UK: Crusader Who Cleared Out Mosque with a Van Takes Down Islam in Prison!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

Dedicated readers will remember that in June of 2017, Darren Osborne drove a truck of welcoming and open-mindedness into a crowd of invader Moslem pedophile filth piling out of a mosque in London as revenge for the non-stop terror campaign that these nonces have unleashed on the native population of the isles.

Darren didn’t give a heck and just drove right the hell into those nonces.

Despite being sent to prison, this son of Arthur still managed to make the world a better place when he took it on himself to beat a Paki pedo into a bloody pulp this week.

Daily Mail:

Mosque murderer Darren Osborne beat a Muslim paedophile inmate while shouting ‘F***ing Alluhu akbar’, it was reported.

The radicalised Islamophobe, whose appalling van attack at the Finsbury Park mosque left one man dead and twelve people injured, allegedly beat child rapist Tariq Islam unconscious.

A source told The Sun: ‘Osborne was raging. If the prison officers hadn’t got to him when they did Islam could have been killed.

‘He shouted the place down, yelling “F***ing Allahu akbar!”

‘There was blood everywhere.’

Look at this pathetic slimy little bitch-ass muzzie.

All these brown criminals make the same disgusting Bambi eyes and puckered lips for the camera when they’re caught or confronted for their heinous crimes to make themselves seem like the innocent crying brown victims that White people have been conditioned to feel bad for.

Darren Osborne is immune to their tricks though.

Brown Paki Bambi eyes don’t work on Rambo’s long-lost brother, that’s for sure.

His victim, Islam, 35, from Leeds, was jailed for 13 years after his ten-strong gang groomed a Muslim girl of 12 and plied her with alcohol before raping her.

This story has a lot of symbolic names and motifs floating around it.

A Moslem named Islam rapes a 12-year-old Moslita with his friends by getting her drunk and is then destroyed by Darren “Hero of the Isles” Osborne while in prison.

It wasn’t just some dumb Paki getting roughed up in the shower here – this was Islam itself taking a well-deserved beating. It’s a shame that Darren is still in prison at the time of this writing. In a sane society, beating up a Moslem would shave time off your sentence, not add to it.