Talking Points USA Homosexual Hunter Avallone Claims That Online Censorship is a Conspiracy Theory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

Is there any depth to which Turning Point USA will not sink in their mission to sabotage and destroy a rising youth right-wing movement?

I don’t think so.

At a recent speech, TPUSA representative Hunter Avallone made the shockingly astonishing claim that right-wingers are not actually getting censored on social media, and that this is some kind of conspiracy theory fomented by people who are trying to… do something.

Hunter Avallone, like Charlie Kirk, is apparently a homosexual

Then he seemed to say that actually maybe people are being censored, but if you complain about being abused, then this is a “victim mentality.”

I feel like I’m lowering myself, like getting into a fight with a small child, even responding to that sort of statement. But to claim that any time that you are being abused, you can’t talk about it or else you have a victim mentality, is completely insane.

Furthermore, if talking about the way the left is abusing you is bad because it means you have a “victim mentality,” then we might as well shut down and wrap up the whole right-wing, and go home.

I mean, if we can apply this concept to having your First Amendment rights stripped from you, we can apply it to anything, no?

  • Talking about the media lying and hoaxing the public is a victim mentality
  • Talking about the Democrats trying to impeach Trump is a victim mentality
  • Talking about Democrats flooding the country with immigrants is a victim mentality

And so on and on forever.

The “victim mentality” canard can be used to tell you to shut up about any single injustice being done against you.

This is abject nonsense being spewed here.

Being spewed after the original claim that censorship isn’t really happening anyway.


All of these TPUSA people are simply being fed talking points directly by Jews. And it is really so aggressive that it is almost inconceivable. Like literally, every single Jewish shill talking point is embraced by these people.

But I have an idea:

Maybe instead of lying down and refusing to fight back, because fighting back would be against values and principles or whatever the heck, we should get angry and fight injustice.

I think we should stand up.

And take our own side.

I think we should fight.