UK: Manchester Students Protest Statue of Gandhi Because He was a Neo-Nazi

Daily Stormer
October 19, 2019

The students protesting this are mostly Moslems from Pakistan and Kashmir, but the article isn’t pointing that out for some reason.

This is a fun little strategy – attack your enemies by accusing them of the ultimate sin – RACISM – against a third group.

Evening Standard:

Manchester University students are calling for plans to build a Mahatma Gandhi statue in the city to be scrapped because of his “anti-black racism”.

The city council approved a 9ft bronze statue of the Indian independence figure to be erected outside Manchester Cathedral to promote peace following the 2017 Manchester Arena terror attack that killed 22 people.

But a group of students are calling for the council to reverse its decision due to Gandhi’s “well-documented anti-black racism and complicity in the British Empire’s action in Africa”.

A foreigner blows himself up to kill White people, and the response to this is to erect a statue of another foreigner that is being protested by yet other foreigners on the grounds that the previous foreigner said mean things about other foreigners.

This is what the Jews did to a country that once ruled over a quarter of the earth’s land mass.

And it took them less than 100 years to do it…

In an open letter, the students demanded a statement acknowledging his “racism”, an apology and to reverse the decision while redirecting funds to commemorate a black anti-racist activist.

The group says that Gandhi “saw himself as a ‘fellow-colonist’, theorising Indians as a superior race“.

Literally anyone who isn’t a nigger is of a superior race to niggers.

Say what you will about streetshitters, but at least they could make streets to shit on.

You couldn’t be inferior to them even if you tried.

It adds: “In 1905, Gandhi appealed to laws asking Indians to fight against the amaZulu, and collected funds to finance the execution of Black people fighting for self-determination and the right to their homeland.

“These actions and thoughts are of course not documented in his autobiography, but they are well documented throughout his earlier correspondence and writings.”

I had to read this three times until I remembered that a “right to a homeland” is something White people don’t have.

Because Shlomo said so in his sociology class.

The letter was posted under the hashtag #GandhiMustFall, which was previously used during efforts to remove a similar statue at the University of Ghana.

The statue was donated to the city by the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, a spiritual mission based in Gandhi’s ancestral homeland of Gujarat, to “spread a message of peace, love and harmony.”

Gandhi is known around the world for his non-violent campaign for Indian independence and was nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a statement, a Manchester City Council spokeswoman told the Standard: “The statue of Gandhi has been gifted to the city of Manchester by the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur.

“Although we are aware that there is some debate about Gandhi’s life, most people in the city will see the statue in the context in which it was intended – to spread a message of peace, love and harmony.”

If you want peace and harmony, the best way to do that would be to kick out all the hecking racial invaders.

And you have no intention of doing that, do you?

But, in the letter, the students reference his “lesser-known” ideologies and call on the city to instead “stand in solidarity” with Manchester’s black and Kashmiri communities.

They wrote: “Gandhi referred to Africans as ‘savages’, ‘half-heathen Natives’, ‘uncivilised’, ‘dirty’ and ‘like animals’, to reference only a few of his vile comments.

“He saw himself as a ‘fellow-colonist’, theorising Indians as a superior race, which he called ‘Indo-Ayran’ in explicit reference to white supremacist logic.

“These actions and thoughts are of course not documented in his autobiography, but they are well documented throughout his earlier correspondence and writings.”

It continues: “We demand that Manchester City Council refuse to be complicit in this, especially given the city’s history of anti-racist action, and to stand in solidarity with Manchester’s Black and Kashmiri communities.”

One of the authors of the letter, Union Liberation and Access Officer Sara Khan, further explained the stance, tweeting: “Erecting a statue of Gandhi will only promote his racist & anti-black ideology, & legitimise continued violence in Kashmir.”

The funny thing is that most Hindu nationalists don’t actually like Gandhi, hence why one of them killed him.

If these ragheads weren’t inbred semihumans, they’d try to use Gandhi as an attack angle against the Hindus – something like what “Hey look, this super peaceful guy was like, so peaceful, and he was shot by like a Hindu nationalist, and that’s like really mean” or something like that.

It would gain them more sympathy from outsiders for the Kashmir thing, and possibly stir up some trouble between Hindus and Buddhists within India itself.

But of course they won’t do that, because they’re too dumb.

Ultimately tho, none of this is our problem.

We only have one problem, and that’s them being here, and we have to solve it at any cost.