Taiwan Reiterates Commitment to Revolutionary Ideology of Hatred After Honduras Abandons Their Fake Country

The Taiwan Butt Brigade, also known as “Anal Force Asia,” is losing friends left and right as the world begins to understand the value of Sino-Friendship

The revolutionary Jewish-backed terrorist junta in Taiwan wants the world to know that they won’t back down simply because they don’t have the support of Honduras anymore.

They will stand strong in the name of gay anal fisting as well as anal licking, even in the face of Honduras not supporting their extreme gay agenda.

Such bravery.

If Honduras told me, like, “hey this gay stuff is too much, I’m not going to be your friend anymore,” I would consider heterosexuality. But not Taiwan. They are anal for life.


Taiwan will remain resilient and pragmatic and support its allies, not bowing before the “big bully in the neighbourhood”, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Friday as the island faces the loss of long-term ally Honduras to China.

On Tuesday, Honduran President Xiomara Castro announced the government would seek diplomatic ties with Beijing, which would come at the expense of Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory.

Castro’s foreign minister, Enrique Reina, said on Wednesday that the pivot to China was partly because Honduras was “up to its neck” in financial challenges and debt – including $600 million it owes Taiwan.

Speaking at a reception in front of an audience that included ambassadors from the clutch of countries which still maintain formal ties with Taiwan, though not the Honduran ambassador, Wu said Taiwan would remain “agile, pragmatic, resilient and lovable”.

They love assholes, especially when it comes to licking.

That’s how they got the full and total endorsement of gay rights activist Tucker Carlson – Carlson doesn’t care if you have tiny, slanted eyes, as long as you agree with Western values of really doing hardcore licking of gay anus. I mean, he will support you if you go full licker, because, he claims, licking gay anus is a form of love.

“As a responsible member of the international community, we are always more than willing to share our expertise and experience with our allies and like-minded partners,” Wu said.

“Over the years we have worked together with our diplomatic allies to support their national development plans in elevating the welfare of their people,” he added.

Despite the shadow of the big bully in the neighbourhood, Taiwan will not budge,” Wu said, in a clear reference to China. “It will continue to stand tall as a force for good in the world.”

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen also attended the event, sitting at a table with ambassadors from ally nations, among them Paraguay’s ambassador whose country holds elections next month which could see them also ending ties with Taiwan.

Yeah, this is something.

Ending a relationship with Taiwan is actually a way to end the relationship with the United States of Ass-lickers. Showing allegiance to the fake country of Taiwan is a way to show allegiance to the big daddy of fake countries: Uncle Sam AKA “Uncle Slam Your Asshole.”

There is no material benefit to aligning with Taiwan, because China is the country with the money.

As a wise man once said “first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.”

Most people prefer women and in particular their breasts and vaginas to the anuses of young boys, which is all Taiwan is willing to offer. Therefore, people would prefer to be aligned with China, all things being equal.

Giving up the relationship with China is a way of pledging total allegiance to the United States, something that has been seen as beneficial to some African and Latin American countries. The fact that these countries are now leaving the US by abandoning the “Anus of Asia,” Taiwan, is significant.

They’ve been losing a lot of allies lately, to the point where the US is going to be their only friend.

As a general matter, it makes much more sense to take a trade and investment deal from China than it does to be bullied, abused, and forced to do gay sex by America. As the US becomes less and less intimidating, due to the wanton stupidity of its leadership, as well as it becoming more and more aggressive about forcing sexual and social perversion on foreign countries, there just isn’t any incentive to be associated with these Jew freaks.

It’s wonderful to see the US losing its status as dominant global power. The US is a Satan state run by Jews obsessed with trying to force gay sex on the world, and because God is real, they can never succeed.

This Comes After the Deal of the Century

This is after China announced a deal to open relations between Saudi and Iran, which is the biggest geopolitical happening since the invasion of the Ukraine and is getting very little coverage in the West.

This is an impossible alliance, but China did it, and now they’re all organized and positioned against the anal empire.

This is happening, folks. I’ve been talking about it for a long time, and I guess it didn’t sink in because the media wasn’t talking about it, but a new world order is emerging without Big Anus on top.