 2023 07:08:10 +0000

When I think of people who are very peaceful and kind, the first thing I think of is the Jews.

Jews are the number one group that doesn’t kill a lot of innocent people for no reason.

Jews are such good and moral people, it really makes you sick.

If I feel like vomiting at the thought of how good and moral the Jews are, I open up the New York Post.

New York Post:

With Israel and Hamas returning to arms Friday after the terror group ended a weeklong pause in the fighting across the Gaza Strip, the Jewish state is again under international pressure to halt its war to eliminate the jihadists who brutally slaughtered more than 1,200 people — including 33 Americans — on Oct. 7.

But how, exactly, can the Israel Defense Forces avoid harming civilians when its enemy hides behind innocents, directing its operations from the most sacred of safe spaces – including hospitals – in violation of the international rules of war?

“[Hamas’] M.O. is deliberately to use the civilian realm for their own human shield protection in the most cynical ways,” IDF Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler told reporters at the Israeli embassy in Washington this week.

Despite accusations that Israel’s forces have caused the deaths of thousands of Gazans in the nearly two-month-old war, Shefler said the IDF is “the leading military in the world” at fighting in dense, urban environments while minimizing civilian casualties.

“For years, we’ve been building capabilities, first out of necessity, and on top of that, because that’s what we believe in,” he said. “That in fighting these kinds of complicated battles, we need to find the best ways to stand up for morals and to our values, and also to the Law of Armed Conflict.”

The problem, however, is that when only one side abides by international conflict standards – or cares about saving civilian lives at all – the law itself can become a handicap.

“It was probably written in many ways [to support moral fighting], but it was not written to deal with these kinds of circumstances – dealing with terrorist organizations,” Shefler said. “That’s why we’re finding ourselves in a very, very complicated space of a war zone with a deeply embedded terrorist organization within all this [civilian] infrastructure and underneath the ground.”

The terror group’s war-crime strategy makes it nearly impossible for Israel to defend itself without more casualties. But that doesn’t mean they don’t try to avert losses.

“How does one deal with a terrorist infrastructure that is underneath the hospital? We can strike it from the air, but of course that has its implications – and that’s why we chose not to do it,” Shefler said.

The military leader also detailed multiple other creative strategies the IDF uses to mitigate harm to Gazans – from technology use to more rudimentary tactics – putting its own soldiers at greater risk to do so.

For example, the IDF has sent ground forces to clear Hamas hubs hidden in civilian infrastructure and below ground – a strategy the Israeli military has learned as a best practice from previous clashes.

“For many years, we have been building our special forces to be able to carry out these kinds of missions based on very accurate intelligence,” he said. “Going to very, very specific areas to find those arms, those infrastructure that need to be dismantled, sending in these units with Arabic speakers, with medical teams, and that’s how we were able [mitigate harm,]” he added.

The IDF is also open to learning from others’ experiences – and mistakes. For example, Shefler said Israeli leaders have daily contact with the US military, which has been offering advice on close-quarters fighting in urban environments learned from its 20 years fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Israel has also used information sharing as a tactic in culling unintended deaths. In the war’s early days, the IDF used pamphlets to urge civilians to move south to safety ahead of its intended strikes on Hamas in north Gaza.

Yeah, and then they literally bombed the places they told them to flee to.


Jews are incredible.

No one has ever done this before, and the Jews just act like it’s nothing.

Erdogan Says Bibi Will be Tried as War Criminal Over What Israel is Doing in Gaza Mon, 04 Dec 2023 02:35:34 +0000

“[President Erdoğan at the 39th COMCEC Ministerial Session Opening Program]

We will not allow the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons to be forgotten. Netanyahu, the butcher of Gaza, will be tried as a war criminal, just as Milosevic was.”

— RTECANLI (@RTECanli) December 4, 2023

Turkey has a modern, serious military.

They could roll through Israel like it was nothing if they wanted to.

Of course, the US would have to intervene to protect Israel, and at that point, everyone would be involved, including even Egypt and Saudi.

It’s possible that Erdogan will conclude this is a good idea. He’s old enough at this point that he could start making bold moves. He could go down in history as the man who liberated Palestine, and this would allow him, instead of Saudi or Iran, to establish his own framework for the Middle East, which is based on the Ottoman dream.

Probably won’t happen. Don’t want to get people’s hopes up here. But it could happen.


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would eventually be tried as a war criminal over Israel’s ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip, while slamming Western countries supporting Israel.

