Tucker Tries to Cave in Head of Jersey Governor, Finds It’s Already Caved In

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson attempted to cave in the head of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

But as it turned out, the man’s head has already been caved in. It happened long, long ago, when his mother threw him at a tree as an infant.

The interview highlights absolutely everything I’ve been saying, and I am extremely thankful to finally have Tucker fully on board with the facts on the ground.

Throughout this bizarre mess, Murphy failed to answer any single question, except for why he’s keeping liquor stores open (for the mental health of the public).

The guy talks as weird as he looks, and he was going directly into the ultimate bizarrism of acting like an evangelical televangelist – contrived emotional speech about love and God and saving souls, drawn out vowels. I don’t know if he does that all the time or if he just does it as a defense mechanism when cornered. But I will tell you, it is quite something that a person who looks and behaves like this got elected. But I suspect he is a very good servant of the Hebrew people, and is probably a child molester.

Though I recommend you watch the whole video yourself, sometimes in these interviews it’s hard to understand what’s actually being said, given that politicians are basically just people trained to distract and dazzle you with their speech.

So I’ll paraphrase some of the questions and the answers given here:

Q: What is the purpose of the lockdown? You first said it was to stop the spread of the virus, then today in a speech you said you can’t see normal gatherings continue until there are essentially no more cases. Why the change?

A: [Talking points about lives being more important than the economy and flattening the curve]

Q: We don’t do this for any other infectious disease, including ones that kill more people than this disease. So why is shutting everything down indefinitely the standard in this case?

A: We need randomized testing.

Q: Once you get randomized testing, what do you expect the mortality rate will be?

A: Well, the data shows it’s higher than influenza, please God. I don’t have an answer, but it appears to be higher. My blessed souls.

Q: The end number for coronavirus is expected to be 60,000, which is fewer than the flu in 2017-18. And there’s a vaccine for the flu. Does this shake your faith in your decision to destroy the economy?

A: My faith is unshakable. We flattened the curve by shutting everything down.

Q: You’ve kept the liquor stores open, so this isn’t actually a quarantine.

A: People need alcohol for their mental health.

Q: But you’ve closed church services.

A: The churches said it’s okay.

Q: What was the scientific basis for deciding that sitting in a church is more dangerous than going to a liquor store, in terms of the spread of the virus?

A: I’ve spoken to the Jews and the Moslems, and they both said it’s fine.

Q: Why did you arrest a guy for sitting alone on a beach?

A: A lot of people drove in from out of state.

Q: The Bill of Rights enshrines the freedom of religion, by what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights?

A: “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this” (that’s a direct quote, not a paraphrasing).

Q: Where did you get this authority to just take away the Constitution?

A: Tucker, there’s a disease.

Q: You can’t just tell people who they’re allowed to talk to.

A: I called a priest and said I was worried about the drive-thru. God bless em.

Q: You’ve created unimaginable suffering with this lockdown. How much does that weigh on you?

A: Facts and science.

It really makes you think, when you see the people who are behind this acting in this bizarre fashion, unable to answer any single question about just what the hell we are doing here.

I think you really can picture a situation where the global elite meet and talk about the fact that America still has a Bill of Rights, and that people still believe they have a right to free speech, to practice religion, and to own guns, and they said “what will make them give up their freedoms?”, and they settled on the idea of a virus pandemic.

Then again, you can picture a situation where the people running the government are all as dim-witted and weird as Governor Murphy, so they started this out of fear for their own safety while in a state of hysteria, and then they realized that the entire economy collapsed and people were going to riot and possibly burn everything down so they decided to just keep people locked down indefinitely.

As Tucker mentioned, the narrative has changed from “flatten the curve” to “just shelter in place until no one has the virus anymore.” They’re even saying that we have to cure it in Africa before we can go anywhere other than the liquor store. That would fit into the “we freaked out then realized what we’d done” theory, though I suppose also the “did it on purpose” theory as well.

The fact that the quarantine is not a real quarantine, and with the liquor stores and the grocery stores open, the spread of any disease has not been impeded in any way, seems to point to it being done on purpose.

But here’s the thing: at this point, it doesn’t even matter if this was a planned action to freak people out over the flu and then take away all their rights. Because the effect is the same. They are implementing all of these agendas, right in front of us. They have now trained people that in an alleged emergency, you don’t even think about people’s rights. He said it plainly: “I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights.”

Do you think they’re going to give you back your rights, after you’ve already voluntarily surrendered them?