UK: Cop Gets 20 Weeks’ Jail for Posting Racist Memes in Private WhatsApp Group

At the time of writing, I couldn’t find any of the memes they used.

I assume they’re some kind of highly classified material.


A former police constable who posted racist WhatsApp memes mocking the death of George Floyd has been jailed.

James Watts, 31, shared the material in a group chat, which included former colleagues at a Warwickshire prison.

Watts admitted 10 counts of sending a grossly offensive or menacing message by a public communication network and was jailed for 20 weeks.

He was serving with West Mercia Police in 2020 when the offences were committed.

At Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram heard how Watts, of Clifton Road, Castle Bromwich, was charged following a police inquiry into 10 memes posted in May and June 2020.

This is the creature that gave out the sentence

Watts cooperated with the authorities and accepted he was wrong, Mr Ikram said.

“But the fact remains that over a period of about a month, you continued to post messages which were grossly offensive.”

Mr Ikram also said Watts was previously a prison officer and he had “no doubt you would have received training in relation to diversity and inclusion in that role”.

The deputy chief magistrate stated: “The hostility that you demonstrated on the basis of race makes this offending so serious that I cannot deal with it by a community penalty or a fine.”

The hostility is not “based on race.”

This has never, ever been true.

The hostility is based on the behavior of people who are members of races.

The entire concept of “racism” as meaning “hatred of the color of the skin” has never existed ever in history.

This is the fundamental hoax of the entire earth, and it is so easily disproved that it is astonishing – look at the FBI crime statistics. Look at the photos of the “British” gangs running drugs and underage hookers. Look at any of this data, which is widely publicly available and denied by no one, which shows the vast disparities in behavior patterns between races.

There is no mystery.

“Racism” as it is defined does not exist. It is completely fictional. Therefore, basing laws and social norms on the theory that it exists means that your society is based on a hoax.