Turkey, which supports a two-state solution to the decades-old conflict, has sharply criticised Israel over its campaign in Gaza, launched in response to militant group Hamas’ rampage on Oct. 7. More than 15,500 people have been killed in the Israeli air and ground attacks, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

In a speech to an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) committee meeting in Istanbul, Erdogan said the Western nations supporting Israel were giving it “unconditional support to kill babies” and were complicit in its crimes.

“Beyond being a war criminal, Netanyahu, who is the butcher of Gaza right now, will be tried as the butcher of Gaza, just as Milosevic was tried,” Erdogan said, in reference to Yugoslav ex-President Slobodan Milosevic who was tried for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes at a tribunal in The Hague.

Those who try to skip over the deaths of all those innocent people by using the excuse of Hamas have nothing left to say to humanity,” he added, referring to Western powers, which he said were “blind and deaf”.

Unlike most of its Western allies and some Gulf states, NATO member Turkey does not view Hamas as a terrorist group and hosts some of its members.

This is definitely a lot worse than anything Idi Amin was even accused of doing (he didn’t really do most of the stuff he was accused of). It’s worse than anything anyone ever did, actually.

This is just an ongoing mass murder of children, and the Jews are not even really trying to hide the fact that children are the target.

They will say “oh yeah, there was a Hamas base inside that kindergarten,” but it’s really low effort.

Hamas Turned Jew Women Into Lampshades BEFORE Raping Them, According to Testimonies Mon, 04 Dec 2023 00:10:38 +0000

The chair of Israel’s investigative committee into rape on 10/7 by Hamas, @CochavElkayam, presents an old image of dead female Kurdish fighters as women sexually assaulted at the Nova music fest

During a 11/12 talk for Harvard’s Maimonides Society, Elkayam referred to “an image…

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) December 4, 2023

See: Terrible Oopsie! Israel Eliminated Evidence of Hamas Sexually Assaulting Women!

The New York Post runs daily “Holocaust” type stories about the October 7 Hamas raid to remind everyone why, two months later, Israel is still killing hundreds of children per day.

The stories are kinda funny.

“The Gang-Rape of Angel Face” is definitely going to be an illegal Israeli porno film at some point.

New York Post:

A “beautiful woman with the face of an angel’’ was raped by eight to 10 Hamas terrorists in Israel on Oct. 7, while another tragic victim was beheaded with a shovel trying to defend herself, a stricken survivor says.

Yoni Saadon, a 39-year-old father of four, told the UK’s Sunday Times that he is still haunted by the horrific scenes he witnessed at the Nova Music festival, when the Palestinian fiends slaughtered at least 364 festival-goers, including the gang-raped woman, who begged to be killed.

“I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel and eight or 10 of the fighters beating and raping her,” recalled Saadon, a foundry shift manager. “She was screaming, ‘Stop it already! I’m going to die anyway from what you are doing, just kill me!’

“When they finished, they were laughing, and the last one shot her in the head,” he said.

This guy is literally just describing a sex fantasy.

Jews are obsessed with this sort of thing.

There is no video of a Hamas rape. There is no forensic evidence. There are just a lot of these goofy stories.

Saadon said he witnessed the gruesome act after pulling over him the body of a slain woman who had also been shot in the head — and smearing her blood on himself so it looked like he, too, was dead.

“I will never forget her face,” he said. “Every night I wake to it and apologise to her, saying. ‘I’m sorry.’ “

It’s literally “The Holocaust II: Trance Fest Blood Rape.”

Saadon said he eventually joined others who had fled the site and hid in trees and bushes.

That’s when he witnessed two more Hamas gunmen attack another young woman who was fighting back from being stripped, he said.

“They threw her to the ground, and one of the terrorists took a shovel and beheaded her,” Saadon told the UK outlet. “And her head rolled along the ground. I see that head, too.”

Oh come on.

Come on.

Saadon’s story is among the latest testimonies against Hamas accusing the terrorist group of orchestrating mass rapes during the Oct. 7 attack that left more than 1,200 dead in Israel.

Alleged bodies alleged to come from the Nova festival

Hamas has denied the allegations of sexual violence, although Israel Defense Forces sources claim that captured terrorists have said they were ordered to “dirty” or “whore” the women, according to the outlet.

The claim that rape was ordered makes the claim that rape happened even less believable.

It’s actually in the Koran that you’re not allowed to do that during war. You can look that up.

So are they “Islamic terrorists” or did they order rape because they’re not even religious at all?

While investigations into the alleged sex assaults were initially hampered by the lack of physical evidence, as rape kits were not used on the survivors and corpse recovered within the first 48 hours, authorities have begun to get a clearer picture of the horrors, including rapes, in recent weeks.

