Teen Vogue’s Other Christmas Present to the Stupid Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2019

I covered Teen Vogue’s main Christmas present to the goyim – a Christmas guide to anal sex.

But they actually gave the goyim TWO special presents on Christmas.

While the first gift was a guide to destroying your anus, the second gift was a guide to destroying your relationships with your family.

Here are some real life quotes from that piece of cultural poison:

  • “Trust black people and people of color.”
  • “Please talk to your family and friends about politics, even if it’s uncomfortable. Please use your privilege as a white person to protect people of color.”
  • “The good news is that white allies always have the chance to challenge the people close to us whether it’s at a dinner table with family or at the office during a team meeting. This could be as simple as explaining how white privilege protects white people, like Gillibrand said, or it could be a more complicated conversation around the nuances of racism and how it’s upheld in subtle ways.”

They are telling teenage girls to interrupt family meals to call their relatives racists.

This is absolutely evil.

As you all know, I tell you not to speak about politics at all with your family – even though our politics are right, and they are about defending our families.

I tell you that same thing every year, because even if you are trying to help your family, family gatherings are not the time to do so.

These people are telling you to use the time with your family to try to push the agenda of black people on your own family.

Imagine it.

This is worse than telling you to take it up the ass.