US Ignores Russian Ambassador Saying Ukraine Planning to Do False Flag Nuke Attack

With the midterms over, this war with Russia is poised to go hot, hot, hot!

It’s gonna be super cool – especially when my enemies DIE.

But yeah, they’re going to do this dirty bomb hoax.

Or the Ukraine will just shell a nuclear power plant until the reactor melts down.

They’ve advertised this war as “no boots on the ground” – as they are amassing troops and heavy weapons in Poland. They are planning the war.

It can’t be stopped. The decision was already made.


Washington is ignoring Moscow’s warnings about alleged Ukrainian plans to detonate a ‘dirty bomb’ to frame Russia, the latter’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, claimed on Wednesday.

He added that this could enable Kiev to drag the US and NATO directly into the conflict.

In an article posted on social media, Antonov said that Russia has been “making every effort to get through to the international community” to warn about a potential dirty bomb false-flag incident by Kiev to frame Russia. Ukraine, he said, is also considering an even more dangerous scenario – a provocation at a nuclear power plant which could result in “an accident comparable to the Chernobyl and Fukushima.”

“Yet Washington shies away from our warnings, calling them ‘false’ and ‘groundless,’ while using a formula of ‘look who’s talking,’” the ambassador stated.

According to Antonov, Ukraine plans to detonate a dirty bomb to make it appear that Russia used a tactical nuclear weapon, so “Kiev can pretend to be a victim and drag the United States and NATO directly into the conflict” and “pit the nuclear powers against each other,” he said.

The US is ignoring it because they’re the ones planning it.

Any sort of “nuclear event” would be a reason for the government to go on the TV and say “this is beyond the pale! We have to invade and depose Putin!”

There is a 100% chance this is going to happen. It’s very obvious to anyone who isn’t in a state of denial.

We, the American people, have no recourse, no ability to petition grievances, because we live in a democracy. Democracy means that the government can do whatever they want to you and you have no say in anything.

If you complain about anything, they will just say “you should have voted for the other Jew shill in the fake election, goy!”

People will just say, “you’re right… next fake election… I’m voting for the greatest Jew shill ever, who will definitely fix all of my problems.”

At this point, the only thing that the American people could do to express their dissatisfaction would be… well, I don’t have to say it. Everyone knows. It wouldn’t work anyway, and would actually just make things moderately worse.

Washington wants war and they’re going to get it.

Let’s just hope they lose and it ends democracy in this country once and for all.

We can’t live like this.