Israeli forensic teams who examined the bodies of the dead said they found multiple signs of rape, torture and other atrocities suffered by the victims. There also have been more than 1,500 heart-wrenching testimonials.

Yes, the Jews will line up to give testimonials. We’ve seen this movie before.

Note that none of the hostages that have been released have claimed to have been raped, or claimed to have witnessed rape. They are all in good condition.

And under Islamic law, while rape during war is illegal, they actually could marry the hostages and then have sex with them. That’s at least feasible under Islamic law (this article on Islam Q&A explains this, for anyone interested).

Stoltenberg Says to Prepare for Bad News on the Ukraine Sun, 03 Dec 2023 20:32:42 +0000

Are we getting closer to some kind of reality situation here?


The Ukrainian military has failed to achieve any breakthroughs on the battlefield over the past several months, but the West should stand by the country regardless, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has argued. The official also lamented the apparent failure of the military bloc’s defense industry to establish provide Kiev with the munitions it requires.

Earlier this week Stoltenberg warned that Moscow had been amassing missiles ahead of the winter, noting that Russian weapons manufacturers were operating “on a war footing.”

In an interview with Germany’s Das Erste TV channel aired on Saturday, Stoltenberg acknowledged that the frontlines in Ukraine have remained largely unchanged of late, adding that “wars are difficult to plan.”

“We have to be prepared for bad news. Wars move in phases, but we must stand by Ukraine in good and in bad times alike,” NATO’s chief insisted.

According to Stoltenberg, “ramping up production is of decisive importance” at this juncture.

When asked what Kiev should do in the meantime while its backers increase weapons production capacities – something that is bound to take time – Stoltenberg said that he would leave these “difficult operative decisions” to the Ukrainian leadership and military commanders.

“I think one of the problems that we must address is the fragmentation of the European defense industry. We are not capable of working so closely together as we should,” NATO’s secretary general stated. He called on all member states to “overcome the national, narrow interests” and increase supplies instead of enjoying rising prices.

It’s very strange that he’s only able to think in terms of weapons supplies. It’s like he’s glitching out.

The weapons are not the issue. The primary issue is manpower. But it’s also just… it was never going to be possible for the Ukraine to win this war. Not in this way. They could have all the weapons in the world, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

The only two paths to victory were:

  • A collapse of the Putin government, which would just mean Russia forfeits, and
  • Sending in a foreign army

Stoltenberg is an adult who is presumably intelligent enough. He’s at least a competent bureaucrat.

I guess he just has to say these things?

It’s very weird.

UK to Fly Surveillance Aircraft Over Gaza to Find Hamas Hostage Locations Sun, 03 Dec 2023 19:48:50 +0000

UK will conduct surveillance flights above Israel and Gaza to provide intelligence to Tel Aviv as part of hostage rescue efforts.

Surveillance aircraft “will be unarmed, do not have a combat role, and will be tasked solely to locate hostages”.

— Clash Report (@clashreport) December 3, 2023

Oh, sure.

This will work.

The Guardian:

The UK will conduct surveillance flights over Israel and Gaza to search for hostage locations used by Hamas, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.

MoD officials said a range of unarmed aircraft would be used for the reconnaissance flights, including Shadow R1s, which are used for intelligence gathering.

Information on the potential whereabouts of captives will be shared with Israel.

“The safety of British nationals is our utmost priority,” the MoD said in a statement. “In support of the ongoing hostage rescue activity, the UK Ministry of Defence will conduct surveillance flights over the Eastern Mediterranean, including operating in airspace over Israel and Gaza.

“Surveillance aircraft will be unarmed, do not have a combat role, and will be tasked solely to locate hostages. Only information relating to hostage rescue will be passed to the relevant authorities responsible for hostage rescue.”

These news articles are retarded.

The hostages are in the tunnels.

There is no military solution to the hostage problem. The Jews basically admitted that when they did the swaps last week.

Jews Bombing the Safe Zones They Told Palestinians to Go Sun, 03 Dec 2023 19:25:25 +0000


— Sulaiman Ahmed (@ShaykhSulaiman) December 2, 2023

Well, yeah, this is what I said they were going to do when they ended the ceasefire.

Fighting in Gaza City is difficult, and they’re really having a hard time with it.

Bombing refugees is very easy, however. It’s pretty much the easiest thing ever.

And the whole point of this “operation” seems to be to just kill as many people as possible.


Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip sought shelter in an ever-shrinking area of the south on Sunday as Israel stepped up its bombing from air, sea and land across the enclave.

Bombardments were concentrated on Khan Younis and Rafah in the south, residents said. Hospitals were struggling to cope with the flow of wounded, they said.

