Viral Video: Fat Harry Potter Gets Stabbed for Rapping at a Black Guy on the Train

In a viral video featured on the famous website World Star Hiphop, a fat white guy in a Harry Potter costume is seen riding the train in Los Angeles, California, listening to headphones and rapping loudly before getting stabbed by a black man who don’t play that shit.

This video was getting posted all over after it was uploaded to World Star on September 19. However, after investigating, we found that it was actually originally posted in 2017. It looks vaguely like some kind of sketch comedy or “social experiment” hoax, but appears to be real.

Most people who have watched the video think that the fat guy deserved to be stabbed for acting like that in public. However, there is no evidence that an arrest was made, and the video serves as a fair warning: this can happen to anyone at any time. The blacks are on the hunt, and they’ve now started to prey on whites. This is going to keep getting worse.

In the video, the guy dressed up like Harry Potter – he is wearing some kind of robe – is seen rapping loudly, apparently singing along with Epic Rap Battles, Mr. Rogers vs Mr. T. That was a viral funny video from 2011.

It’s a very strange thing to be singing, and just makes the stabbing video perfect. The guy clearly has some form of mental retardation. He’s in his mid-20s, and this song was probably something that comforted him as a child while his mother was having sex with strange men.

As the guy is rapping, the camera pans to a black male in a hat who is getting agitated.

The black confronts the white guy, and pulls a knife. The white says “you’re not gonna pull a knife and stab me” and then he gets up and walks away.

He does indeed go ahead and stab him. It doesn’t show it on the World Star video, but the black apparently followed him and stabbed him up.

Fat Potter starts crying and begging people to call the cops. There is no evidence anyone ever did call the cops, but the stabbing seems very minor anyway, and the guy is just being a little baby. Maybe if he was such a baby, he shouldn’t have gone around rapping at black people. People with brains in their heads don’t even make eye contact with black people. There is no reason to engage them at all. As soon as you make eye contact, the black will enter fight mode, and from that point, it’s just a roll of the dice whether you get stabbed, shot, or something else.

Again, there is no record of this event other than the video, and it’s not even clear that this was a real event at all. But this is true and always good to remember regardless: the blacks will just stab you.