Norwegian Journalists Claim Whites Deserve to be Attacked by Immigrants

Two state funded Norwegian media figures claim that white Norwegians deserve to be victims of crime at the hands of non-white immigrants.

November 14, 2013

The book, Uninvited Guests, exonerates immigrant criminals and blames white Norwegians for being “racists.”
The book, Uninvited Guests, exonerates immigrant criminals and blames white Norwegians for being “racists.”

Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland are longtime “journalists” and hosts for the far-left taxpayer funded NRK. This is Norwegian State tv and radio. Two years ago, two illegal aliens from North Africa broke into their house. They were attacked and robbed.

The couple was targeted because they are white Norwegians. The illegal alien perps indicated that the attack and robbery was retaliation for their scheduled deportation. Apparently this type of crime is common in Norway. Just days ago an illegal immigrant from the Sudan murdered three people, including a 19 year old girl, in retaliation for a scheduled deportation. The triple murderer was scheduled to be deported one day after he went on his killing spree.

The two illegal aliens who robbed Opheim and Gjuvsland were quickly apprehended. One was sentenced to a year and a half in a lavish Norwegian prison. In Norway the prisons are more luxurious than many discount motels in the United States. The younger perp was placed in one of Norway’s fence-less juvenile detention centers. He simply walked away and has never been seen again since.

Opheim and Gjuvsland now say the worst part of being attacked and robbed was that they were “in peril” of developing “racist” attitudes towards immigrants. They also worried that their neighbors might suspect the ordeal had driven them to have “racist” attitudes. So they wrote a book exonerating immigrants who commit crimes in Norway. They even wrote a piece for a Norwegian paper claiming that white Norwegians are “racists” and therefore deserve to be victims of non-white immigrants.


It’s now out, entitled Uninvited Guests. On Skavlan, they said that writing it was their salvation. For after that terrible night, you see, they were in peril – in peril of something far worse than just losing their lives. They were in peril, quite simply, of viewing themselves, and being viewed by others, as racists.

Racists! As Elin put it, she came dangerously close to buying the theory “that immigrants are just coming here to exploit us, that we have to make sure that there won’t want be too many of them, and that we’re going to be overpopulated with certain nationalities in fifty years.” She’d begun to worry that thanks to lax immigration policies, there was “going to be massive crime so that we’re not safe in our own city.” In short, she was on the brink: “I thought: ‘Damn it, is this going to turn me into a racist?’”

Pause for a moment and ponder that statement. “I thought: ‘Damn it, is this going to turn me into a racist?‘” Note, especially, the implied definition of “racist” – namely, someone who has a realistic understanding of current criminal statistics, of reasonable demographic projections, and of the less-than-noble motivations of many “non-Western immigrants.”

But Arild and Elin’s story ends in victory. To be sure, Elin admits that she’s more scared now than before about her children’s everyday security. But, she affirms triumphantly, “we haven’t become racists.” Au contraire! Thanks to those men who climbed in their window, physically abused them, and threatened their lives, she and Arild have become first-class dhimmis. As they wrote in their op-ed, they now agree with what one of their uninvited guests told them:

Yes, we are getting what we deserve….We’re getting what we deserve because of Norway’s, and Europe’s, immigration policies. Because they’re too strict.

Yep, you read that right: Europe’s immigration policies, which have transformed the continent in the blink of an eye, are “too strict.”