The renewed warfare followed the collapse on Friday of a seven-day pause in the fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants to allow an exchange of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners.

It took place despite growing calls from the United States – Israel’s closest ally – for Israel to avoid further harm to Palestinian civilians.

More than 15,400 have been killed as of Sunday, according to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics, in nearly two months of warfare that broke out after a Hamas cross-border raid on southern Israel on Oct. 7 in which 1,200 Israelis were killed and more than 200 taken hostage.

Israel says it is acting to annihilate Hamas, saying it poses a mortal threat to the Jewish state’s very existence. The present war has become the bloodiest episode in the decades-old wider Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Gaza residents said on Sunday they feared an Israeli ground offensive on the southern areas was imminent. Tanks had cut off the road between Khan Younis and Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza, effectively dividing the Gaza Strip into three areas, they said.

The Israeli military issued a statement ordering Palestinians to immediately evacuate half a dozen areas in and around Khan Younis. It posted a map highlighting shelters they should go to west of Khan Younis and south towards Rafah, on the border with Egypt.

But residents said that areas they had been told to go to were themselves coming under attack.

Israeli tanks were shelling the eastern sector of Rafah on Sunday morning, residents said. There was no immediate comment from Israel on that development.

There was hardly any space for more displaced people in the south after hundreds of thousands had fled the Israeli ground invasion in the north of the enclave, the residents said.

Why doesn’t the UN do something?

Shouldn’t the UN sanction the United States somehow, for paying for this?

No one is doing anything.

How are we all just sitting here watching this and doing nothing?

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article. 

Russian Police Raiding Gay Bars and Clubs! Sun, 03 Dec 2023 19:07:51 +0000

Russia’s Supreme Court has ruled to designate LGBTQ+ activists as “extremists,” banning their activities on Russian soil.

— DW News (@dwnews) December 3, 2023

Previously: Russia: Supreme Court Labels LGBTQ Movement as Extremist Organization, Bans Activism

Finally, Russia is doing the real crackdown on the sickos.

New York Post:

Russian police have launched a series of raids against gay bars and clubs in Moscow after the country’s supreme court banned the LGBTQ movement in Russia, calling it “extremist.”

Cops in the Russian capital targeted gay clubs, a nightclub, a male sauna and other venues Friday after the court’s decision, which effectively banned the LGBTQ community, NBC News reported on Sunday.

The ruling comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by the government’s Justice Ministry and is part of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s long-running war against the gay community.

It will affect countless people, and its repercussions are poised to be nothing short of catastrophic,” Marie Struthers, regional director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia for Amnesty International, told The Associated Press of the ruling.

Putin turned up the heat on the gay community after launching his attack on Ukraine last year, calling his effort part of a campaign to clamp down on the “degrading” influence of the West.

But as far back as 2013 the Kremlin passed legislation restricting “gay propaganda” and banned any public endorsement of “non-traditional sexual relations” in Russia.

The 2020 government reforms that extended Putin’s term as president by two terms included a provision that outlawed same-sex marriage in the country.

This really only would have been possible with the war. The war is shaping Russia into a real Christian country, because they are battling Satan.

Paris: Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Does Knife Attack Because of Anger Over Palestine Sun, 03 Dec 2023 06:05:47 +0000

#WATCH 🔴 #France 🇫🇷: Terrorist attack near the Eiffel Tower in #Paris. Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ a man of Iranian origin kills a German tourist with a hammer and injures two other with a knife. The moment of arrest is captured on video ‼

— Voice of Europe 🌍 (@V_of_Europe) December 3, 2023

The French brought millions of Moslems into their country and then supported Israel murdering Moslems.

It was never going to end well.

It’s surprising this isn’t happening more often.

New York Post:

One person died and two others were injured after a man attacked tourists in central Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Saturday.

Police quickly arrested the 26-year-old man, a French national, using a Taser stun gun, Darmanin told reporters.

The suspect had been sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for planning another attack and was on the French security services’ watch list, and was also known for having psychiatric disorders, the interior minister added.

The attack took place around 1900 GMT when the man attacked a tourist couple with a knife on the Quai de Grenelle, a few feet away from the Eiffel Tower, mortally wounding a German national. He was then chased by police and attacked two other people with a hammer before being arrested.

The suspect had shouted out “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and told police he was upset because “so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and in Palestine” and was also upset about the Gaza situation, Darmanin said.

Of course, the public line here is “oh see, we should support the Jews because the Moslems are killing us too!”

It’s… it’s unbelievable that people are capable of thinking that way.