Tunisia Becomes First Arab Country to Teach Sexual Education in Schools

Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

Now that the sandmonkeys have (((freedom))), it was only a matter of time until they got (((man-on-man buttsex))) as well.


Tunisia has become the first Arab nation to implement sex ed in its schools, thanks to a partnership with the progressive United Nations Population Fund and abortion rights groups.

The Tunisian Education Ministry has joined with the U.N. agency, the Tunisian Sexual and Reproductive Health Association, and the Arab Institute for Human Rights to create a sex ed curriculum that will be implemented beginning in kindergarten, reports the Media Line.

There appears to be an endless number of institutions who have endless amounts of money to promote something that the vast majority of people everywhere outside of Sweden are opposed to.

That’s how you know you’re living in a (((democracy))).

In 1965, the report noted, Tunisia legalized abortion and launched a nationwide effort to lower its birth rate.

The country emerged as increasingly progressive and well-acquainted with the Internet since the 2011 Arab Spring revolt that brought a change in government.

More recent social changes include the rise of a Me Too movement and outrage over sexual harassment.

I have a feeling these sandmonkeys are gonna start missing their dictator really soon.

Slah Zouaghi, spokesperson for the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC, told the Washington Post the sex ed curriculum targets elementary and middle school students, with the older students learning about pregnancy and abortion.

Feminist author Khedija Arfaoui said the new sex ed curriculum “will protect women and children’s health.”

She said sex ed was initially introduced in Tunisia 50 years ago, but it then stopped due to pushback, a possibility that still exists.

“Many Tunisians are deeply conservative and this can potentially create a backlash,” Diab said. “In addition, making sex education culturally sensitive, as the government intends, could potentially be problematic, given the widespread stigmatization of homosexuality and sex out of wedlock.”

Diab said that while other Arab nations are unlikely to pursue sex ed in their schools, “the hope is that other more progressive Arab societies join Tunisia and help create strong momentum for change in other parts of the region.”

I actually think a pushback is likely, because it has happened before.

Many people don’t know this, but large chunks of the Middle Earth East used to be very secular, and all the women wearing rags on their heads was relatively uncommon in many of them.

Iran, being the most White(ish) of these countries, more so than others.

And while all these yuppies were busy screwing around, literally and figuratively, the more religious portions of the population were busy having kids, lots of them.

This is a more extreme version of what would’ve probably happened in America without mass immigration on the one hand, and without constant Jewish subversion on the other – Mormons, fundamentalist Catholics, Amish, and other saner people would’ve just outbred the defectives who didn’t reproduce, and America would be better off for it in a few decades.

So there is a high possibility that this might happen again with these sandmonkeys.