Spain: Government Announces Woman Quotas in Politics, Large Business Boards

Think I found a loophole here

Women are exactly the same as men and just as capable at everything. No, strike that – women are better than men at everything. Men are stupid, lazy cowards, and the only way men can ever accomplish anything is if they are led by women.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe check out the Amazon series “Lord of Dem Rangs” for more info.

That having been said, women’s vast superiority to men was not quite enough to allow them to overcome the brutal oppression men put them under for millions of years.

Therefore, we must totally cripple society by forcing men out of roles they achieved by merit in order to give these jobs over to women who do not deserve them.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday announced a gender equality law that will require more equal representation of women and men in politics, business and other spheres of public life.

The Equal Representation Law will apply gender parity measures to electoral lists, the boards of directors of big companies and governing boards of professional associations.

He said the government was “not only taking a step in favour of feminism, but in favour of Spanish society as a whole”.

It is the latest in a series of equality measures announced by the leftist coalition government. In December, lawmakers passed a transgender rights bill, as well as a pioneering law covering sexual and reproductive heath that, in a first for a European country, offered state-funded paid leave for women who suffer from painful periods.

“If they represent half of society, half of the political and economic power has to be women’s,” Sanchez said on Saturday.

The Equal Representation law will require women to make up 40% of the management of any listed company with more than 250 workers and an annual turnover of 50 million euros ($53 million).

Holy shit – that is insane!

The economy is going to collapse!

I mean… that is to say… this is a very good idea, and it is definitely going to make these companies much more profitable.

The woman’s touch is known to reap the harvest of wealth.

In politics, the law will require parties to offer equal numbers of male and female candidates during elections, with the aim of increasing gender parity in parliament. At the moment women make up 44% of Congress and 39% of the Senate.

Yes, that will also make the government function much better.

Finally, men will be out of the way, so there won’t be this stupid focus on jobs and the economy.

Instead, Spain can focus on the one thing that actually matters in this world: war in the Ukraine.