Thousands of Children Exposed to “Alarming Levels” of Lead from Notre Dame Fire, Officials Were Afraid to Alert People

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

Remember when Notre Dame burned?

This burning caused even more harm than previously thought.

Daily Mail:

More than 6,000 children under the age of six were exposed to alarming levels of lead dust after a mammoth blaze struck the Notre Dame cathedral in April, a new report has claimed.

An investigation by the New York Times found that ‘dangerous dust’ was scattered across the streets of Paris when flames engulfed 460 tons of lead on the roof and spire of the Gothic cathedral.

The report, which drew on confidential documents, police reports, and lead measurements by the Culture Ministry, revealed French authorities ‘had indications’ that lead exposure could pose a problem 48 hours after the fire – but it was a month before city officials ordered testing.

The state was afraid to make people afraid,’ Anne Souyris, the city’s deputy mayor in charge of health, told the paper. ‘They thought that they would protect people by not communicating about the lead issue‘.

Translation: the state was afraid that the real French would shake off their passivity and start killing the invaders that most likely set fire to Notre Dame.

These “New French” were laughing while it happened.

The “people” France wants to protect.

No need to be a bigoted racist to put two and two together, so it’s better to stop talking about the fire and its consequences and pretend everything’s in the past now.

Tests showed at least 18 day care centers, preschools and primary schools had levels of lead dust above the country’s standard for buildings hosting children.

In dozens of other public spaces, including parks and plazas, lead levels were found to be more than 60 times above the French safety guideline of 93 micrograms per square foot.

Confidential documents obtained by the publication also revealed that the levels of lead dust deposited around the cathedral were up to 1,300 times higher than these guidelines.

More than 6,000 children under the age of six lived within half a mile of areas where alarming levels of toxic dust were discovered, and the city’s health officials are yet to complete testing on every school in the proximity of the cathedral, the report claimed.

It has also been alleged that French authorities failed to ‘clean the entire area in the immediate aftermath of the fire’ and ‘waited four months to to finish a full decontamination of the neighbourhood’.

This posed a particular problem for restoration workers, with work only stopping at the cathedral in July after ‘seven alarming letters, dozens of emails and a series of heated meetings’.

On the plaza, workers were exposed to levels of lead dust 1,300 higher than French safety guidelines. Outside the construction site, levels were 955 times the standard.

‘It’s almost a no-brainer that if you incinerate hundreds of tons of lead, you’re going to have some significant deposition of particles in the neighborhood,’ said Matthew J. Chachère of the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning.

To put the severity of this into perspective, consider the consequences of lead poisoning.

MedlinePlus on lead poisoning:

Lead is a very strong poison. When a person swallows an object that has lead or breathes in lead dust, some of the poison can stay in the body and cause serious health problems.

There are many possible symptoms of lead poisoning. Lead can affect many different parts of the body. A single high dose of lead can cause severe emergency symptoms.

However, it is more common for lead poisoning to build up slowly over time. This occurs from repeated exposure to small amounts of lead. In this case, there may not be any obvious symptoms. Over time, even low levels of lead exposure can harm a child’s mental development. The health problems get worse as the level of lead in the blood gets higher.

Lead is much more harmful to children than adults because it can affect children’s developing nerves and brains. The younger the child, the more harmful lead can be. Unborn children are the most vulnerable.

Very high levels of lead may cause vomiting, internal bleeding, staggering walk, muscle weakness, seizures, or coma.

Adults who have had mildly high lead levels often recover without problems. In children, even mild lead poisoning can have a permanent impact on attention and IQ.

People with higher lead levels have a greater risk of long-lasting health problems. They must be followed carefully.

Their nerves and muscles can be greatly affected and may no longer function as well as they should. Other body systems may be harmed to various degrees, such as the kidneys and blood vessels. People who survive toxic lead levels may have some permanent brain damage. Children are more vulnerable to serious long-term problems.

A complete recovery from chronic lead poisoning may take months to years.

Sounds terrible. Let’s just not talk about it and forget Notre Dame burned.

In fact, let’s just forget about Notre Dame and build some football stadium or something in its place. There is no room for the history of whites in a world trying to rid itself of whites.

You never had a country. You never had a family. You never had grandparents and you most definitely never had a history because you simply don’t really exist.

You are a social construct inhabiting a Country of Ideals, and ideals come in many different, diverse colors.