UK: Gang of 12 “Thugs” Armed with Machetes, Bats and an Axe Brutally Attack Newlywed White Couple

I suspect that we’re not dealing with a gang of rambunctious Englishmen here.

Daily Mail:

A newlywed couple were left for dead after they were attacked by a gang armed with bats, machetes and an axe.

Teresa Mciver and her husband Neil suffered head injuries and broken ribs after the brutal assault on the Grange Estate in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

The dementia care nurse feared her husband had been killed as he lay on the street with a gaping head wound.

It is believed the couple were set upon by a gang after they had been confronted by a youth earlier in the evening who had then driven off.

Mrs Mciver, 50, who said she still has flashbacks about the incident, said: ‘At one point Neil was hit over the head and knocked to the floor and I thought he was dead.

‘It was just carnage.

‘I think one of the neighbours must have called the emergency services and we were both rushed to hospital.

Teresa was left with broken ribs and a punctured lung and injuries to her face while her husband needed 32 stitches in his head and plastic surgery on his hand after the attack on May 14 this year.

Teresa was later rushed back to hospital after it was found that her lung had actually collapsed.

Humberside Police have arrested three people in connection with the incident.

A 27-year-old man is due to appear in crown court on Monday October 28 charged with a public order offence.

The other two people arrested have been released while police carry out further investigations.

Teresa Mciver.

Neil Mciver.